Union-Brainwashed Useful Idiot Public School Teacher Meets Reality

Welcome back to the middle ages, where you cannot advance your own livelihood by merit and competition, but are reduced to picking up a pitchfork and begging your local feudal lord for more money that doesn’t exist.

What’s pathetic is that Governor Christie has to talk about teachers taking a pay cut as a “sacrifice”.  For an entire decade, they gorged themselves on ill-gotten revenues from property taxes on falsely-valued real estate valuations.  The result now is that public sector employees are paid almost twice as much as private sector employees on average.  To take a pay freeze after such a period of luxury and advantage is not a sacrifice at all.  You just see the greed, envy, and gluttony of socialism firsthand.  Every single nugget you throw at them which they do not deserve, they will come back and beg for more.

The goal is to change the system back to a Commercial Republic.  The goal is to bring us back to the days where expenditures, costs, and financing was all in the control of your own hands and not organizations like the government or employers or insurance companies that control you. 

When these transactions are in the hands of consumers, then not only does the market adjust to the most important priorities, but also, people gain a constant appreciation of everything they’ve earned and bought.  But the other hidden gem is that they gain an appreciation for what OTHERS have earned and bought, so the horrible sin of envy is reduced.

As it stands, socialism continues to rise under the Obama administration and Nancy Pelosi congress.  This is not even the half of it.  Big wheels have been turning and RAAI is on top of the developments.

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