Al Gore & His Ex-Wife Save You From Profanity, So Long as Your Family is Destroyed…

In truth, authoritarian impulse drives the desire to shape the world to your liking.  And religions have no exclusive claim for such operations.  We shall call this concept, ideological fervor, so you may see how supposedly non-religious people can become high-rollers with the most devout religious fanatical authoritarians.

Democrats are certainly no saints in the freedom and open mindedness realm.

Censorship of music?  A Funny history.  They were saying worse things about Elvis Presley during his days.  Yet for some reason, the PMRC headed by Al Gore’s wife, with his influence, successfully imposed this legislation on the music industry.  In fact, that little “Parental Advisory” sticker you see on music albums were affectionately named after his wife, who pioneered the campaign.

They were called “Tipper Stickers” after Tipper Gore.  Proponents of this Democrat nanny-state wonder used albums like Metallica’s “Master of Puppets” as justification.  Irony? Master of Puppets is one of the greatest anti-drug songs ever written.  It compares being controlled by drugs to being controlled by Satan, and the experience of being under the influence of drugs to being in hell.

It’s just funny to see the legacy of stupidity continue.  Check out this song by Godsmack.  I love it, an awesome and fun song (although I’m not big into getting drunk myself).  It’s a song that’s entirely about how great it is to get drunk and how good you can feel.  But notice the censoring of the words “shit” and “pissing”. 

Is this Democrat wonder of authoritarian non-control so hysterical?  They have a song that teaches their kids to love getting drunk, at the same time they’re censoring inane and harmless swear words out of the song.

Oh how history repeats itself.  This reminds me of the Victorian era when prostitution, child labor, and poverty was glossed over by niceties and “decent” veils.  Yes, let us execute a man, but place veils and niceties about the act so that we can feel better about it.

And Tipper and Al are divorced now….oh my, it’s a good thing they kept all of those fucking profanities away from the poor helpless victims.  My they are such heroes, railing against the imperialist power, protecting their little flock of useful idiots!  It’s a good thing that people aren’t saying naughty words at the same time they’re shattering their families in divorce!

It’s a good thing that popular radio songs have a blatant alcoholic message, at the same time they protect your ears from the foul words “shit” and “piss” Yawn

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