Obama Aligns Himself with Insane Iranian Mullah Theocracy on Turkish Government Reformation

You just can’t make this stuff up.  Yes Obama has aligned himself with the Iranian Islamic Supremacy theocracy on the Turkey issue.  Turkey just modified their constitution in a step away from secularism (separation of church and state) and a step towards Islamic Caliphate (ruled by elite academics and religious authorities).  Obama congratulated Turkey on this move.  Iran gave $25M towards the party who made it happen.  Since when does a US President support steps towards theocracy and authoritarianism?  Since when does a US President align themselves with Islamic Caliphate international power plays that work against US interest?

I guess since the US President’s religious ideals and ideologies line up with the insane Iranian Mullahs.

And people wonder why there is question about whether Obama is a Muslim, with a slew of alignments like this?

Via World Tribute:

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  1. Great!!! 😦

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