RAAI Infiltrates the Democrat-Supporting One Nation Rally

As expected, the media is not yet reporting the story accurately AT ALL.  Will they shed light?  Or will they keep you in the dark as usual. 

One RAAI author actually patted Al Sharpton on the back.  Another RAAI crewmate was pictured with Van Jones (Obama’s ousted self-avowed communist Green Jobs Czar).  Yet another shook hands with Simon Bautista, the Episcopal immigration amnesty activist.

How to infiltrate liberal rallies successfully?  God it’s so easy.  Grow a 6 to 7 day stubble beard.  Either wear eyesore clothing, or incredibly trendy clothing.  Put stickers on.  Put on a union shirt.  Wear sunglasses so they cannot see the determination and confidence in your eyes.  Walk all gangly, like scooby doo / shaggy. 

If you walk straight up and confident, you look like a “imperialist corporatist stoolie yes-man military person” (yes those are all charges we heard yesterday from the mouths of the attendees).  Say “man” and “peace” a lot.  Make the peace sign with your fingers.  Pick your favorite hippie famous person and emulate the tone of their voice.

Really it was quite effective for everyone.  There was only one close call when engaging a greenie.  The greenie was a computer engineer.  At the end of the discussion, he asked the RAAI author “what is this video for?  Who are you with?”  “Just personal, for my YouTube channel, man, earth power bro!”  LaughingRolling on the floor

Damn it you geeky greenie, you’ve watched too many X-Files for your own good, and have gained a healthy paranoia.

Our goal in attending both the Glenn Beck Restoring Honor rally and the Democrat/Union/Environmentalist/Immigration Amnesty/Socialist/Progressive/Liberal/911 Conspiracy Theorist One Nation rally was to get a good comparison of key facts distinguishing the two.  Where do similarities lie?  Where are the differences?  How can we reconcile these two seemingly polar opposites?

For those that are already saying, “hey, what’s with the adjectives on the One Nation rally?”  It’s for real.  We have piles of fliers, handouts, newspapers, and pamphlets from all of those causes.  We are not coloring it.  That is what was handed out.  Those were the signs.  Those were the shirts.  Those were the people.

We are currently reviewing the materials, processing them, screen capturing from videos, and authoring and editing the final piece.  It will be…spectacular.  If we catch any other underground bloggers who have done a good job, we’ll post their work in the meantime.

Stay tuned…at least by mid October, we’ll have the goods.

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