Jesus Depicted Having Sex in New Art Display – Rosie O’Donnell’s Imaginary “Radical Christians” Resume Violent Activity

The question of the month is…

Does anyone remember all of the murders, stabbings, shootings, bombings, riots, protests, burnings, and other peaceful activities from across the Muslim world, whenever Mohammad is depicted at all, anywhere in the world?

If so, what can Christians learn from Islam, the “religion of submission peace”, in how to respond to this offensive display?

And lastly, who will have the balls to put Rosie O’Donnell’s theory to the test and give us some equivalent treatment of Muslims?  By that I mean, an artist who will depict Mohammad raping an 8 year old girl.  Oh wait a minute, that’s not equivalent.  Mohammad actually did rape an 8 year old girl in the Koran (for, how could his 8 year old wife consent to sex)?  So that depiction of Mohammad would be actually true, whereas, this depiction of Jesus is demeaning and a mockery.

Ahhh, I have got it!  The artist must depict Mohammad participating in homosexual sex!  Now that’s an equivalent offense to what this artist has done to Christians!

I’m actually more interested in adding this to the blatant hypocrisies of how secular progressive agnostics and atheists treat Christians compared to other religious citizens.

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