Obama Plays Brutus – Stabs His Republican Ally in the Back

How significant is this?  Let’s just say, very few Republicans put their necks on the altar to pass Obama’s socialist healthcare bill.  Cao was one of them.  In fact, Cao HAS to be a very left-leaning Republican.  He represents New Orleans.

Think Obama is above party politics?  Think Obama really “works across the aisle” as he claims?  Think he’s really a unifier and integrator?  Nope.

Obama just stabbed Cao in the back with a knife.  What else did you expect from Brutus?  No honor, merit, or loyalty.  It’s all about power baby!  If you’re wearing my team’s jersey, I can control you better – even if you’re an unethical scoundrel.  So Obama lifts up the criminal over a loyalist with the true merit for the job.

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