9/11 Intel Project – DoD Eyes on Atta Before 911 Happened

Able Danger was a project the DoD had to combat Al Qaeda prior to 911.  Insiders have just revealed that Atta was a suspect.

What boggles my mind is that people are so up in arms about the “cover up”.  It’s National Security.  They “cover up” information every day.  That’s called classified information, for all of you anti-military non-geniuses.

Why am I not surprised that this information is coming out now?  Well, for the same reason I am not surprised that the Clinton political and money machine was able to crush ABC’s “Path to 911” special, bury it, block it from broadcast, block it from DVD publication.

During a time when the American political machine needed diplomatic legitimacy and democratic support of its own people to successfully conclude the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, popularization of information which made the Defense apparatus look incompetent would hinder that desperately needed legitimacy and support.

Remember that the Communists did not defeat us in Vietnam militarily, they defeated us by infiltrating media and undermining popular support.

So the DoD knew about Atta before 911.  It is similar to the dozens of red flags that Bill Clinton ignored throughout the 90s.  The American Defense apparatus (including intel) was immensely routed and frail in the years following the Cold War as lawmakers and the American people let their guard down and became complacent – and critical incompetency followed.

Incompetency in the government?  Even the military?  Say it ain’t so.

Anyhow, it might come to good now for more stuff like this to come out.  With the Iraq and Afghan wars winding down and new ones winding up, we no longer need the diplomatic and democratic support for those two wars.  On the other hand, releasing this info to rattle the cages of the Radical Islamists and anti-Western conspiracy theorists might make the monkeys stick their heads out and allow us to gain more useful intel on them.

Let our dominance of the asymmetric war continue…

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