Liberal Democrats Back a Currency Redesign – Sarah Palin? Obama? Elvis? Official Idiocracy Level Attained!

As in, I have every faith that if the progressives continue to get their way, our currency will soon look like this:


To the untrained eye, this project to redesign the currency with Obama and Sarah Palin may not make much sense.  To the trained eye, it is just another thread in the overwhelming New World Order, socialist ploys to bring us into compliance with Agenda 21 Sustainable Development and lead to One World Governance.  Part of that Agenda is a One World Currency.  This is stated fact. 

The first step in that is revaluating all the currencies to equivalency (a nightmare of redistribution of wealth which will exterminate centuries of merit-based justice, blood sacrifices, and earnings).  It’s a socialist’s dream.  But it’s a nightmare for anyone who’s ever worked for a living and has trusted the government’s currency to fairly value their hard work and diligence.

Well anyway, if you want to undermine a dominant currency, you have to remove its tie to a reliable standard for printing and circulation (the abolishment of the Gold Standard in the 60s).  Then, use a severe economic crisis to argue that a new currency should be designed. 

Psychologically, this does the opposite of what the liars behind this project contend.  It’s a vivid reminder to people that they are holding just paper.  Paper that can be changed, removed, added, redesigned, revalued, or even abolished and replaced by its issuer – The Federal Reserve.  The less sentiment the populace holds for the currency, the easier it is to plant ideas in their head that switching to something else imposed upon them by their authoritarian master, would not be such an impactful nor meaningful event.

If you wished to restore stability and confidence, you would be making moves to increase the sentiment of the public’s respect and value for the traditional currency.  You would appeal to the long history and legacy of the greenback – not trendy events in recent history which does the opposite.  To anyone who has been through corporate branding efforts, you understand exactly what I am talking about.  The psychology is very clear cut. 

Moreover, you would be giving the public assurances of standards for circulation and printing, like moving towards a National standard and restraint on the Fed (like the Gold Standard).

Mark this down as Agenda 21 socialist ploy #4321234…. oh, sorry, we lost count.

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H/T to the kick ass Texan

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  1. This makes me so stinkin’ mad!!!!!!
    My heart will break if this happens.
    What is happening to America????
    Just heartbreaking.

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