At Least 36 Terrorists Culpable for 72 Murdered Soccer Fans – Captured

The story is fairly straightforward.  What is the nuance that might miss the untrained eye?  The terror network, al-Shabab, claims that the massacre was in retaliation for Uganda’s participation in the UN peacekeeping forces in the 90s (Somalia).  This is not the first of such “retaliation” efforts for the same non-justification.

And that is the point.  The Democrats who still do not comprehend the Global War on Terror tend to make the argument that if we just crawl up, show no force, show no power, that the terror problem will just go away in time.

False.  Even moderates in the Islamic world are driven by respect and admiration of power.  The worst thing you can do is show inadequate retaliation.  It is even worse than showing an overzealous response.

There still exist, on the part of Democrats, a continual inability to understand the nature of the terror conflicts because of a simply weakness – they superimpose racial, multinational class (rich nation / poor nation), and underdog guilt complexes onto the issue.  This leads to sympathies for the terrorists and the foreign nations that borne them.

In reality, this also demonstrates a terrible ignorance of asymmetric warfare in presuming that because laser guided missiles are not a shared tool of the trade, that the force which only possesses civilian clothes disguises, RPGs, copper plates, IEDs, grenades, and automatic rifles is at a grave disadvantage. 

In reality, this also demonstrates a terrible ignorance of anti-West bigotry – in some ironic foolhardiness – where the Democrat actually believes that any significant proportion of the Islamic world would ever treat Westerners with equality, or even be partially open minded to integration and the sharing of culture.  They are some of the most ethnocentric people in the world.

They do not ask for your respect.  They demand it.  And when you refuse, they will impose it.  This is Radical Islam.  50% of the Muslim world at least supports it (Al Jazeera poll, do you support Usama Bin Laden?).  750 million Radical Islam sympathizers across the world is a significant problem.  Who could disagree?

Looking at reality through kind and fuzzy lenses does not make you more apt to make the best out of the issues at hand – it makes you delusional.

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