You Were Dead. The USA Saved Your Lives. The 9/11 You Were Recently Spared.

The new 9/11 that was prevented…for the time.  What public knowledge is accessible to you?  Should you choose to accept this mission, you will uncover a story of averted horror, but one where danger still lurks.  This is the story of the thousands of European walking dead – those whose lives were hanging in the balance, and those whose lives still may be hanging in the balance.  The heroes?  Soldiers.  The unsung, biggest heroes?  CIA.

Your first clue was on September 27th.  Did you hear it on Fox News Channel?  You were informed that the CIA has unleashed the most Drone Strikes in Pakistan this year – a monthly high of 20, up 66% from the previous high.

“The plot, which officials have been tracking for weeks, is believed to target multiple countries, including the U.K., France, and Germany, these officials said.” (Read more of this clue, source from Wall Street Journal)

9/27/2010.  The sense of criticality was immensely high.  NATO even sent choppers across the border of Pakistan to slay 50 terrorists.  This is a very aggressive and sensitive move, much more than the drones.  The cover story was that they attacked, so were followed across the border.  Is this true?  You will not know. (Read more of this clue)

9/27/2010.  Because the plot on the EU was in advanced stages, heading to imminent, we must shake up your Command and Control.  Simultaneous: a well timed offensive against Khandahar, CIA drone strikes, and NATO chopper raids.  Divide and Conquer.  (Read more of this clue)

9/28/2010. The very next day, an announcement of more details, claiming the “plot was thwarted”.  (Read more of this clue, sourced from the Wall Street Journal)

9/29/2010.  Not so fast.  With the head of the beast chopped off, the enemy C&C in disarray, the slimy hands and body still writhes and threatens to lash out.  America AND EU issue terror threat warnings. (Read more of this clue, sourced by ABC, etc.)

10/1/2010.  Mayhem in Pakistan.  The ruse?  Pakistan is “outraged” at the NATO chopper strikes on their border, some calling it an act of war.  Pakistan responds by closing off the main supply routes to Afghanistan.  This would please the West hating terrorists and their supporters.  It will also draw some blood and mayhem as tankers are sitting ducks.  But who would it also please?  This cover story is also required for the US objectives.  The tankers are sitting honey pots – they will draw the bees out in another attempt to gain critical intel regarding the looming EU 9/11-scale plot.  More divide and conquer.  (Read more of this clue)

10/1/2010.  Usama Bin Laden releases an audio recording.  Code for – strike now – based on previous experience.  Whether or not UBL headed the plot, or was just a player?  Time may tell.  (Read more of this clue)

10/2/2010.  US to EU big-government slugs: “get your asses in gear, deploy your security and intel operators.  We are about to issue a warning.” (Read more of this clue)

10/3/2010.  US issues the travel ALERT.  It is in effect through January 31, 2011. (Read more of this clue)

10/3/2010.  Sweden issues its highest terror alert EVER.  (Read more of this clue)

10/3/2010.  The plan runs deep.  There are dozens of (known) EU Muslim citizens preparing in Pakistan for the massive EU terror plot. (Read more of this clue)

10/3/2010.  We got one in Italy.  Bring him to my water board. (Read more of this clue)

10/4/2010.  Via Reuters.  We nailed 8 of the Germans.  That means 576 virgins are currently being sequestered in hell.  (Read more of this clue)  Via CNN – there was a Hamburg Cell connection – these demons were recruited at the same mosque (Read more of this clue)

10/5/2010.  12 terrorists rounded up in France. (Read more of this clue)

10/6/2010.  The “CIA” of the terrorists, the man behind the curtain, “The Muslim Brotherhood” issues a prophecy, a declaration of a new war, and a rousing of blood against the west.  (Read more of this clue)

10/6/2010.  France tells UK that a terror attack is “highly likely”.  With the Germans and the French cells partially disrupted, and the head of the operation blown to bits, nearly 100 terrorists nailed or captured in 2 weeks, still the UK cells elude us.  Unless our intel heroes pull off a miracle, many innocent people are likely to be mass murdered. (Read more of this clue)

10/7/2010.  The ISI is enraged.  They are mad that we have disrupted the plot.  Their normal mode is to do just enough to keep our financial aid flowing into their coffers, but secretly colluding with Al Qaeda.  Thus the closed off supply routes to NATO.  They are absolutely crying to Allah in rage.  (Read more of this clue)

10/7/2010.  US Apologizes to Pakistan for the NATO chopper strikes.  Pakistan still refuses to open up the supply routes.  Big surprise.  They are very angry that their little EU plot terrorist Command and Control was annihilated.  They’ll return the pain out by hurting our ability to fight and bleeding our money, even at great expense to themselves (the supply routes are a lucrative business to them).  Give a leg up to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  In this case, it’s worth it to them, to send a message to NATO. (Read more of this clue)

What will happen next?  What will happen to the UK?  What about the travel warning through 1/31/2011?  RAAI will continue to follow the story.  It is full of intrigue and terror, defeated demons, and saved innocent lives.  It is currently full of another albatross – will the UK be attacked in the near future?

The question to the walking dead: did you even know that your life was seconds from ending?  Did you know that soldiers and intel operators are responsible for your breathing right now?

And so, while all this was going on for the past weeks – what have you been up to?

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