Bunch of White Democrats Crap on Inner City Realities

This really enraged me, because it’s a pattern in the Democrat establishment of supposed “champions of the underdog”.  They are not.  They are hypocrites and they never solve anything, they just keep throwing carrots in front of their believers to control them for decades and keep them exactly where they are.

Saturday, on Fox News Watch, the host juxtaposed two stories.  One about a gay adult who committed suicide after having been video taped having gay sex by his roommate.  The second was about another young adult, black female Jessica Moore, SHOT IN THE HEAD to protect her friend from getting shot in the ghetto at a party.

The question was “why is the gay story getting so much coverage, and Jessica Moore has gotten next to no coverage?”

Alan Colmes.  Yet another rich Democrat “champion” of the “little people”.  I had to transcribe his response, it was so utterly sickening to me:

“I think the narrative here is that there has been a number of issues.  In the last three weeks, three gay students have been bullied and committed suicide.  So it’s part of a larger narrative that’s been going on.  Bullying has become a big issue.  Particularly bullying the people who their detractors think are too effeminate or gay.  So this is the upshot, the sad tragic upshot, of a series of these stories that do have an anti-gay theme to them.”

Talk about a faith-based initiative!  Is it any wonder the Democrat media machine is failing left and right as everyone tunes into Fox News Channel now? 

The only reason there are three STORIES in three weeks is because the Democrat brainwashing machine has set their eyes on cultural normalization of homosexuality. 

I challenge anyone to find stats on weekly suicides.  To me, it doesn’t matter what the instigator was.  A broken hearted lover, or a psychologically abused child committing suicide deserves just as much attention as a gay adult riddled with guilt for the public exposure of their own choices and behaviors. 

The latter case requires internal values and self-perception.  The prior case is the same, with potentially more evil, if the origin of the abuse is within the family.

And why are the gay-suicide non-stories making national media over the scores of other suicides?  Why do they supersede stories about inner city violence?  Why do they overshadow a tragic hero, Jessica Moore? 

Alan Colmes’ would have us believe that gay suicide is a bigger issue than inner city violence?  Insane!!!!  The difference is that Alan Colmes has never lived it, never seen it, never run from it, never been threatened by it, and like typical Democrats, his compassion for the African American cultural diseases only runs long enough to lock their votes in and throw carrots at their communities which does nothing.

Let’s just bury Jessica Moore’s sacrifice and forget that we still have an inner city culture that breeds horrors even though they are richer than poor immigrant communities of the past which did not have such rampant issues. 

Why?  Because the African American victim vote is locked for the Democrats.  No need to do any other propaganda there.  The full attention is on locking the LGBT vote, because other than marriage and children, LGBTs mostly have normal walks of life in education, finance, jobs, and the rest.  Democrats have to stoke the flames of cultural discord in order to make another permanent, self-perceived victim group which will always vote Democrat without using their brains.

It’s not that I don’t have sympathy for the LGBT community.  People are cruel.  I was harassed constantly for other things that I was born with.  I was made to feel like a lesser person for who I was.  We all have been at the hand of the evil before. 

If a gay person’s sexuality is the target and it takes the forefront instead of other things like how they look, how they are, or where they came from – well, that’s their cross to bear.  It’s not that anyone else has it easier.  When someone wants to bully and target you, they find a wound, and they pour the salt.  This is why gay suicides are a minority of suicides.  Heterosexuals are coping with pressures which lead to the same result.  Just because the cross to bear is made out of a different wood, doesn’t make anyone’s cross any lighter.

Instead of simply offering sympathies to the condition of the suicidal, we raise gay suicides to preeminent martyr and victim status.  What we should be doing, is saying, “Hey, these people are jerks. You’re just like us.  We’ve got our problems too that people bully us about.  Let’s commiserate.   You’ll find acceptance and happiness with good friends.”  And I would be one of the first to extend my hand in friendship.

Instead, Democrats take their insidious propaganda route of dividing up the culture, isolating groups of people so that they can control them.  This unfortunate folly does not bring us together, it tears us apart, like the factions of Ancient Rome.

As for attention towards inner city violence?  Oh Jessica Moore, you are a hero in my eyes.  If I had the means, I would put your sacrifice in the forefront and beseech a change of heart in the ghettos, continuously.

As for the “three” gay suicides in “three” weeks.  Par for the course.  Elevating it to a status that is more problematic than inner city violence?  Insulting.  Just part of the current Democrat brainwashing blueprint.

Talk about a faith-based initiative, Democrat machine!

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