Democrat Insanity at its Peak – Lies, Lies, and More Damn Lies

Obama and Democrat congresspersons have been taking an insane position for the past 2 years.  The formula?  When they put for bad ideas that their own people don’t agree with, they blame the Republicans for “standing in the way” or “not compromising” etc.

Does this utter bull crap fool anyone except the useful idiots in their own constituency?

News flash – Democrats have controlled a majority of congress since January 4th, 2007.  They have super majorities since January 2009, and essentially free reign over our entire government, going on 2 years now.

The fact that they can’t get bills through is for one reason and one reason alone – they have bad ideas that they can’t even get their own party to fully agree upon.  The Republicans could not even show up to congress and the Democrats could keep passing bills if they could agree with each other.

How Obama expects to blame the minority Republicans for Democrat incompetency and divisiveness is mind boggling.  Does he think the American people are too stupid to understand basic math?

Get your Democrats in line Obama.  You’ve got about 3 more months to have your unimpeded free reign over the entire government.  The only thing you have to blame for anything that failed to get done is your own leadership.

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