Women of “The View” Get Outclassed by Bill O’Reilly

It is quite tragic that the women of “The View” misuse their privilege to influence the mom vote.  We now have to deal with a misinformed constituency thanks to the effect these uninformed women have on their significant viewership.

For operating with a childish and snarky culture that is below good American citizens, and for being caught yet again spreading terrible half-truths and misinformation, The View is now officially rejected by RAAI as counterproductive to our Republic. 

When these women go back into straight entertainment and out of the pseudo-news business, we will reconsider the merits of the show.

Here is the material you should keep on hand, and should share with anyone espousing the falsehoods of “The View”:

Women on “The View” Entirely Ignorant of Defense, Islam, and Christianity

What caused this?  This week on “The View”, Bill O’Reilly made the accurate statement of “Muslims attacked us on 9/11”.  This instigated Goldberg and Behar to get up out of their seats, yell at O’Reilly, tower over him, and then walk off the stage. 

Now we have grown adults walking off the stage like children.  Not much different than Jon Stewart’s little arrogant “disconnect” gesture of swiping his hand in your face while he looks to the side, or looking over his shoulder as if you are talking to someone behind him. 

In the video below, items of note – the racist Whoopi, with her typical hostile and bigoted posture towards traditional white people.  She’s done this so many times it’s unbelievable.  We’ve caught her racism in the past during the 2008 presidential election as well, so nothing new here.  What is interesting is that Bill O’Reilly immediately picks up on it.

Also, Joy Behar, little child in a grown woman’s body – when Bill O’Reilly gives her a grown-up joke, she responds with little baby behavior (bunny ears, seriously?), and then she smiles to herself in self-congratulatory arrogance, like a little child who is proud of her little pranky-wanky she just pulled!!!

And how moronic are the women in the audience?  Are they for real?  They actually applauded Joy Behar and Whoopi Goldberg’s childlike behavior!

My reaction to these little baby girls in grown up bodies was being appalled with their lack of emotional fortitude to process an adult conversation.  I would never applaud that.  I remained silent with a look of disappointment on my face.

Even worse is when Walters and Elizabeth try to hammer out the conversation with revisionist history and ignorance.  Apparently none of these women have ever sat through an history course.

Bill O’Reilly on the other hand, as a former history teacher, does not suffer from the same weakness.

In such history courses, we say “Muslims attacked us on 9/11”, and “The Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor”.  When the Japanese screamed “Bonsai!!!” in a murderous rage, they did so by the command of Hirohito.  When the Muslims committed their acts of mass murder, they screamed, “Allahu Akbar!!!” (god is great), so it is irrefutable that they did so at the command of their Muslim god.  It is what binds the Jihad which spawned them.  Jihad.  It’s in the Koran.  Look it up.

And the 50% of the Muslim world (2006 Al Jazeera poll) which supports terrorism (Al Qaeda) would agree.  They even have a name for these Muslim soldiers on behalf of Allah and all Muslims – it’s called Shahid.

When Timothy McVeigh bombed Oklahoma City, on the other hand, it had nothing to do with Christianity.  Timothy McVeigh in fact was an Agnostic.  Yet it still would have been accurate to say that “Militia members attacked Oklahoma City”, even if it is true that we have only had one act of terrorism by militias comparable to the hundreds of mass murders by Muslims in the last 3 decades. 

I think that if someone used the phrase “militia members attacked us”, not a single one of these useful idiot Democrats would have even batted an eyelid.

So why do they start a war when the similarly accurate statements are made about 9/11?

The women of “The View” are so immensely ignorant about all of these topics.  They cannot even conduct a civil and truthful conversation, because their heads have been filled with misinformation by their colleagues.

And poor, tragically ignorant Elizabeth (the worst Republican I’ve ever seen), caught in a blatant falsehood.  Oh well, it goes along with the rest of these women on this day.

Newsflash to Elizabeth, the Obama administration actively rejects the term “Radical Islam” too.  You are spreading lies and ignorance just like the rest of the women on “The View”:

Here’s the mayhem, if you can stand it:

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