Women on “The View” Entirely Ignorant of Defense, Islam, and Christianity

This week on “The View”, they towed the “all religions have terrorists” line of ignorance again.  Specifically, they equate modern terrorism inspired by Islam to other modern religions.

This is such an incredible insult to honest students of history, theology, and martial affairs.  It makes people ignorant of the fact that conflict and violence originates from sin, desperation, and worldviews – not from religion.  Religion is a tool that has been misused by people of power throughout history for violence.  But so too have other codified worldviews like certain forms of Paganism, Socialism, Communism, and Environmentalism – godless religions so to speak (a much bigger question of philosophy is “what is a religion?”).

In fact, the worst atrocities we have seen, with the most deaths, and the most torture and inhumanity have been perpetrated by agnostics, atheists, pagans, and earth worshippers.  Napoleon, Hitler, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Lenin, Hirohito, Caesar, dozens of Chinese dynasties throughout thousands of years, the Assyrians, the Macedonians, the Vikings, the Persians, and on and on and on…

Repeatedly, the trend that we see is that the less that the worldview cherishes human life, and the more excuses for the mistreatment and SUBORIDINATION of human life that are possible by the doctrine at hand, then the greater level of atrocity is expressed when we come to blows.

But for now, let’s look at how traditional religions have been used in the past 100 years across the globe towards violent ends.

Since the Muslim Brotherhood has been operating beginning in the early 20th century, Islam has been the most violent religious tool in brainwashing people towards violence.  The only worse instigator is the religion of socialism whether in its National Socialist format (Nazis) or Communist format. 

It’s not to say that Islam could not be redeemed by peaceful people, but it is unlikely in our lifetimes thanks to the hostile takeover of Islam by Muslim statesman, clerics, businessmen, and military leaders for over 100 years. 

Their violent acolytes have been programmed from childhood and are living amongst us.  What better way to subordinate human life than to put automatic rifles into the hands of children barely tall enough to carry them?

And what better way to inspire a feasible scapegoat for your own country’s failures at the hands of authoritarian tyrants, than to evoke historical images of conquest and human subordination (remember, Islam is the religion of submission), than to tell Muslims that someday they will get to make another holocaust and take the place of Nazis?

A 2006 Al Jazeera poll showed that about 50% of Muslims supported Al Qaeda & Usama Bin Laden.  That is quite a statement.  Basically, it means that anyone who tells you that “most Muslims are peaceful” are either entirely ignorant or lying to your face.

I know what my childhood education was like.  I didn’t have automatic rifles, suicide bombing reenactments, applauded by parents and teachers, nor did I have propaganda like this poisoning my brain:

We have reached yet another breaking point with Democrat revisionist history.  I swear if I hear someone associate Timothy McVeigh (an agnostic) to Christianity one more time, I will pick them up off the floor, and will shake the living crap out of them until they agree to pick up a book and educate themselves.

Timothy McVeigh did not bomb Oklahoma City because of any Christian motives.  HE WAS AGNOSTIC.  Unlike Muslims, he did not shout, “Jesus is great!” while murdering human beings.

Timothy McVeigh was an intelligent man, from a broken home, who turned his psychological torment in the home and in social circles into hatred towards the US government. 

This is not special in criminality.  It is a par-for-the-course path for children abandoned and rejected.  They take out their anger on authority, because their authorities early in life betrayed them.

In the Muslim world, such hostility is turned to the West, Jews, and Americans, as their religious leaders, politicians, and teachers constantly brainwash them into using Westerners as a scapegoat for all of the iniquities and problems they face.

In contrast, Timothy McVeigh’s motivations had nothing to do with Christianity, in fact, with a stronger Christian influence, he could’ve been redeemed from his suffering as a child and used the intellect which allowed him to hack US military networks for productive and benevolent activities. 

There were 100 successfully devastating Muslim attacks on US citizens and soil (including embassies) from 1979 to 1999.  Since 9/11, there are about 1,000 such plots thwarted per year.  Plots of mass murder at the hands of Islamic Fundamentalists, inspired by their Muslim faith.

To date, there are still ZERO plots inspired by Christianity comparable to even a single mass murder plot on civilians of another country or religion, inspired by religious bigotry.  Muslims hold the grand award for this modern atrocity of terrorism.

Why are we surprised?  I have yet to see a single Christian terror camp showing its followers how to be more like Jesus the soldier carpenter.

Why are we surprised?  Outside of Fox News Channel, journalists are too brainwashed and ideological to even be honest enough to report the findings of that Al Jazeera poll, because with 50% of Muslims supporting Al Qaeda, it totally contradicts their narrative of “peace” and the poor “misunderstood” minority citizen.

Yes Democrats, let’s continue to ignore the truth when it stares us in the face.  Let’s continue to delude ourselves and live in fantasy worlds, simply to selfishly protect the integrity of our own hopes, dreams, and worldviews.

The ladies of “The View” need a serious education.

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