Muslims and Leftists Beware – Choosing Mass Murder Will Lead to Your Own Demise

Judeo-Christian Western Countries can tolerate civil isolation of cultures almost indefinitely – when differences do not result in crime, and when differences are spoken of and discussed and appreciated with peaceful means.  Countries which are founded on the Judeo-Christian ethics are very peaceful in general, and quick to accept mercy and forgiveness.  The citizens do not study war on a daily basis.  They do not train their children in the art of militancy and revolution.

This mercy can change in an instant to severity though, as we saw on 9/11.  Sustained events will escalate our willingness to accept aggressive action, and believe it, the losers will be the instigators who do not have the technology, the professional expertise, nor the economy to compete with the West.

When violence is done by leftist insurrection groups and Islamic terror groups like The Tarnac 9, the anarchists, Al Qaeda, Al Shabab, and the rest, you will see a different response in the future.  This new foreboding from Germany is yet another in a string of warnings.

Our society will not tolerate mass murder.  If these things come to pass, mark my words, the instigating socialists and/or Islamic Fundamentalists are flirting with a severe routing and persecution, the likes of which we have not seen since WW2. 

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