Great News! Democrats allow Illegal Immigrants to Vote!

Way to go Democrat “civil rights” lobbyists!!!  It’s not Americans’ country anyway, is it?  We’re all just “world citizens” of “the collective”, correct?

Now Democrats welcome voter fraud openly.  This is a grave day in American history.  We identify rampant voter fraud problems, and Democrat special interest groups and figureheads in the courts prevent us from fixing it.

Tell me, what incentive does an illegal immigrant have to fear the law and consequence of perjury for voting registration, if they do not fear the law that can have them deported?

But these leftists would certainly say, “as our hero Saul Alinsky claimed, the ends justify the means”.  Enjoy your ill-gotten power while it lasts, you disgusting frauds.  A revolution is coming to your doorsteps my friends.  Your days of religious-like ideological zeal, theft, and deception are numbered.

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