The Democrat “Affordable Housing” Recession Continues–Numbers in Line with Facts

After almost 3 decades of social engineering which nearly wrecked our economy, the “affordable housing” recession that we’re in now is still ramping up.

The latest data is exactly in line with the facts presented by Thomas Sowell in “The Housing Boom and Bust”.  If you really want to understand the economic outrage that we have been experiencing, you will read this book:

Warning though, after reading the facts, you will never take Obama seriously again.  Whenever you see a Democrat utter the words “the Republicans got us into this mess” or “the Republicans drove us into the ditch”, you’ll just look at them like they’re either immensely ignorant or liars, neither of which are good.

As it stands, the singular “economy knob” that Bush must have used to dial in economic destruction is still an inexplicable theory.

What makes more sense to honest economists?  Facts.  Nearly 30 years of progressively redistributionist policies which forced banks to make bad loans which could never be paid back and invent subprime markets to meet these imposed government quotas inspired by the myth of “redlining” and The Community Reinvestment Act, amongst a dozen other welfare-inspired policies.  Then, wall street, responding to the highway robbery and pseudo-legal government extortion, invents securities and derivatives to try and at least protect some of their investors’ cash (that’s you, with your 401k, savings, mutual funds, and investments).

Can we please reclaim the $1 Trillion extorted by ACORN and similar community organizers over the past 15 years?  Obama?  This was your game, was it not?  Can we please reclaim the fruits of your crimes?  No.  It’s all gone.  How are your communities doing with that $1 Trillion?  Are they the oasis of Jacuzzis and mansions that you had envisioned the recipients of the ill-gotten spoils would create?

So congratulations Democrats!  Housing is more affordable than ever isn’t it?  In addition, wealth has been redistributed – not into sustainable American productivity and businesses – but through minority hands, and through corrupt businesses and then landing overseas into the pockets of foreign governments. 

Cash-out refinancing for urban bungalows turned $11k properties into $500k properties, a wad of cash spent on products from overseas, and the same economically-ignorant families evicted from their homes, unable to afford the new mortgage.  Brilliant!  You must be very proud of your failed social engineering scheme.  And even better, you get to blame it all on Bush’s singular “economy” knob, hoping that the public is too stupid to question “well, what specifically did Bush do to single-handedly create this recession”?  In many cases, I think that propaganda gamble has paid off for you.  Kudos!

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