Internal Dissent Amongst Progressives–Engineers meet the Intelligentsia

It’s no secret that a majority of software, computer, and high technology engineers are liberal, in stark contrast to all other high technology pursuits with the exception of Environmental Engineering.

That is why the scuffle between Comedy Central and Fark/Reddit is so amusing:

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The engineers at Fark/Reddit are dumbfounded by Stewart’s ignorance of social networking and high-tech marketing.  Simultaneously, Stewart is dumbfounded by Fark/Reddit’s claims to real contribution.

Both contestants are missing opposite pieces of knowledge.  The liberal believers at Fark/Reddit are ignorant of intellectual operations and politics.  Stewart, as a pseudo-intellectual member of the idea-only, pontificating intelligentsia, is ignorant of productive endeavors which actually achieve real units of work for human beings – the things that occur outside of words and ideas.

Why did Fark/Reddit expect that Stewart and Colbert should understand business and technology?  The clowns comedians are just talkers backed up by dozens of writers.  Their only talent is to read a script and perform it in a funny way, and react in interviews in funny and witty ways.  Their only mental contribution is approving or denying what their writers shove in their face.

By contrast, what did Stewart expect of Fark/Reddit?  The software wizards work hard for those services and products.  They expect the credit that they deserve for maximizing the impact of liberal propaganda.

For those interested in exploiting this division amongst the progressives, the fissure is certainly there – a classic battle between the intelligentsia and the workers/engineers/doctors/practitioners.

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