Speaking of Amsterdam–Here is the Future the USA Democrat Party Holds–Government Funded Dog Poop Removal

Seriously, if you can read through the surface of this socialist history in Amsterdam, your mind will be boggled.  It’s one of those stories that you’ll just be saying “is this for real?” every sentence.

I personally have millennia of history in my head; thus, many correlations pop out.

Mostly, this story is the end of the line for the ever-failed promises of socialism.  “The collective” will take care of it, fellow citizen.  Relinquish your taxes.  Relinquish your rights.  Relinquish your control.  Relinquish your freedoms.  Relinquish your individuality.  Relinquish your personal responsibility.

In this case?  Something like $200 – $250 (inflation) per dog per year to pay “the collective” to clean up irresponsible owners dog shit.  And as always, the disengaged, disinterested, apathetic government employees don’t even do the job anyway.  So the government takes money to do nothing.

Socialism.  This is it.  The story of dog shit is a great modern case study.

Me?  Well, as a free man and thusly the opposite of a socialist, I favor $1,000 fines for offenders who do not clean up. 

Punish the guilty, not the collective. 

Again, since I am not a socialist, I do not believe in collective punishment.  I understand that their systems of justice do.  Hell, our jurisprudence has already been infected with socialists who have enacted collective punishment in the realm of “hate crimes” and “war crimes”. 

People like us are busy fighting that cancer, amongst other socialist infections.  We’ve kind of got our hands full since the 2007 Nancy Pelosi Democrat congress, and Obama for the past 2 years.

Go on, read the story of European socialist dog shit.  You know you want to.  You just can’t. make. this. up.

Read the story

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