Terror Plot–Not Big Enough–What is the Real Target?

This summer’s plot on UK, France, and Germany definitely was the big one that had senior Al Qaeda fingerprints all over.  We can thank Bush’s war apparatus for interdicting that one and saving thousands of lives.  And yes, we can also thank Obama for coming to his senses after his opposite campaigning positions on the war, and staying the course that Bush set in motion.

So what of this new bombing plot using parcel services?

Don’t get so excited.  A few packages isn’t anything.  The real danger would be dozens of them sent to strategic locations.  Operationally it would make sense as a proving ground for a larger plot in the coming years involving dirty bombs or tactical nukes (assuming that Obama continues to fail miserably with Iran and continue to undo the minor progress that Bolton had achieved).

Imagine a tactical nuke, fueled by Iranian nuclear warheads, the size of a small refrigerator, with a yield that is 10% – 30% that of Hiroshima.  Now imagine a dozen of them, exploding in airplanes at the optimal altitude.  In this way, Radical Islam can feasibly achieve the equivalent of almost 4 Hiroshima events over US soil in the coming years.  The economic damage is the goal, although they will celebrate the hell-on-earth human life toll as well.

All they need is for Iran to get that bomb and feed the materials through Hezbollah, Al Shabab, Hamas, the Taliban, or directly to the Mujahidin.  China has already been supplying Iran with our smart missile technology (thanks again Bill Clinton, 1996), so the tactical Nuke is not infeasible coming from them.

Although in the near term, my money is on more commando-styled and sniper attacks, and blowing up infrastructure.  Dirty and chemical bombs, secondarily.

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