US Currency, Inflation, Stealth Tax & China’s Warning to Obama–The Econ War Escalates

The Democrats have released their attack hound for the next round of brainwashing.  In a recent Wall St. Journal article, Bloomberg sets up Republicans to take the blame and fall for the destruction that Obama’s Keynesian economic policy has created.

Does this remind anyone of the trajectory of the “affordable housing” crisis that began this whole mess?

Bloomberg even says that the newly elected Republicans can’t even read (he’s a good propagandist, but not a master):

Bloomberg predicts Chinese Trade War

But those who actually follow the facts, will spot this reprehensible deception and despicable attempt at brainwashing a mile away.  Lest we recall, China, in 2009, warning Obama not to dishonor their investments.  A little cultural background: talking about honor is a very serious warning.

China Admonishes Obama to Forbid Quantitative Easing (Fed-created inflation)

Then there is George Soros, bankrolling Obama and the DNC and their tributaries.  Soros wants the US dollar to have a “managed decline”.  He has said it in plain language with his own mouth.  This does not benefit Americans.  It benefits worldwide wealth redistribution, as is the goal of Fabian socialists like Soros. 

Well, with Obama going along with QE2, and the $600B money printing last week, it would appear that Obama is doing George Soros’ bidding, and further “dishonoring” China’s investments against their direct admonitions.

Is it any wonder that Obama agreed to this trip during this timeframe?  November elections, he knew he would get nailed.  Then, execute QE2 by the Fed the very next day while all the election hoopla is taking up the media cycles.  Then execute trip to India and China to try and smooth over the fallout from the destruction-of-standing-wealth thievery.

In short, when China responds to this economic warfare in kind, with a “trade war”, Bloomberg & Democrats are already setting up and will blame the newly elected Republicans who had nothing to do with the instigating Keynesian policies.

This, to cover up the real source of the coming US-China economic turmoil: Obama’s Fed doing exactly what China told them not to do.

Obama’s Fed – The Results of QE2 – Inflation – Gold & Oil Prices Soar

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