RAAI Was Silent for Elections. Why?

Aside from the fact that we are now all independents, not registered with any party, most of us did vote for Republicans this time around, for various reasons.

One thing that we all agree upon – we remain silent about election day.  Why?

We’re not fans of "get out the vote" efforts.  Particularly the ones that MTV, unions, and other non-political operations engage in.  Someone who needs to be reminded to vote by an entertainment or trade organization, has not vested even a basic amount of personal stake or effort in governance, and thus is at best apathetic, and at worst a lemming or group thinker, whose investment in governance is most accurately represented in absentia.

That is a key phrase, “most accurately represented in absentia”.  It is not that RAAI takes lightly the right to vote, or likes to undermine it.  Quite the opposite. 

It actually undermines deliberate representation in our government when hordes of disengaged citizens pile into the polls, not even vested enough to remember the day with their own efforts. 

Taking the right to vote so lightly, and being so disengaged means that such individuals, who needed an entertainment or trade organization to coax them into voting, will certainly vote along with whatever propaganda or surface information has been pumped into their heads by their respective manipulators – be they on the left or the right.

And so, we stand by a strong assertion that such citizens’ willpower for governance is most accurately represented in absentia.  With this in mind, rather than undermine the citizens who are plugged in and paying attention, we reject all “get out the vote efforts” that are not run by political or news entities. 

The ideal republic is one in which the will of the people is most accurately represented, and there are numerous ways to misrepresent the will of the people, whether by media, propaganda, or gerrymandering.

So ideological and zealous claims about “vote no matter what” etc. simply fall on deaf ears here at RAAI.  Not a single author made an effort to coax their friends into voting – in fact, we didn’t even remind them (even though some have extensive and large audiences).  The forfeited vote in absentia is simply another mandate for particular representation.  Obama voted “present” many times in his career.  Different motive, similar effect.

On the other hand, a vote because someone told you to “vote no matter what” is actually undermining the citizens who hold personal stake in governance from the merits of their efforts.

One of the most insulting “get out the vote” efforts came from President Obama himself.

Obama’s Facebook campaign included a self-perpetuating "Commit to vote” sticker, complete with old propaganda tactics.  The posting does not identify itself as part of Obama’s effort, except for one small detail – subliminal advertising.  The “O” of the word “vote” is actually the Obama brand symbol. 

Subliminal advertising is all about swaying the fence-sitters to fall into your lap when they are at the store and have two products in their hands.  It’s emotional.  The thought behind this tactic is, some who are on the fence will have the feelings evoked from Obama’s historical political campaign for hope and change and all the positivity that comes along with dreaming and pondering.  Blue and orange were picked for good reasons too.  In this scenario – blue is for Democrat, calm, and trust.  Orange is happy and energetic – but not too hot, like red or yellow.


Moreover, the advertisement misrepresents the duty to vote as “being heard” and “using your voice”.  This is not a Democracy.  This is not a union.  This is not Socialism.  A vote in a Republic is a mandate for representation.  An honest effort would align the vote to that fact.  Do you know these representatives?  Do you place your trust and the authority of your vote in them?  Have you listened enough to the competitors to figure out which one is the lesser of two evils in your own mind? 

That is the question, because your voice will be as muted as it was when the Democrats passed Obamacare, regardless of whether you voted or not.

The duty to vote is the duty to evaluate your representatives fairly and honestly, and then cast your ballot. 

It is not to be coaxed into a polling booth at the 11th hour by deceptive in-power politicians, or an entertainment or trade entity.

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