A Bullet in the Head of Every Narcotics Worker

Today, yet another example of the reason why I support the war on drugs.  This is a truly evil black market business.  Not because of the consequences of legality, but because of the effect of the product itself.

He sat behind me, a social worker operating in a coffee shop, seeing various cases.  The last case, an entirely incoherent young man, turned to me in a drugged out state.  He was semi-cognizant, like a walking zombie.  He told me about how he watched his flesh melt off his face in the mirror, and how his skin was burning off on his arms.  “Yeah, look out for the psychotic one, why don’t you try and watch your skin melt.”

19 year old kid.  Brain, fried.  Government employed social worker, doesn’t care.  The govie told the kid that he had to get going, because the kid couldn’t “receive” counseling today.

How does this kid have no job, yet possess all these fancy gadgets and is smoking?  What is wrong with his parents?  Why do we justify perpetuation of mind-altering substances which turn potentially functional human beings into semi-coherent drones, ready to be controlled and manipulated by the next fascinating snake charmer?

When did we arrive in the Brave New World, complete with rampant Soma?

The war on drugs will never be won.  But it is a fight well worth supporting.  The filthy animals who work in the black market industry deserve nothing less than a life in the shadows, constant threats to their physical security, and perpetual suppression and imprisonment.

Yes, it is the individual’s choice to expose themselves to addiction, but unfortunately, children who are exposed to that choice infrequently possess the wisdom to fully comprehend the risks associated.

And so we have a legion of the walking dead, who may as well have thrown their lives away, as they have been relegated to the bowels of society because of a system perpetuated by unscrupulous human beings.

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