Philadelphia District Attorney Adopts Nazi Policy (National Socialism is back with a vengeance!)

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Juvenal, Satires, Satire VI, lines 347-8)

Who watches the watchman in Philadelphia?!  You must do this!  Rise, educate yourself, and halt the tides of fascism rising with Obama.  They have become so arrogant in their power and Rule of Status, that the Rule of Law and Rule of Contract are openly mocked, torn to shreds, and violated by disgusting traitors to the US Army, the US Constitution, and the US Citizen!

This week’s new National Socialist party member: one, R. Seth Williams, District Attorney of Philadelphia.

If you’ve been tuned into the left-wing Goebbels news networks, you may be shocked by what you are about to learn. 

In the city of Philadelphia, a citizen named Mr. Fiorino, exercising his second amendment right was beaten to the ground by cops and mentally assaulted and intimidated.  After catching their Gestapo behaviors on audio tape, he released the tape to the internet.

Immediately, protector of the Gestapo, District Attorney R. Seth Williams charged the citizen with “reckless endangerment” and “disorderly conduct”. 

Yes, my National Socialist Williams, it was the citizen exercising their rights peacefully and respectfully who was disorderly, instead of your thug Gestapo henchmen drawing their weapons on him, intimidating him, and swearing at him.  You are a disgrace to the uniform and to this Country Mr. Williams, and we will not rest until you are thrown out of power with the greatest force possible within legal means.

Read about the Fiorino case here:

On Thursday, February 10th 2011, the National Socialist R. Seth Williams issued a typical fascist statement, beseeching a non-governmental enterprise (a Church) to “[fire every ‘credibly accused’ priest from their jobs]”. 

Yes, Mr. Williams, you deserve that job that Obama gave to you, you are doing his bidding well.  You don’t even understand the rule of law, and you are DA? Pathetic. 

Why did you not go to the NEA and tell them to fire every teacher who is ‘credibly accused’ of child abuse, since DoJ stats show that the incidence of sexual molestation amongst public school teachers is 100x the rate of religious figures? 

As you are enjoying your rampage of squashing our second amendment rights, you also encourage the squashing of due process too?  You are pathetic.

Mr. Williams exact quote: “put protection of children ahead of protection from scandal”

Well Mr. Williams, in your response to Mr. Fiorino’s exposition of your Gestapo tactics, will you not put the “protection of citizens ahead of protection from scandal”, when it is YOUR ORGANIZATION that is guilty of scandal?  You hypocrite.  You statist!

Drop this case against Fiorino, or you will soon taste the wrath of public opinion and you will never know peace, because the public will remember your name.

As for your sugar daddy who you used to get this job, Mr. Obama, remember when he called for “transparency”?  You National Socialists are all the same – when you establish Rule of Status it is not long before the contradictions pervade every facet of our lives.  Explain to me how intimidating a law-abiding citizen twice – once with police brutality and subsequently with legal brutality – is a move towards “transparency”.

(On January 18, 2008, Mr. Williams was named coordinator for the Obama Presidential Campaign for all of Eastern Pennsylvania, subsequently in 2009, he was handed the position of District Attorney for Philadelphia PA, in a typical underhanded, pseudo-legal quid pro quo.  Isn’t this what always happens when competition, merit, rule of contract, and rule of law are crushed by Jacobinism, rule of status, and progressivism?)

Now, don’t waste anytime, quickly write to and and demand that they drop their charges against Mr. Fiorino, and compensate him for all financial losses due to their abuse of power!

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