Philadelphia District Attorney Adopts Nazi Policy (National Socialism is back with a vengeance!)

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Juvenal, Satires, Satire VI, lines 347-8)

Who watches the watchman in Philadelphia?!  You must do this!  Rise, educate yourself, and halt the tides of fascism rising with Obama.  They have become so arrogant in their power and Rule of Status, that the Rule of Law and Rule of Contract are openly mocked, torn to shreds, and violated by disgusting traitors to the US Army, the US Constitution, and the US Citizen!

This week’s new National Socialist party member: one, R. Seth Williams, District Attorney of Philadelphia.

If you’ve been tuned into the left-wing Goebbels news networks, you may be shocked by what you are about to learn. 

In the city of Philadelphia, a citizen named Mr. Fiorino, exercising his second amendment right was beaten to the ground by cops and mentally assaulted and intimidated.  After catching their Gestapo behaviors on audio tape, he released the tape to the internet.

Immediately, protector of the Gestapo, District Attorney R. Seth Williams charged the citizen with “reckless endangerment” and “disorderly conduct”. 

Yes, my National Socialist Williams, it was the citizen exercising their rights peacefully and respectfully who was disorderly, instead of your thug Gestapo henchmen drawing their weapons on him, intimidating him, and swearing at him.  You are a disgrace to the uniform and to this Country Mr. Williams, and we will not rest until you are thrown out of power with the greatest force possible within legal means.

Read about the Fiorino case here:

On Thursday, February 10th 2011, the National Socialist R. Seth Williams issued a typical fascist statement, beseeching a non-governmental enterprise (a Church) to “[fire every ‘credibly accused’ priest from their jobs]”. 

Yes, Mr. Williams, you deserve that job that Obama gave to you, you are doing his bidding well.  You don’t even understand the rule of law, and you are DA? Pathetic. 

Why did you not go to the NEA and tell them to fire every teacher who is ‘credibly accused’ of child abuse, since DoJ stats show that the incidence of sexual molestation amongst public school teachers is 100x the rate of religious figures? 

As you are enjoying your rampage of squashing our second amendment rights, you also encourage the squashing of due process too?  You are pathetic.

Mr. Williams exact quote: “put protection of children ahead of protection from scandal”

Well Mr. Williams, in your response to Mr. Fiorino’s exposition of your Gestapo tactics, will you not put the “protection of citizens ahead of protection from scandal”, when it is YOUR ORGANIZATION that is guilty of scandal?  You hypocrite.  You statist!

Drop this case against Fiorino, or you will soon taste the wrath of public opinion and you will never know peace, because the public will remember your name.

As for your sugar daddy who you used to get this job, Mr. Obama, remember when he called for “transparency”?  You National Socialists are all the same – when you establish Rule of Status it is not long before the contradictions pervade every facet of our lives.  Explain to me how intimidating a law-abiding citizen twice – once with police brutality and subsequently with legal brutality – is a move towards “transparency”.

(On January 18, 2008, Mr. Williams was named coordinator for the Obama Presidential Campaign for all of Eastern Pennsylvania, subsequently in 2009, he was handed the position of District Attorney for Philadelphia PA, in a typical underhanded, pseudo-legal quid pro quo.  Isn’t this what always happens when competition, merit, rule of contract, and rule of law are crushed by Jacobinism, rule of status, and progressivism?)

Now, don’t waste anytime, quickly write to and and demand that they drop their charges against Mr. Fiorino, and compensate him for all financial losses due to their abuse of power!

Jared Loughner Revealed–What Most Journalists Cannot Comprehend

Misinformation is flying.  Most of the media has done a terrible job on this story, inspired by political goals to use the tragedy as a tool.  We have reconvened to dispel myths and bring understanding.  We have reviewed over 100 articles in depth.  We may issue an enormous piece.  This is a summary of our work.

Expect a freeze on information until trial.  Legal teams have kicked in.

1) Is Loughner crazy?  Will he get off on an insanity argument?

No. The speculation about Loughner being schizo is put forth by Democrats who oppose the death penalty, jumping the gun, and servicing their wishful thinking.  Psych experts have said that his fantasies are consistent and reasoned in his own mind.  There is hard evidence of careful premeditation. 

There are thousands of disorders in the DSM.  Only a fraction of them involve not being able to control yourself and not knowing right from wrong.  Loughner knew right from wrong and was able to control himself.  We believe he has Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). That is not grounds for “insanity”.  Whether his manifestation of ASPD is psychopathy or sociopathy is irrelevant.

That said, you can rest assured that anti-death penalty Democrat activists and Loughner’s legal team are in full swing and fabricating plots to make him look as believably insane as possible.

2) Was Loughner inspired by right-wing “rhetoric” from Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly as hordes of Democrat elected officials and media personalities have alleged?

Absolutely not.  First of all, Loughner was not right-wing (we’ll get to that later).  Second of all, numerous friends testified that he hated the news and never listened to talk radio or news programs.

Democrats have used this tragedy (and a gross mischaracterization of Loughner) to push for new EU-styled limitations on free speech and thought control laws.  They have also used the tragedy to push for new gun control laws. 

This is the motivation behind mischaracterization of Loughner while simultaneously mischaracterizing right-wing presentations as any different than left-wing presentation that use martial rhetoric (including “infractions” from Obama himself).

3) So what IS Loughner’s ideology?

Atheist & self-described Nihilist.  He hated religion.  He was obsessed with lucid dreaming.

His favorite band is a far-leftist punk rock band called anti flag.  They are against nationalism (thus the name) and support a communist platform similar to the Tarnac 9 (The Coming Insurrection).  They think you get anarchy in the short term, leading to worldwide communism.

He hated George Bush and believed in the 911 Truther conspiracy (that George Bush attacked the USA on 911 and there were no terrorists).

He admired big government and totalitarianism – amongst his favorite books were Mein Kampf (Hitler, National Socialism), and the Communist Manifesto (Stalin, worldwide socialism).  But his obsession was with Zeitgeist and The Venus Project.  This is also authoritarian and leftist on the political spectrum.  It is technocratic communitarianism (franchise-based communism with scientists and engineers as the totalitarian rulers).  You don’t get much more left-wing than technocracy.  You don’t get much more authoritarian than communitarianism.

Glenn Beck, The Tea Party, and Sarah Palin are stark opposites to this ideology.  In mainstream politics, the progressive Democrats are closest to this ideology.  This would explain why he attended the Democrat events – even if he thought they were buffoons, it is the closest to what he believes.  It also explains his ire for a Blue Dog Democrat like Giffords.

Authoritarians eat their own.  This is a y-axis political spectrum thing, not a left-right thing.  Sarah Palin, Beck, and the Tea Party are on the stark opposite side of the y-axis, believing in small government.  The big mistake is misinterpreting a hatred of government by a committed left winger (technocrat) to mean that it agrees with all those who are critical of the current government trend.

Ironically, if Loughner was schooled by right-wingers, he might have known more about tradition and history to understand the deceptions of Zeitgeist, and thus not be inspired by it.  No doubt, his ASPD would have manifested through some other fantasy, but it may not have been so encompassing.

Loughner likes big government.  He does not like the one that currently exists.  Libertarians and modern Republicans generally favor smaller government.  They would not want to replace one large government apparatus with another.  Jared Loughner does.

Authoritarians eat their own.

4) What about the parents?

Something strange in this family.  His parents were described as “very religious” by one friend.  Yet their son is Atheist.  One friend described his mother as Jewish (Tierney).  The local rabbi denied this.  The father has “worked from home” for years.  The mother is a state parks employee.  They had money to frequently pay for the best restaurant in town that Bill Clinton ate at though.  Neighbors said that every time the Loughners were seen at the grocery store, they had a 30 pack of beer.  The father was mean to many neighbors.  They would ignore you if you said hi to them.  They were reclusive.  Friends said that they didn’t even seem like a family – no love in the house.  Jared said he loved his dog more than his parents.

5) Does Jared have an Obama connection?

Only remotely.  His high school is part of a special cabal of communist school operations based in Chicago and headed by Bill Ayers (head of the communist Weather Underground, and friend of Obama’s, launched his campaign, did much business with him).  Bill Ayers started a “small schools movement” organization which Obama sat as the “effective” President of.  This organization is actually the only thing Obama ever administrated prior to his Presidency.  The goal of the organization was the basic items in the small schools movement plus promoting veiled communist tenets. 

The idea behind the small schools movement was that if you had national standards, then teachers could not indoctrinate as they chose.  Further, if children had a diversity of teachers, then the inherent dissonance from opposing indoctrination styles would also inspire critical thinking and independence.  The goal was to get a network of teachers who adopted socialist ideologies to have the students for as many years as possible in the same hands. 

They would get national standards off their backs, so that they could determine their own curriculum as much as possible, and teach the children what they saw fit – inherently this would make them dependents, as the things being taught would be divorced from industrial needs, creating generations of dissidents and dependents on the state.

Other than Jared Loughner’s Bill Ayers subsidized high school having marginal success at producing left-leaning graduates, Obama is not connected.


More to come in the next few weeks.

Westboro Baptist Bigot Cult Gets a Helping of Divine Intervention

And by that, I mean vigilante justice.  It’s like a much lighter version of civil revolts against parading KKK and neo-nazis, particularly the straight-edge heavy metal gang that drove the neo-nazis out of Boston.  Too bad the FBI came down on one of the only good gangs America has ever seen, thus helping the neo-nazis (to no avail).

Welcome to America, where we keep each other and our institutions in check when they boil over.  Legislative analogy: the state revolt against federal immigration enforcement failure, as they watch the ascension of state bankruptcy and gang persistence.

Read the story

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Women in Congress–The New Bigots?

Replace every instance of “women” and “woman” in this article with “men” and “man”.  What do you get? A public outrage and cries of “discrimination” and “bigotry”.

Female bigots, welcome to power.

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RAAI Was Silent for Elections. Why?

Aside from the fact that we are now all independents, not registered with any party, most of us did vote for Republicans this time around, for various reasons.

One thing that we all agree upon – we remain silent about election day.  Why?

We’re not fans of "get out the vote" efforts.  Particularly the ones that MTV, unions, and other non-political operations engage in.  Someone who needs to be reminded to vote by an entertainment or trade organization, has not vested even a basic amount of personal stake or effort in governance, and thus is at best apathetic, and at worst a lemming or group thinker, whose investment in governance is most accurately represented in absentia.

That is a key phrase, “most accurately represented in absentia”.  It is not that RAAI takes lightly the right to vote, or likes to undermine it.  Quite the opposite. 

It actually undermines deliberate representation in our government when hordes of disengaged citizens pile into the polls, not even vested enough to remember the day with their own efforts. 

Taking the right to vote so lightly, and being so disengaged means that such individuals, who needed an entertainment or trade organization to coax them into voting, will certainly vote along with whatever propaganda or surface information has been pumped into their heads by their respective manipulators – be they on the left or the right.

And so, we stand by a strong assertion that such citizens’ willpower for governance is most accurately represented in absentia.  With this in mind, rather than undermine the citizens who are plugged in and paying attention, we reject all “get out the vote efforts” that are not run by political or news entities. 

The ideal republic is one in which the will of the people is most accurately represented, and there are numerous ways to misrepresent the will of the people, whether by media, propaganda, or gerrymandering.

So ideological and zealous claims about “vote no matter what” etc. simply fall on deaf ears here at RAAI.  Not a single author made an effort to coax their friends into voting – in fact, we didn’t even remind them (even though some have extensive and large audiences).  The forfeited vote in absentia is simply another mandate for particular representation.  Obama voted “present” many times in his career.  Different motive, similar effect.

On the other hand, a vote because someone told you to “vote no matter what” is actually undermining the citizens who hold personal stake in governance from the merits of their efforts.

One of the most insulting “get out the vote” efforts came from President Obama himself.

Obama’s Facebook campaign included a self-perpetuating "Commit to vote” sticker, complete with old propaganda tactics.  The posting does not identify itself as part of Obama’s effort, except for one small detail – subliminal advertising.  The “O” of the word “vote” is actually the Obama brand symbol. 

Subliminal advertising is all about swaying the fence-sitters to fall into your lap when they are at the store and have two products in their hands.  It’s emotional.  The thought behind this tactic is, some who are on the fence will have the feelings evoked from Obama’s historical political campaign for hope and change and all the positivity that comes along with dreaming and pondering.  Blue and orange were picked for good reasons too.  In this scenario – blue is for Democrat, calm, and trust.  Orange is happy and energetic – but not too hot, like red or yellow.


Moreover, the advertisement misrepresents the duty to vote as “being heard” and “using your voice”.  This is not a Democracy.  This is not a union.  This is not Socialism.  A vote in a Republic is a mandate for representation.  An honest effort would align the vote to that fact.  Do you know these representatives?  Do you place your trust and the authority of your vote in them?  Have you listened enough to the competitors to figure out which one is the lesser of two evils in your own mind? 

That is the question, because your voice will be as muted as it was when the Democrats passed Obamacare, regardless of whether you voted or not.

The duty to vote is the duty to evaluate your representatives fairly and honestly, and then cast your ballot. 

It is not to be coaxed into a polling booth at the 11th hour by deceptive in-power politicians, or an entertainment or trade entity.

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Obama Cohorts Stifle Criticism, Invade Privacy; Anti-Patriot Act Democrats are Silent

Republished without the “F-bomb” thanks to an RAAI network-wide overriding of my original post :-(.  Although I only used the f-bomb because it was part of the evidence, I accept the results of democracy.

There are internet domain names that criticize Obama in the name of the domain which are being bought up by Obama’s funded apparatus of power.  To test it, just get creative and type in a bunch of swear words and negative words combined with obama into your internet address bar.  For many you will get redirected to pro-obama websites, or the results that come up in your search engine will be pro-obama results.

It’s a bigger strategy since domain names are the #1 factor for rising in the ranks of internet search engines.  So if you buy up many domains that have negative critiques of Obama baked right into the domain name, you instantaneously push the indexing of anti-Obama websites to the bottom of the results.  Only grassroots success and traffic could bump you up then.

So much for free speech and dissent.  They’re usurping and co-opting things as basic as internet domain names.  Obama’s support for socialist internet (IE net neutrality), and his communist-hailing Mark Lloyd of the FCC should not surprise anyone.

Nor should Obama’s collaboration with Facebook and twitter, and opening up of the DoD to social networking sites.

Where are all the hypocrite Patriot Act opponents now?  They didn’t like suspected terrorists getting wiretapped.  Now their own personal information is being whored around major corporations and to the federal government indexing services at the library of congress, and all these hypocrite Democrats are silent?  Weren’t they worried about invasion of suspected terrorist privacy?  Are they worried now about their own private information being permanently etched in corporate and government stone by Democrat leaders and socialist-leaning corporations? 


They weren’t using their brains then, and they’re not using their brains now.  It’s their substitute for faith and religion.  They demand more rights for suspected mass murdering terrorists than they demand for themselves and their families.  And we ask ourselves, how pervasive is the insurgent anti-patriotic, anti-American enemy within?  Amongst ourselves?  Wielding power in the very halls of governance?

Socialists everywhere are thanking Democrats.  They are motivated now more than ever because their people have great power.  Anyone want to do what Obama will not and explain Mark Lloyd’s disgusting speeches and un-American policies of redistribution of wealth and power to state-controlled media?

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New York Times Demeans India & Turkey – Muslim child-rape cover-up, now Turkish/Pakistani/Indian Revisionist History

Absolutely brilliant unraveling of Democrat New York Times deceptions.  Relying on the general ignorance of their audience in the realm of India and Turkey, they drag India and Turkey down to mitigate the transgressions of an Islamic caliphate:

Read the story

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Muslims throw shoes = cultural; Non-Muslims throw pig heads = racist

The author of this post presumes that the left wing British majority sentiment comprehends blind justice, which they do not:

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As an advocate of creativity and real innovation, I say that you introduce charities to the Islamic protestors, and the local butchers to the pig-head throwers. 

Any Muslim throwing a shoe instantly forfeits the right to reclaim the property unless the person they struck does willingly give it back.  Charitable non-profits gain the rights of resale for charity of the Muslim’s thrown shoes, for anti-Radical Islamic and Holocaust survivor causes only.

Or wait, here is a secondary solution to vote on.  Every thrown shoe is collected for a museum exhibit.  After 5 years, the shoes are all artistically displayed by the truckloads, and signs like “Each shoe herein was thrown in violence, and did strike peaceful citizens in violence and harm, furthering the brand of Islam as ‘the religion of peace’ (please note the misinterpretation of Arabic word for submission as the incorrectly translated word ‘peace’)”.

The butchers can resell the pigs heads to customers and give a portion of the proceeds to Islamic charities.

But wait, that might not be too sanitary.  As if any of this is serious though, good laughs good laughs. 

In truth, we need to stop playing along with the silly guilt-games and identity politics of the left and demand blind justice in all cases.

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Iranian High Government Authority: “Natural Disasters are Caused by Promiscuous Women”

Oh Ayatollah Sedighi, tell me how that Muslim hypocrisy is working out for you.  Do you enjoy your entourage of 3 wives that you sodomize and engage in promiscuous and orgiastic behavior with as they dress promiscuously in the confines of your personal mansion?  Tell us more about morals, dirty hypocrite pig. 

Maybe you can send a few more Muslims into Western culture like Bin Laden – let them choose to experience disgusting vices and then blame the freedom of the West for their transgressions, and then let it transform into murderous scape-goating, racism, religious zealotry, and other insanities.  Then see how they join the Democrat party of victimology.

Don’t expect to see ABC, NBC, CBS, New York Times, CNN, MSNBC, or the Washington Post report about this.  Don’t expect the Democrat comedy monopoly to make fun of this.  Don’t expect Democrats to talk about it at all.  They only spew their verbal excrement all over Christians and those who disagree with left wing policy like the Tea Party.

In the West, we have a few unsavory leaders who say things like this (without the bigotry, but tying proclaimed immoral behavior to natural disaster).  And they’re not heads of state.  Big difference.  And when they do it, the left wing media seizes on it immediately.

But the Democrats need to keep playing the game of victim and identity politics, so they will never speak with intellectual integrity about Muslims.  Protected status is secured.  Keep the votes in their pocket.

Oh do we live in fun times or what?

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