Pass Me the Haraam Food, Please!

WARNING ….Please read on!  

Halal – Read the Fine Print

"The other day I wrote about Costco stocking their meat counters with “Halal” meat."
So yesterday I shopped for groceries at my local Walmart. As usual, I bought a bag of frozen chicken breasts, but this time I checked to make sure the meat was not labeled “Halal”.  Here’s why.

Halal is the Islamic term that basically means the meat is lawful to eat for a devout Muslim. What makes it lawful or acceptable is that the meat has been processed in a very specific way.  Unlike kosher food, where the physical processing of the meat is the focus, for Islam it is the spiritual component that makes the meat lawful.
For lawful (halal) meat in Islam, the animal must be killed while the butcher faces Mecca, and either the butcher cries “Allah Akbar” or a tape plays the words over a loud speaker.

Ann Barnhardt,is a cattle commodities broker, has more about “Halal."

NEVER buy meat that is marked as “Halal”.

I am in the cattle business, and believe me when I tell you that Halal kill plants are CONSTANTLY being cited and shut down by the USDA for horrific, infractions. Most of these plants are in Michigan and upstate New York.

One of the things that halal kill plants are notorious for is putting already-dead animals in the human consumption line. They will go pick up a dead cow off of a farm or ranch and instead of putting it in their rendering tank where the resulting “tankage” is worth pennies on the dollar as pet food or industrial products, they will shackle the dead animal on the normal kill line and process it as human food which is the highest-dollar product.

Since Islam teaches dishonesty (taqiyyah) and no regard for one’s non-Islamic neighbor, this kind of sickening behavior is standard.

Halal plants are also notorious for general citations for filth and uncleanliness. I have toured normal cattle slaughter plants, and guys, you could eat off of the floor. Everything is white and men walk around with water hoses and steam guns constantly keeping everything in a state of spotlessness.

Halal plants are filthy. A lot of Halal meat is also labeled as “organic”.

Again, don’t be fooled into thinking that “halal” means “better”. It isn’t. I would never, ever knowingly eat halal meat purely from a food safety perspective.

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Global Warming, The Predicted “Ice Age” in the 1970s, and Intelligentsia Prognosticators of Year 1900

These predictions of the 21st century were made in 1900 by the “wisest and most careful” professors.  The moral of the story is that predicting the future is a tricky business and even the “wisest and most careful” minds of the day are going to be wrong much more often than they are correct. 

Today, intellectuals are encouraged by mass media to be ridiculous and controversial in order to break out, get publicity, and make a name for themselves to get money.  I feel that the “intellectuals” who play this game are de facto unwise and reckless, simply by virtue of the fact that they play the game.  I feel that the “wisest and most careful” intellectuals of today are either demonized or ignored.

The inaccuracy of “scientific” prognostication is dangerous because today, the results impact economic, research, and political decisions.

While reading the predictions myself, my primary observation was what the professors’ values led them to focus upon:

  1. In 1900, the focus of the hopes, dreams, and predictions are upon anthropocentric life itself.  Back then they were focused upon human domination – power, consolidation of power, food, shelter, sports, exercise, politeness, etiquette. 

    They were focused upon things that elevate and facilitate work, family, and community living.

  2. By contrast, similar predictions of the 22nd century by today’s intellectuals involve hedonistic hopes and dreams in the spirit of The Tower of Babel –
    1. never getting sick,
    2. never having to work,
    3. technology does everything for you,
    4. no marriage,
    5. loose, open families,
    6. no religion – self is god – pantheism and possibly neo-paganism, tepid nature worship at most,
    7. rejection of anthropocentric dogma and the vilification of man – reduction to animal status (easy to do with a transformation to hedonism)
    8. equality of outcome for all (at the expense of equality of opportunity and merit),
    9. cheap everything,
    10. education topics are on a smorgasbord of choices, “tuned to the individual”, instead of fundamental requisites for competency,
    11. a choice to not confront your born challenges at all (effectively a choice of living in The Matrix and choosing the ‘ideal-you’ without working for it, maintaining it, or earning it)
    12. a consumer and socialists’ utopia (see The Venus Project for the prime example)

Notice how the hopes and dreams of year 1900 professors were balanced in morality and work-facilitating-centric, embracing God-given challenges and incorporating them.  The hopes and dreams of professors today are focused on physical stimulation, hedonism, and self-servitude; breaking down family and communities; they are envy-, sloth-, vanity-, and greed-focused.

Here’s a question for the comments – what did you observe?  Of these predictions, which came to pass and which did not?

I noticed that the year 1900 population prediction would have been exactly on target if it weren’t for abortion and cultural deconstruction of the family dream (300M plus 50M aborted babies plus 100M – 300M if the baby boom had continued and value of family unit remained what it was).  That is a great example of why the intellectuals are so frequently wrong.  They did not predict cultural deconstruction of the family unit and they did not predict abortion.

The best prognosticating I’ve read lately is from our spies.  The DNI report for year 2025.  The reason they are so good is because they use hard information, they are taught to question everything, they are taught to understand fact versus belief versus opinion, and they are taught to not overstate what you don’t know.

“Question with boldness even the very existence of God; because, if there be one, he must more approve of the homage of reason, than that of blind-folded fear.” – Thomas Jefferson


Predictions of the Year 2000
from The Ladies Home Journal of December 1900

The Ladies Home Journal from December 1900, which contained a fascinating article by John Elfreth Watkins, Jr. “What May Happen in the Next Hundred Years”.

Mr. Watkins wrote: “These prophecies will seem strange, almost impossible. Yet, they have come from the most learned and conservative minds in America. To the wisest and most careful men in our greatest institutions of science and learning I have gone, asking each in his turn to forecast for me what, in his opinion, will have been wrought in his own field of investigation before the dawn of 2001 – a century from now. These opinions I have carefully transcribed.”

During the Year 2000, we included Mr. Watkins research in our feature articles. We invite you to comment on these predictions, whether they have been realized in some way or how they can never be accomplished! In any event, we know you’ll enjoy these entries.

Prediction #1: There will probably be from 350,000,000 to 500,000,000 people in America and its possessions by the lapse of another century. Nicaragua will ask for admission to our Union after the completion of the great canal. Mexico will be next. Europe, seeking more territory to the south of us, will cause many of the South and Central American republics to be voted into the Union by their own people.”

Prediction #2: The American will be taller by from one to two inches. His increase of stature will result from better health, due to vast reforms in medicine, sanitation, food and athletics. He will live fifty years instead of thirty-five as at present – for he will reside in the suburbs. The city house will practically be no more. Building in blocks will be illegal. The trip from suburban home to office will require a few minutes only. A penny will pay the fare.

Prediction #3: Gymnastics will begin in the nursery, where toys and games will be designed to strengthen the muscles. Exercise will be compulsory in the schools. Every school, college and community will have a complete gymnasium. All cities will have public gymnasiums. A man or woman unable to walk ten miles at a stretch will be regarded as a weakling.

Prediction #4:  There Will Be No Street Cars in Our Large Cities. All hurry traffic will be below or high above ground when brought within city limits. In most cities it will be confined to broad subways or tunnels, well lighted and well ventilated, or to high trestles with “moving-sidewalk” stairways leading to the top. These underground or overhead streets will teem with capacious automobile passenger coaches and freight with cushioned wheels. Subways or trestles will be reserved for express trains.  Cities, therefore, will be free from all noises.

Prediction #5:  Trains will run two miles a minute, normally; express trains one hundred and fifty miles an hour. To go from New York to San Francisco will take a day and a night by fast express.  There will be cigar-shaped electric locomotives hauling long trains of cars. Cars will, like houses, be artificially cooled. Along the railroads there will be no smoke, no cinders, because coal will neither be carried nor burned. There will be no stops for water. Passengers will travel through hot or dusty country regions with windows down.

Prediction #6:  Automobiles will be cheaper than horses are today. Farmers will own automobile hay-wagons, automobile truck-wagons, plows, harrows and hay-rakes. A one-pound motor in one of these vehicles will do the work of a pair of horses or more. Children will ride in automobile sleighs in winter. Automobiles will have been substituted for every horse vehicle now known. There will be, as already exist today, automobile hearses, automobile police patrols, automobile ambulances, automobile street sweepers. The horse in harness will be as scarce, if, indeed, not even scarcer, then as the yoked ox is today.

Prediction #7:  There will be air-ships, but they will not successfully compete with surface cars and water vessels for passenger or freight traffic. They will be maintained as deadly war-vessels by all military nations. Some will transport men and goods. Others will be used by scientists making observations at great heights above the earth.

Prediction #8:  Aerial War-Ships and Forts on Wheels. Giant guns will shoot twenty-five miles or more, and will hurl anywhere within such a radius shells exploding and destroying whole cities. Such guns will be armed by aid of compasses when used on land or sea, and telescopes when directed from great heights. Fleets of air-ships, hiding themselves with dense, smoky mists, thrown off by themselves as they move, will float over cities, fortifications, camps or fleets. They will surprise foes below by hurling upon them deadly thunderbolts. These aerial war-ships will necessitate bomb-proof forts, protected by great steel plates over their tops as well as at their sides. Huge forts on wheels will dash across open spaces at the speed of express trains of to-day. They will make what are now known as cavalry charges. Great automobile plows will dig deep entrenchments as fast as soldiers can occupy them. Rifles will use silent cartridges. Submarine boats submerged for days will be capable of wiping a whole navy off the face of the deep. Balloons and flying machines will carry telescopes of one-hundred-mile vision with camera attachments, photographing an enemy within that radius. These photographs as distinct and large as if taken from across the street, will be lowered to the commanding officer in charge of troops below.

Prediction #9:  Photographs will be telegraphed from any distance. If there be a battle in China a hundred years hence snapshots of its most striking events will be published in the newspapers an hour later. Even to-day photographs are being telegraphed over short distances.  Photographs will reproduce all of Nature’s colors.

Prediction #10:  Man will See Around the World. Persons and things of all kinds will be brought within focus of cameras connected electrically with screens at opposite ends of circuits, thousands of miles at a span. American audiences in their theatres will view upon huge curtains before them the coronations of kings in Europe or the progress of battles in the Orient. The instrument bringing these distant scenes to the very doors of people will be connected with a giant telephone apparatus transmitting each incidental sound in its appropriate place. Thus the guns of a distant battle will be heard to boom when seen to blaze, and thus the lips of a remote actor or singer will be heard to utter words or music when seen to move.

Prediction #11: No Mosquitoes nor Flies.  Insect screens will be unnecessary.  Mosquitoes, house-flies and roaches will have been practically exterminated.  Boards of health will have destroyed all mosquito haunts and breeding-grounds, drained all stagnant pools, filled in all swamp-lands, and chemically treated all still-water streams.  The extermination of the horse and its stable will reduce the house-fly.

Prediction #12:  Peas as Large as Beets.  Peas and beans will be as large as beets are to-day.  Sugar cane will produce twice as much sugar as the sugar beet now does.  Cane will once more be the chief source of our sugar supply.  The milkweed will have been developed into a rubber plant.  Cheap native rubber will be harvested by machinery all over this country.  Plants will be made proof against disease microbes just as readily as man is to-day against smallpox.  The soil will be kept enriched by plants which take their nutrition from the air and give fertility to the earth.

Prediction #13:  Strawberries as Large as Apples will be eaten by our great-great-grandchildren for their Christmas dinners a hundred years hence.  Raspberries and blackberries will be as large.  One will suffice for the fruit course of each person.  Strawberries and cranberries will be grown upon tall bushes.  Cranberries, gooseberries and currants will be as large as oranges.  One cantaloupe will supply an entire family.  Melons, cherries, grapes, plums, apples, pears, peaches and all berries will be seedless.  Figs will be cultivated over the entire United States.

Prediction #14:  Black, Blue and Green Roses.  Roses will be as large as cabbage heads.  Violets will grow to the size of orchids.  A pansy will be as large in diameter as a sunflower.  A century ago the pansy measured but half an inch across its face.  There will be black, blue and green roses.  It will be possible to grow any flower in any color and to transfer the perfume of a scented flower to another which is odorless.  Then may the pansy be given the perfume of the violet.

Prediction #15:  No Foods will be Exposed.  Storekeepers who expose food to air breathed out by patrons or to the atmosphere of the busy streets will be arrested with those who sell stale or adulterated produce.  Liquid-air refrigerators will keep great quantities of food fresh for long intervals.

Prediction #16: There will be No C, X or Q in our every-day alphabet. They will be abandoned because unnecessary. Spelling by sound will have been adopted, first by the newspapers. English will be a language of condensed words expressing condensed ideas, and will be more extensively spoken than any other. Russian will rank second.

Prediction #17: How Children will be Taught. A university education will be free to every man and woman. Several great national universities will have been established. Children will study a simple English grammar adapted to simplified English, and not copied after the Latin. Time will be saved by grouping like studies. Poor students will be given free board, free clothing and free books if ambitious and actually unable to meet their school and college expenses. Medical inspectors regularly visiting the public schools will furnish poor children free eyeglasses, free dentistry and free medical attention of every kind. The very poor will, when necessary, get free rides to and from school and free lunches between sessions. In vacation time poor children will be taken on trips to various parts of the world. Etiquette and housekeeping will be important studies in the public schools.

Prediction #18: Telephones Around the World. Wireless telephone and telegraph circuits will span the world. A husband in the middle of the Atlantic will be able to converse with his wife sitting in her boudoir in Chicago. We will be able to telephone to China quite as readily as we now talk from New York to Brooklyn. By an automatic signal they will connect with any circuit in their locality without the intervention of a “hello girl”.

Prediction #19:  Grand Opera will be telephoned to private homes, and will sound as harmonious as though enjoyed from a theatre box. Automatic instruments reproducing original airs exactly will bring the best music to the families of the untalented. Great musicians gathered in one enclosure in New York will, by manipulating electric keys, produce at the same time music from instruments arranged in theatres or halls in San Francisco or New Orleans, for instance. Thus will great bands and orchestras give long-distance concerts. In great cities there will be public opera-houses whose singers and musicians are paid from funds endowed by philanthropists and by the government. The piano will be capable of changing its tone from cheerful to sad. Many devises will add to the emotional effect of music.

Prediction #20: Coal will not be used for heating or cooking. It will be scarce, but not entirely exhausted. The earth’s hard coal will last until the year 2050 or 2100; its soft-coal mines until 2200 or 2300. Meanwhile both kinds of coal will have become more and more expensive. Man will have found electricity manufactured by waterpower to be much cheaper. Every river or creek with any suitable fall will be equipped with water-motors, turning dynamos, making electricity. Along the seacoast will be numerous reservoirs continually filled by waves and tides washing in. Out of these the water will be constantly falling over revolving wheels. All of our restless waters, fresh and salt, will thus be harnessed to do the work which Niagara is doing today: making electricity for heat, light and fuel.

Prediction #21: Hot and Cold Air from Spigots. Hot or cold air will be turned on from spigots to regulate the temperature of a house as we now turn on hot or cold water from spigots to regulate the temperature of the bath. Central plants will supply this cool air and heat to city houses in the same way as now our gas or electricity is furnished. Rising early to build the furnace fire will be a task of the olden times. Homes will have no chimneys, because no smoke will be created within their walls.

Prediction #22: Store Purchases by Tube. Pneumatic tubes, instead of store wagons, will deliver packages and bundles. These tubes will collect, deliver and transport mail over certain distances, perhaps for hundreds of miles. They will at first connect with the private houses of the wealthy; then with all homes. Great business establishments will extend them to stations, similar to our branch post-offices of today, whence fast automobile vehicles will distribute purchases from house to house.

Prediction #23: Ready-cooked meals will be bought from establishments similar to our bakeries of today. They will purchase materials in tremendous wholesale quantities and sell the cooked foods at a price much lower than the cost of individual cooking. Food will be served hot or cold to private houses in pneumatic tubes or automobile wagons. The meal being over, the dishes used will be packed and returned to the cooking establishments where they will be washed. Such wholesale cookery will be done in electric laboratories rather than in kitchens. These laboratories will be equipped with electric stoves, and all sorts of electric devices, such as coffee-grinders, egg-beaters, stirrers, shakers, parers, meat-choppers, meat-saws, potato-mashers, lemon-squeezers, dish-washers, dish-dryers and the like. All such utensils will be washed in chemicals fatal to disease microbes. Having one’s own cook and purchasing one’s own food will be an extravagance.

Prediction #24: Vegetables Grown by Electricity. Winter will be turned into summer and night into day by the farmer. In cold weather he will place heat-conducting electric wires under the soil of his garden and thus warm his growing plants. He will also grow large gardens under glass. At night his vegetables will be bathed in powerful electric light, serving, like sunlight, to hasten their growth. Electric currents applied to the soil will make valuable plants grow larger and faster, and will kill troublesome weeds. Rays of colored light will hasten the growth of many plants. Electricity applied to garden seeds will make them sprout and develop unusually early.

Prediction #25: Oranges will grow in Philadelphia. Fast-flying refrigerators on land and sea will bring delicious fruits from the tropics and southern temperate zone within a few days. The farmers of South America, South Africa, Australia and the South Sea Islands, whose seasons are directly opposite to ours, will thus supply us in winter with fresh summer foods, which cannot be grown here. Scientist will have discovered how to raise here many fruits now confined to much hotter or colder climates. Delicious oranges will be grown in the suburbs of Philadelphia. Cantaloupes and other summer fruits will be of such a hardy nature that they can be stored through the winter as potatoes are now.

Prediction #26: Strawberries as large as apples will be eaten by our great great grandchildren for their Christmas dinners a hundred years hence. Raspberries and blackberries will be as large. One will suffice for the fruit course of each person. Strawberries and cranberries will be grown upon tall bushes. Cranberries, gooseberries and currants will be as large as oranges. One cantaloupe will supply an entire family. Melons, cherries, grapes, plums, apples, pears, peaches and all berries will be seedless. Figs will be cultivated over the entire United States.

Prediction #27: Few drugs will be swallowed or taken into the stomach unless needed for the direct treatment of that organ itself. Drugs needed by the lungs, for instance, will be applied directly to those organs through the skin and flesh. They will be carried with the electric current applied without pain to the outside skin of the body. Microscopes will lay bare the vital organs, through the living flesh, of men and animals. The living body will to all medical purposes be transparent. Not only will it be possible for a physician to actually see a living, throbbing heart inside the chest, but he will be able to magnify and photograph any part of it. This work will be done with rays of invisible light.

Prediction #28: There will be no wild animals except in menageries. Rats and mice will have been exterminated. The horse will have become practically extinct. A few of high breed will be kept by the rich for racing, hunting and exercise. The automobile will have driven out the horse. Cattle and sheep will have no horns. They will be unable to run faster than the fattened hog of today. A century ago the wild hog could outrun a horse. Food animals will be bred to expend practically all of their life energy in producing meat, milk, wool and other by-products. Horns, bones, muscles and lungs will have been neglected.

Prediction #29: To England in Two Days. Fast electric ships, crossing the ocean at more than a mile a minute, will go from New York to Liverpool in two days. The bodies of these ships will be built above the waves. They will be supported upon runners, somewhat like those of the sleigh. These runners will be very buoyant. Upon their under sides will be apertures expelling jets of air. In this way a film of air will be kept between them and the water’s surface. This film, together with the small surface of the runners, will reduce friction against the waves to the smallest possible degree. Propellers turned by electricity will screw themselves through both the water beneath and the air above. Ships with cabins artificially cooled will be entirely fireproof. In storm they will dive below the water and there await fair weather.

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Jared Loughner Revealed–What Most Journalists Cannot Comprehend

Misinformation is flying.  Most of the media has done a terrible job on this story, inspired by political goals to use the tragedy as a tool.  We have reconvened to dispel myths and bring understanding.  We have reviewed over 100 articles in depth.  We may issue an enormous piece.  This is a summary of our work.

Expect a freeze on information until trial.  Legal teams have kicked in.

1) Is Loughner crazy?  Will he get off on an insanity argument?

No. The speculation about Loughner being schizo is put forth by Democrats who oppose the death penalty, jumping the gun, and servicing their wishful thinking.  Psych experts have said that his fantasies are consistent and reasoned in his own mind.  There is hard evidence of careful premeditation. 

There are thousands of disorders in the DSM.  Only a fraction of them involve not being able to control yourself and not knowing right from wrong.  Loughner knew right from wrong and was able to control himself.  We believe he has Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). That is not grounds for “insanity”.  Whether his manifestation of ASPD is psychopathy or sociopathy is irrelevant.

That said, you can rest assured that anti-death penalty Democrat activists and Loughner’s legal team are in full swing and fabricating plots to make him look as believably insane as possible.

2) Was Loughner inspired by right-wing “rhetoric” from Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly as hordes of Democrat elected officials and media personalities have alleged?

Absolutely not.  First of all, Loughner was not right-wing (we’ll get to that later).  Second of all, numerous friends testified that he hated the news and never listened to talk radio or news programs.

Democrats have used this tragedy (and a gross mischaracterization of Loughner) to push for new EU-styled limitations on free speech and thought control laws.  They have also used the tragedy to push for new gun control laws. 

This is the motivation behind mischaracterization of Loughner while simultaneously mischaracterizing right-wing presentations as any different than left-wing presentation that use martial rhetoric (including “infractions” from Obama himself).

3) So what IS Loughner’s ideology?

Atheist & self-described Nihilist.  He hated religion.  He was obsessed with lucid dreaming.

His favorite band is a far-leftist punk rock band called anti flag.  They are against nationalism (thus the name) and support a communist platform similar to the Tarnac 9 (The Coming Insurrection).  They think you get anarchy in the short term, leading to worldwide communism.

He hated George Bush and believed in the 911 Truther conspiracy (that George Bush attacked the USA on 911 and there were no terrorists).

He admired big government and totalitarianism – amongst his favorite books were Mein Kampf (Hitler, National Socialism), and the Communist Manifesto (Stalin, worldwide socialism).  But his obsession was with Zeitgeist and The Venus Project.  This is also authoritarian and leftist on the political spectrum.  It is technocratic communitarianism (franchise-based communism with scientists and engineers as the totalitarian rulers).  You don’t get much more left-wing than technocracy.  You don’t get much more authoritarian than communitarianism.

Glenn Beck, The Tea Party, and Sarah Palin are stark opposites to this ideology.  In mainstream politics, the progressive Democrats are closest to this ideology.  This would explain why he attended the Democrat events – even if he thought they were buffoons, it is the closest to what he believes.  It also explains his ire for a Blue Dog Democrat like Giffords.

Authoritarians eat their own.  This is a y-axis political spectrum thing, not a left-right thing.  Sarah Palin, Beck, and the Tea Party are on the stark opposite side of the y-axis, believing in small government.  The big mistake is misinterpreting a hatred of government by a committed left winger (technocrat) to mean that it agrees with all those who are critical of the current government trend.

Ironically, if Loughner was schooled by right-wingers, he might have known more about tradition and history to understand the deceptions of Zeitgeist, and thus not be inspired by it.  No doubt, his ASPD would have manifested through some other fantasy, but it may not have been so encompassing.

Loughner likes big government.  He does not like the one that currently exists.  Libertarians and modern Republicans generally favor smaller government.  They would not want to replace one large government apparatus with another.  Jared Loughner does.

Authoritarians eat their own.

4) What about the parents?

Something strange in this family.  His parents were described as “very religious” by one friend.  Yet their son is Atheist.  One friend described his mother as Jewish (Tierney).  The local rabbi denied this.  The father has “worked from home” for years.  The mother is a state parks employee.  They had money to frequently pay for the best restaurant in town that Bill Clinton ate at though.  Neighbors said that every time the Loughners were seen at the grocery store, they had a 30 pack of beer.  The father was mean to many neighbors.  They would ignore you if you said hi to them.  They were reclusive.  Friends said that they didn’t even seem like a family – no love in the house.  Jared said he loved his dog more than his parents.

5) Does Jared have an Obama connection?

Only remotely.  His high school is part of a special cabal of communist school operations based in Chicago and headed by Bill Ayers (head of the communist Weather Underground, and friend of Obama’s, launched his campaign, did much business with him).  Bill Ayers started a “small schools movement” organization which Obama sat as the “effective” President of.  This organization is actually the only thing Obama ever administrated prior to his Presidency.  The goal of the organization was the basic items in the small schools movement plus promoting veiled communist tenets. 

The idea behind the small schools movement was that if you had national standards, then teachers could not indoctrinate as they chose.  Further, if children had a diversity of teachers, then the inherent dissonance from opposing indoctrination styles would also inspire critical thinking and independence.  The goal was to get a network of teachers who adopted socialist ideologies to have the students for as many years as possible in the same hands. 

They would get national standards off their backs, so that they could determine their own curriculum as much as possible, and teach the children what they saw fit – inherently this would make them dependents, as the things being taught would be divorced from industrial needs, creating generations of dissidents and dependents on the state.

Other than Jared Loughner’s Bill Ayers subsidized high school having marginal success at producing left-leaning graduates, Obama is not connected.


More to come in the next few weeks.

Why Are Enraged New Yorkers So Funny?

He had me at the lightening fast “What’s next? I’ll tell ya what’s next!”

What’s Next?

The World War 3 one is good too:

What’s Next? World War 3 Instigation
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Rockefeller Lectures YOU on Over-Consumption?

In the first 30 seconds, I said “gee, how soon before Agenda 21 is mentioned?”

Of course, he followed up in the end with Rio and Sustainable Development, not disappointing me.

There is a common thread with these egomaniacal men and women of power – regardless of any claims to the contrary, they do not serve mankind, and they do not serve God, however deluded they may be to feel otherwise.

They fashion themselves as gods, and they believe that a handful of elite persons can possess wisdom that exceeds that of the collective knowledge and wisdom of all humanity, operating in free markets, at a local level, where every individual involved in transactions has a real and personal stake in the outcome. 

So many PhDs and idea-dealers are guilty of the same tragic foolishness.

If the government did not shuttle around money and redistribute tax burdens and provision welfare – that is – if more than 50% of the population was actually paying taxes, there would not be overconsumption. 

If everyone was living within their means and not on credit, if everyone was not living on redistribution from their neighbors’ tax seizures, and if everyone was not living on Communist slave labor, then citizens would not be over-consuming, because the West would still have manufacturing and we would be making our own things, and we would have more blue collar jobs. 

There would be less people working part-time for life.  There would be less people on welfare, because they would have to work for a living.  And busy hands are not consuming hands, they are producing hands. 

The ungodly compression of the middle class has created a maximum of consumption, and it is entirely the fault of liberal elites who have sought this panacea of redistribution and progressive taxation (amongst other political tricks) for ideological purposes.

Just as the blundering “brilliant” PhDs did not anticipate these side effects of their socialism, so Rockefeller, Soros, Obama, Sunstein, Holdren, Clinton, Strong, and the rest do not comprehend the side effects of the experimentation they now have underway.

But the sweetest irony is not the fact that they never learn from their mistakes, let alone admit to culpability in the slightest – it is that a Rockefeller, a Bill Gates, a George Soros, an Al Gore, an Obama, a Nancy Pelosi, a Maurice Strong, have the nerve to tell anyone else about “over-consumption”.  I’m pretty sure that a small country could survive on what David Rockefeller consumes in one month.

Do these liberal socialist elites not possess mirrors?  Or are they truly that delusional?  In my 63 years, I haven’t seen such hypocrisy.

I imagine the feelings evoked are similar to what feudal peasants must have felt when a government-controlled high priest lectured them about humility and poverty during the middle ages.

Rockefeller tells you about how tragic it is that you’re living longer and that more people are surviving infant mortality

Message to the socialist New World Order psychopaths: if the natural world has constraints that we are headed towards, it will take care of itself, and people will adapt to their changing environment, however culled by nature.  We do not need you to make our lives miserable and create a string of new foolish unintended consequences in the process. 

Now if you would like to help every person live within their means and undo the redistribution that has contributed to overconsumption, let’s talk about it.

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Internal Dissent Amongst Progressives–Engineers meet the Intelligentsia

It’s no secret that a majority of software, computer, and high technology engineers are liberal, in stark contrast to all other high technology pursuits with the exception of Environmental Engineering.

That is why the scuffle between Comedy Central and Fark/Reddit is so amusing:

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The engineers at Fark/Reddit are dumbfounded by Stewart’s ignorance of social networking and high-tech marketing.  Simultaneously, Stewart is dumbfounded by Fark/Reddit’s claims to real contribution.

Both contestants are missing opposite pieces of knowledge.  The liberal believers at Fark/Reddit are ignorant of intellectual operations and politics.  Stewart, as a pseudo-intellectual member of the idea-only, pontificating intelligentsia, is ignorant of productive endeavors which actually achieve real units of work for human beings – the things that occur outside of words and ideas.

Why did Fark/Reddit expect that Stewart and Colbert should understand business and technology?  The clowns comedians are just talkers backed up by dozens of writers.  Their only talent is to read a script and perform it in a funny way, and react in interviews in funny and witty ways.  Their only mental contribution is approving or denying what their writers shove in their face.

By contrast, what did Stewart expect of Fark/Reddit?  The software wizards work hard for those services and products.  They expect the credit that they deserve for maximizing the impact of liberal propaganda.

For those interested in exploiting this division amongst the progressives, the fissure is certainly there – a classic battle between the intelligentsia and the workers/engineers/doctors/practitioners.

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Social Retardation Complex – How Media in the West Controls your Life

Look up Yuri Bezmenov’s 1 hour interview from 1983 on YouTube.  Watch the entire thing.

Understand how your friends’ lives are entirely programmed by elite leftists who have had complete control over the entire media (video games, movies, TV broadcasts, news, journals, magazines, music) for almost 3 decades now.

Understand that they are useful idiots.  Understand that they did not even determine their own behaviors and choices on their own.  Understand they did not even determine their own value systems.

A recent discussion with a thoughtful friend.  They know nothing about intel and espionage.  They know nothing of the Culture War.  They know nothing of Socialism.  They know very little about history.  They are about as far left as you can get.  Yet, even in their state of total subservience, they identified a minor side effect of the Communists’ Ideological Subversion program, just from their life experience.  Of course, entirely ignorant, they could not relate it to the big picture – they simply lack the information in their head to make useful sense of it.  It was my duty to enlighten them.

So I say:

Social retardation complex, excellent.  I had a recent discussion with a good friend about this kind of thing.  Essentially, when the mind is consumed by mass media, the self is lost.  When you are surrounded by human beings who expose their brains to this contrived reality for a large proportion of their free time, things get even more interesting.  In effect, we can largely control entire behaviors and norms, and thus society as a whole using mass media as a brainwashing tool.  It is not only the individual who is consumed, but it becomes their entire neighborhood, and nearly everyone they interact with.

The community effect is a force multiplier (in terms of martial tactics).  It’s not simply the brainwashed individual, picking and choosing behavioral patterns they are programmed with from hundreds of hours of media consumption.  It’s also, their neighbor, their family, their friends, also executing programming patterns that they picked up from similar media brainwashing (whether it’s House’s character, Nip Tuck’s characters, or Simon Cowell’s way of looking at things).  The neighbor exhibits similar programmed behavioral patterns, judgments, and thoughts, which were planted in their head by the mass media.  This reinforcement is the most powerful aspect.  It is an exponential force multiplier.  The actual consumption of media is simply the introduction.  It is what the community does to reinforce the behaviors that truly solidifies the way of thinking in the individual’s mind.

This is how we heard and nudge the masses, controlling how they think, what they value, what they support, what they tune in to, what they tune out of, what they care about, what they don’t care about, and even how they view themselves, and the preferred trajectory they should put their life on.  Thus, we can even control an individual’s hopes and dreams.  Then, with government policy, we can control the end game as well, so that the individuals who persisted on the path we set their brain on, always arrive at a mostly predictable material end.  Obama’s healthcare policy.  Bush’s war policy.  Monetary policy.  Taxation.  Education policy.  Corporation policy.  Employment policy. 

The material result of the actions of the individual, combined with the brainwashing provides for an entirely predictable society, where we can control who does what, who arrives where, and the probability of people seeking and arriving at predetermined situations.  In effect, we can control exactly where people will go, and keep everyone where we would like them to be.  This, achieved by a combination of mass media brainwashing (to control the mind’s values, beliefs, motivations, social connections, and goals) and government policy (to control the means by which an individual must execute their goals and motivations, materially).

In different circles I traverse, the distinctions are profound.  A circle in which the people can quote the latest TV shows, music, video games, magazines, or pop periodicals, their conversations, behaviors, and exchanges are almost entirely contrived by the minds behind the media, and not the individual.  Then the individuals who regurgitate these thoughts at each other, simply use them as springboards to stake their claims and gratify superficial desires.

On the contrary, social groups I enjoin where people spend very little time on popular mass media, preferring activities, reading, classics, and deep interactions, are almost always more deliberate, confident, satisfied, and grounded.

In my experience, a counter-intuitive assessment of what "social retardation complex" may be.  On the one hand, you have socially awkward people making themselves silly and bizarre or “boring” in “typical” socializing activities.  On the other hand, you have a mass-media-brainwashed "slick" guy who seems to be very popular and "wise" to the culture.  Only, take a peak under the surface, it is all contrived – because in fact, the anticipated social connections are contrived in and of themselves. 

So is it true that the “socially awkward” fellow who is not wise to the culture is simply not brainwashed enough?  They truly may be better socialites, made for rewarding social connections, and not privy to the contrived social connections that are programmed by modern mass media.  In this scenario, the “popular”, “fun-boy”, “cool-guy” is actually the one who suffers from “social retardation complex”.  The reality is that the majority of bar hoppers, party goers, club slugs, and “fun people” are actually ALL socially retarded.  They will follow up their unrewarding social activities with inane conversations about people behind their backs.  How good did they look?  How sexy are they?  How rich are they?  How funny are they?  How weird are they?  What about their family?  Their girlfriend?  Their job?  Their status?  Their titles?  How stimulation-worthy were they?  Make your judgment. Measure up the potential of all the social retards including yourself – measure their potential for stimulation.

The measurements of value in companionship are wholly based on taking a constant pulse of how "stimulated" you currently feel by this individual.  Then you are taught to judge that individual by how effective they are at stimulating you – whether it be by physical beauty, comedy, access to money and power, or ability to prop your own ego up. 

As everything else, such shallow measurements leave the individual in a state of perpetual seeking, perfect for being controlled by large organizations, which feed the evolving suggestions through mass media and government policy.

The success of Ideological Subversion is truly bewildering, is it not?

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O’Reilly, Al Sharpton, Heavy Metal, the “N”-word, and Organizational Generalizations

The title will make sense by the end, promise fingerscrossed smile_sarcastic.

The old Mongolian proverb comes to mind – “If you dare to speak the truth, have one foot in the stirrup”.  I am one of those who dares.  Always have been, always will be.

Story goes like this: Democrat Socialist Healthcare bill passes the Democrat controlled government, all 2400+ pages plus 100+ page reconciliation amendments.  Not a single Republican idea is in it, except for AN ASPECT of making insurance companies not deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.  The public is against the bill at upwards of over 60% opposition.  What’s even worse?  While the public largely opposes ObamaCare, they still want REAL reform, that is they want healthcare reform at 76%, just not the Democrat legislation that is now law of the land. 

Obama in 2007 claims that “you can’t govern after you’ve done a big move with a 50+1 vote strategy”.  At the time he was referring to the Bush surge strategy in Iraq (which as we know stabilized the Country and “won” the war – as close to winning as it will ever come).  A translation: using Obama’s logic, in Obama’s own words, the Democrat party has now lost the consent of the governed and can no longer govern us.

Enter the fallback, within days of the Healthcare bill passage, there are claims that the Tea Party has yelled the “n”-word at black statespersons.  There are claims that they have been spit on.  Both Democrat and Republican offices are vandalized (with no injuries).

Now as someone who’s been face to face, punched, screamed at, spit on, you name it – I know how these scuffles work.  I’m going beyond O’Reilly and Sharpton, and everyone else who is taking the “safe” road for fear of ratings loss.  Why am I convinced the Democrats are lying about much if not all of these “n”-word and “spitting” scenarios?  Simple detective work.

First, Democrat party motive to fabricate stories about racism and the “n” word:  power.  They know that most blacks and Hispanics are culturally conservative, religious, and fiscally conservative with their own money.  The Democrats feel the wind at the back of the tea party, taking minorities away from their guaranteed Democrat voting block (Blacks were at 95% Democrat last election, and always above 90% historically – ironic since the Democrat party is historically the party of the KKK). 

The Democrats want that vote more than anything because it’s the skin-based vote that gets them over the top of every election.  They need to make it about skin color, because if popular discourse makes it about the issues, Democrats lose hands down.  They always must incite hatred against whites and men to get women to not think, to get minorities to not think, to get them to vote just based on their genitals, and their skin color. 

They can get away with this because in the 60s and 70s, the Democrats led the way in handouts to “help” previously oppressed demographics of good Americans including women and minorities.  It is my opinion though, that as time went on and fairness normalized, the Democrat handout mentality transformed from benevolence to control – as Star Parker calls it – getting people dependent on the “government plantation”.

All the Democrats have to do to keep up this charade is continuously plant half-truths that pit women and minorities against the rest of the world.  Give them something to rally around, then watch their brains get shut off and divorced from the real issues at hand.  Watch them run to the polls and simply vote democrat because of their gender and skin color, backed up by fabricated conspiracy theories based on half-truths.  Talk about the politics of fear?  Very ironic for the self-proclaimed party of civil rights.

This is not the first incident, but yet another in the weekly series of racial and gender polarization that is a key strategy of the Democrat party.  The Democrats have been playing the race and gender card at every corner, even comparing health insurance premiums to segregation and Jim Crow laws (disgraceful):

Second, the incident fits the format of an historical tactic.  This is an old tactic I experienced myself on campus.  A few incidents of Democrat students defacing their own doors with racist epithets to get attention and rally people to their cause.  An age-old Democrat tactic, inspired by the previously described motive.

Lastly, video of the incident with John Lewis proves that he lied about “being spit on”.  Once you’ve lied, the trust is gone.  You forever lose “benefit of the doubt”.  Thus I don’t believe that he was called the “n” word and I think he lied about that.  Not to mention after all this time, there are still no videos with the “n” word recorded.  And this is why John Lewis will not go on any show to assert his claims.  He doesn’t want to have his body language viewed.  Liar.  Motive established, tactic identified, dishonesty proven.

What DID happen as the video shows – is an angry man cupped his hands and was screaming at John Lewis, to be heard over the loud crowd which at my last check is the decibel equivalent loudness of an airplane.  You want to try to be heard over that amount of noise?  You’ve got to scream with all your lungs.  This man was livid, and I understand his ire because of the Obama and Democrat healthcare takeover.  He was screaming at the face of John Lewis. John Lewis responded in the way that I have responded when I’ve gotten spittle on me from angry people shouting in my face.

If you watch the full video of him going up the steps, he also reacts in a way that spittle is wiped off.  One or two wipes does it.  I’ve been actually spit on before too.  It takes more than two wipes to get off spit.  It only takes one or two wipes to get off spittle.  And let me tell you, if you get a big wad of spit in your face, you don’t just brush it once and keep walking.  You use your entire hand, and then you’ve got to wipe it off on something.  John Lewis was not spit upon.  John Lewis got spittle in his face from a screaming man:

O’Reilly’s point that EVEN IF the n-word was used by 1 or 2 out of dozens of thousands of people, there are people like that in every group – racist blacks, racist Hispanics, etc.  To answer Al Sharpton’s question “who is ‘our’ of ‘our Country’”, the ‘our’ is Americans who love this country, patriots. 

But when you see the world through racial lenses like Sharpton does, I can understand how he takes it out of context. 

What O’Reilly failed to put forth is that the only dedicated racist groups that have substantial bases are supporters of the Democrat party – Islamic groups like CAIR who form blocks based on culture and race to the detriment of others, black groups like Farrakhan’s hordes, black panthers, and Hispanic racists like La Raza.  By contrast the KKK can barely even meet, and when they have events, less than 100 people arrive.

It was good that O’Reilly finally got Sharpton to admit that his argument was specious, by conceding that there are ‘elements’ of extremism in every caucus, and in the end Sharpton loses to the truth.  By supporting Sharpton’s point, you must believe that the left wing Obama organization “Organizing for America” is a racist organization because it has radical racists who are also members of black panthers and la raza.

If you want to ascribe organizational generalizations, you must do so only by pointing to the analysis of statements put forth by the leadership of the organization, and unified actions taken by the organization.  This is why even though Obama and the Democrats have had all of the American communist and socialist groups carrying their banner for decades, you could not call the Democrat party socialist until they built a record of socialist commentary, appointed communist sympathizers to high positions, issued socialist statements by key leaders, and enacted blatantly socialist laws.  Plethora of rhetoric from the top + actions = organizational generalization.

I make a recommendation to the Tea Party and anti-Democrat and anti-bad-Republican folks: You need to take a page out of Martin Luther King Junior’s book.  With everything you’re fighting, I know you’ve done a good job so far, peaceful for the most part.  But every time an angry person gets up there, screams, and goes even slightly over the edge – the media seizes on it and uses it  to demagogue the entire movement.  You have to stay cool folks.  Use the power of truth and peace.  Use the power of intellect and righteousness.  Be one with the mentality of Martin Luther King Jr., Ghandi, Jesus Christ. 

And even, use comedy and sarcasm with discretion.  It really works with the younger crowd.  Look at what Comedy Central managed to do during the Bush administration for the Democrat party.

I make a recommendation to the thin-skinned Democrat phonies, oh great “heroes” of the civil rights era.  Time to take up some heavy metal and get some balls.  Spittle is the least of what can happen to you.  I’ve faced worse in my life and I have no entourage, protection, authority of the state, and media lapdogs doing my bidding like you all do.  You all are more like Marie Antoinette than heroes.  Grow a spine, and do battle on the field of ideas, rather than the field of hate-propaganda, and the politics of emotion, fear, and demographic division.

Awesome lyrics: “got shit on, pissed on, spit on, stepped on, fucked with, pointed at by lesser men
(pre)New life in place of old life, unscarred by trials.
((chorus)A new level of confidence and power”:

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Obama Idol in Indonesia Desecrated

People say, “hey, we’re the people of Indonesia, will you please get this piece of crap boy-Obama statue out of our town, you idiots”

In another life, if I were in Obama’s shoes, I would have asked them to not have built it in the first place, and that a statue of a President is only deserved posthumously decades later when their actions prove worthy of such honor over time.

But, no surprise from Obama; he likes the makeup, glamour, false-gained-popularity, and pampering.  He’s that quintessential she-male metro-boy who watches sex shows on HBO.  How terribly sophisticated he is!

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Native American Ceremony Fraud Convicted of Manslaughter

People are looking for spirituality in the wrong places.  So they dump out thousands of dollars to be suffocated.  Now the shamster who capitalized on their weakness goes to jail for his crimes.  If it were a Christian cult – trust me, you would’ve heard a lot more about this and there’d already be a movie in the making somewhere in Hollywood.

My advice for the people who fell for this nonsense is that next time you seek a spiritual and cultural experience, try befriending authentic people who actually practice it as part of their life, not to put bread on their table and make money.  But then, this is not the liberal American quick-fix-dump-my-money-away-then-demand-government-pays-for-everything-else way.  They wanted to buy their spirituality.  Instead they bought a ticket to the morgue and forced the taxpayer to pay court costs to bring justice to their killer.

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