Obama Says: “Watch some football instead of being engaged in civics!”

Harry Reid, the Democrat top-dog lackey of the Senate smooches Obama’s but and says, “Duh, boss, I already been doin’ dat, cuz yous said so!”

Obama tells people to stop watching cable news, and to stop reading blogs.  Presumably Obama would then wish that everyone just watched the things that he says he likes – sex shows on HBO and ESPN.  Of course, having a President recommend that government leaders disengage from political discourse and ironically “get out there and talk with people” means that essentially he’s asking them to remain in their echo chambers, since the people they would be talking to are people that support their views, because we remember how the Democrats responded to the healthcare town hall dissent – with abject arrogance, demagoguery, and dismissal.  So Obama and Pelosi can’t then be recommending that they “get out and talk” to people with differing views.

This is yet another clever socialist move by Obama.  His real intent is to get the moderate Democrats to stop listening to the overwhelming opposition of the American people, so that the votes Obama needs to force his agenda through come back into his pocket, regardless of political fallout to come.  One last huzzah to force his will on the American people against their own, since he couldn’t do it in 2009 without political bloodshed.  And trust me, if those moderate Democrats take his advice and disengage from the discourse of the civic-minded populace – there will be massive bloodshed for the Democrat party in November.

Close your eyes, cover your ears, silence your mouth – the mantra of every socialist.  Control.

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Gallup: 36% of Americans say Hooray for Socialism

Gallup is very reputable.  This is incredibly important for people to understand, because not everyone can identify a socialist just by listening to their ideas.  Secondly, it is a tactic of the socialists in the Democrat party to downplay these facts and demagogue people like Glenn Beck and other educated Americans who actually understand socialism when they see it.

Here’s my interpretation of the numbers below:  there is no way that 17% of Republican-leaners and 20% of Conservatives who actually are educated and correctly perceive the Republican platform and Conservative ideology have a positive view of socialism.  To me, this is the demographic of people who are not quite following valid sources and are uneducated about political theory.  Using the associative property – then it would follow that you can whack around 20% off of the Democrat leaners, moderates, and liberals who “view socialism positively” and actually know what the hell they’re talking about.

These numbers actually jive with my personal experience with many people.  I would say that 4/10 liberals that I meet are committed socialists, and 2/10 of them don’t know what the hell it is but when you talk about it, they say something like “what’s so bad about socialism”?

A respective 20%/20% response from moderates also jives with my experience.  The only socialist sympathizing conservatives I’ve met in my own life are some loony Christians who can’t read the bible-in-toto but instead have interpreted this bizarre world view from reading bible-by-verse and making up their own version of Christianity that is not vetted by theological authority.  To be fair, I have met said loony Christians from all self-proclaimed denominations, including a few Catholics who clearly are not observing lessons from The Vatican.

Don’t let your ignorant friends tell you that the threat of socialism is not real, or that the things Glenn Beck finds out about socialist Barack Obama and his Czars is not true.  You can hear them proclaim the merits of socialism in their own words, and now that you know the facts about how widespread their socialist ideas are in America – “doesn’t seem so far-fetched, now, does it?”


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Prostitution Online in New Zealand – “Pay for college”

Tragic that some still devalue their romance and sexuality to relegate it to a ‘means to a financial end’.  Feel sorry for the poor sucker who this prostitute ends up “committing” to.  From all other superficial criteria, I’m sure the sex worker will blend right back into the population.  Thing about the brain – some may romanticize “forgiveness”, “change”, and “redemption”, but once the human has an experience, they are forever impacted by it, and never the same.  What would it feel like for this prostitute to instead have always experienced sex with deep, meaningful, and loving spiritual connections?  She’ll never know now.

And yet still it is her choice to decrement the status of her being with such foolish decisions, as her freedom should allow it to be.  What can you do?  On the other side, not all married people will experience supreme sex either because they are messed up in the head in other ways by corrupted religions or lack thereof. 

In a tangential decrement of virtue, some people gorge on fast food and chemically processed foods as gluttons and wouldn’t savor fresh gourmet food if you gave it to them for free. 

In many ways we choose to limit the magnificence of our experience.  This is the squandering of freedom that is unfortunate but necessary to demonstrate contrast for those who exercise righteous ways.

Of course I realize the relativist would chide me and say “to each, his own”.  I call the relativist’s bluff.  I believe in freedom, so “to each, his own” is guaranteed, but the consequences remain the same for all choices.  While there is a place for preference and distinction, a fixation and gorging upon singular themes will always turn the human into a robotic experience. 

In the lustmonger’s case, it’s just flesh and bodies, however often the faces change.  In the fast-food glutton’s case, just the same unsatisfying empty calories until the next urge.  The first gains dead-eyes, disenchantment, and despair over time as their body degrades (and maybe a venereal disease or two).  The second enslaves their children through medicare tax impositions to keep them alive longer, with heart disease and diabetes.

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Pagan Earth Circle Desecrated by Christian Cross

My ire with the pagan circle story was only one thing – I KNOW that the amount of taxpayer money spent on it was not proportional for pagan constituents with respect to the proportion of funds spent per constituent on other religions. 

I am a huge proponent of religious pluralism because that is what the constitution demands.  Where there is a gray area like requirements to provision religious facilities and Chaplains, which are funded by tax monies, there must be an equal amount spent per worshipper.  Any more or less is unjust and favoritism, thus unconstitutional. 

Now I have a problem with this cross being erected on the pagans’ sacred place of worship.  This is not a righteously Christian tactic for expressing beliefs, if it was a Christian that did it and not a person looking to stir controversy and false pagan martyrdom.  I hope the investigation resolves the conflict and uncovers the truth.

Based on statements from the conflicting viewpoint representatives, I think they are both taking things way out of proportion and need to focus on investigating and resolving.  The pagan rep is the most foolish though, comparing the cross to a swastika and hate speech. 

A pentagram desecrating sacred Christian objects is an act of hate by definition because of how the pentagram has been used by Christian opponents in the last few decades.  Same with the swastika.  Even if a Christian DID put the cross there, it is not analogous, since the cross represents sanctification, mercy, and ‘love your enemy’.  A failure to comprehend this difference is on the burden of the Pagans to educate themselves on comparative religion, and stop taking barbarian and roman conflicts from 300 AD into the present day (whereas the pentagram is still used as hate-Christians symbol).

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Instant Abortion on Military Bases?

To the Pro Life crowd: you can’t undermine Roe v Wade.  This is not the way to get your viewpoint heard and heeded.

To the Pro Choice crowd: you can’t demand that tax payers fund interdiction of the natural consequences of choosing a humanistic “sex positive” lifestyle.  People have money for a beer and martini and TV?  Then they have money to pay for their own contraception and sex-related drugs and procedures.  Including soldiers.  Your “choice” will soon become a burden on your neighbors when you put it onto their backs, and you’ll give your opponents valid reasons to attack your position from financial grounds.  Enjoy the exercise of your legal “choice” to terminate the human life by bearing the full responsibility and cost of that “choice” upon your own shoulders.

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Christians are to be Suspect and are “Not Normal” to the Left

According to Hardball, Conservative Christians are all abnormal human beings.  “Why does everything sound like the 700 club?” they lament.

In unrelated news no one is turning on MSNBC or CNN anymore.  Couldn’t be because of things like this.

SE Cupp has the goods:

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