Philadelphia District Attorney Adopts Nazi Policy (National Socialism is back with a vengeance!)

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Juvenal, Satires, Satire VI, lines 347-8)

Who watches the watchman in Philadelphia?!  You must do this!  Rise, educate yourself, and halt the tides of fascism rising with Obama.  They have become so arrogant in their power and Rule of Status, that the Rule of Law and Rule of Contract are openly mocked, torn to shreds, and violated by disgusting traitors to the US Army, the US Constitution, and the US Citizen!

This week’s new National Socialist party member: one, R. Seth Williams, District Attorney of Philadelphia.

If you’ve been tuned into the left-wing Goebbels news networks, you may be shocked by what you are about to learn. 

In the city of Philadelphia, a citizen named Mr. Fiorino, exercising his second amendment right was beaten to the ground by cops and mentally assaulted and intimidated.  After catching their Gestapo behaviors on audio tape, he released the tape to the internet.

Immediately, protector of the Gestapo, District Attorney R. Seth Williams charged the citizen with “reckless endangerment” and “disorderly conduct”. 

Yes, my National Socialist Williams, it was the citizen exercising their rights peacefully and respectfully who was disorderly, instead of your thug Gestapo henchmen drawing their weapons on him, intimidating him, and swearing at him.  You are a disgrace to the uniform and to this Country Mr. Williams, and we will not rest until you are thrown out of power with the greatest force possible within legal means.

Read about the Fiorino case here:

On Thursday, February 10th 2011, the National Socialist R. Seth Williams issued a typical fascist statement, beseeching a non-governmental enterprise (a Church) to “[fire every ‘credibly accused’ priest from their jobs]”. 

Yes, Mr. Williams, you deserve that job that Obama gave to you, you are doing his bidding well.  You don’t even understand the rule of law, and you are DA? Pathetic. 

Why did you not go to the NEA and tell them to fire every teacher who is ‘credibly accused’ of child abuse, since DoJ stats show that the incidence of sexual molestation amongst public school teachers is 100x the rate of religious figures? 

As you are enjoying your rampage of squashing our second amendment rights, you also encourage the squashing of due process too?  You are pathetic.

Mr. Williams exact quote: “put protection of children ahead of protection from scandal”

Well Mr. Williams, in your response to Mr. Fiorino’s exposition of your Gestapo tactics, will you not put the “protection of citizens ahead of protection from scandal”, when it is YOUR ORGANIZATION that is guilty of scandal?  You hypocrite.  You statist!

Drop this case against Fiorino, or you will soon taste the wrath of public opinion and you will never know peace, because the public will remember your name.

As for your sugar daddy who you used to get this job, Mr. Obama, remember when he called for “transparency”?  You National Socialists are all the same – when you establish Rule of Status it is not long before the contradictions pervade every facet of our lives.  Explain to me how intimidating a law-abiding citizen twice – once with police brutality and subsequently with legal brutality – is a move towards “transparency”.

(On January 18, 2008, Mr. Williams was named coordinator for the Obama Presidential Campaign for all of Eastern Pennsylvania, subsequently in 2009, he was handed the position of District Attorney for Philadelphia PA, in a typical underhanded, pseudo-legal quid pro quo.  Isn’t this what always happens when competition, merit, rule of contract, and rule of law are crushed by Jacobinism, rule of status, and progressivism?)

Now, don’t waste anytime, quickly write to and and demand that they drop their charges against Mr. Fiorino, and compensate him for all financial losses due to their abuse of power!

Jared Loughner Revealed–What Most Journalists Cannot Comprehend

Misinformation is flying.  Most of the media has done a terrible job on this story, inspired by political goals to use the tragedy as a tool.  We have reconvened to dispel myths and bring understanding.  We have reviewed over 100 articles in depth.  We may issue an enormous piece.  This is a summary of our work.

Expect a freeze on information until trial.  Legal teams have kicked in.

1) Is Loughner crazy?  Will he get off on an insanity argument?

No. The speculation about Loughner being schizo is put forth by Democrats who oppose the death penalty, jumping the gun, and servicing their wishful thinking.  Psych experts have said that his fantasies are consistent and reasoned in his own mind.  There is hard evidence of careful premeditation. 

There are thousands of disorders in the DSM.  Only a fraction of them involve not being able to control yourself and not knowing right from wrong.  Loughner knew right from wrong and was able to control himself.  We believe he has Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD). That is not grounds for “insanity”.  Whether his manifestation of ASPD is psychopathy or sociopathy is irrelevant.

That said, you can rest assured that anti-death penalty Democrat activists and Loughner’s legal team are in full swing and fabricating plots to make him look as believably insane as possible.

2) Was Loughner inspired by right-wing “rhetoric” from Sarah Palin, Glenn Beck, Limbaugh, and O’Reilly as hordes of Democrat elected officials and media personalities have alleged?

Absolutely not.  First of all, Loughner was not right-wing (we’ll get to that later).  Second of all, numerous friends testified that he hated the news and never listened to talk radio or news programs.

Democrats have used this tragedy (and a gross mischaracterization of Loughner) to push for new EU-styled limitations on free speech and thought control laws.  They have also used the tragedy to push for new gun control laws. 

This is the motivation behind mischaracterization of Loughner while simultaneously mischaracterizing right-wing presentations as any different than left-wing presentation that use martial rhetoric (including “infractions” from Obama himself).

3) So what IS Loughner’s ideology?

Atheist & self-described Nihilist.  He hated religion.  He was obsessed with lucid dreaming.

His favorite band is a far-leftist punk rock band called anti flag.  They are against nationalism (thus the name) and support a communist platform similar to the Tarnac 9 (The Coming Insurrection).  They think you get anarchy in the short term, leading to worldwide communism.

He hated George Bush and believed in the 911 Truther conspiracy (that George Bush attacked the USA on 911 and there were no terrorists).

He admired big government and totalitarianism – amongst his favorite books were Mein Kampf (Hitler, National Socialism), and the Communist Manifesto (Stalin, worldwide socialism).  But his obsession was with Zeitgeist and The Venus Project.  This is also authoritarian and leftist on the political spectrum.  It is technocratic communitarianism (franchise-based communism with scientists and engineers as the totalitarian rulers).  You don’t get much more left-wing than technocracy.  You don’t get much more authoritarian than communitarianism.

Glenn Beck, The Tea Party, and Sarah Palin are stark opposites to this ideology.  In mainstream politics, the progressive Democrats are closest to this ideology.  This would explain why he attended the Democrat events – even if he thought they were buffoons, it is the closest to what he believes.  It also explains his ire for a Blue Dog Democrat like Giffords.

Authoritarians eat their own.  This is a y-axis political spectrum thing, not a left-right thing.  Sarah Palin, Beck, and the Tea Party are on the stark opposite side of the y-axis, believing in small government.  The big mistake is misinterpreting a hatred of government by a committed left winger (technocrat) to mean that it agrees with all those who are critical of the current government trend.

Ironically, if Loughner was schooled by right-wingers, he might have known more about tradition and history to understand the deceptions of Zeitgeist, and thus not be inspired by it.  No doubt, his ASPD would have manifested through some other fantasy, but it may not have been so encompassing.

Loughner likes big government.  He does not like the one that currently exists.  Libertarians and modern Republicans generally favor smaller government.  They would not want to replace one large government apparatus with another.  Jared Loughner does.

Authoritarians eat their own.

4) What about the parents?

Something strange in this family.  His parents were described as “very religious” by one friend.  Yet their son is Atheist.  One friend described his mother as Jewish (Tierney).  The local rabbi denied this.  The father has “worked from home” for years.  The mother is a state parks employee.  They had money to frequently pay for the best restaurant in town that Bill Clinton ate at though.  Neighbors said that every time the Loughners were seen at the grocery store, they had a 30 pack of beer.  The father was mean to many neighbors.  They would ignore you if you said hi to them.  They were reclusive.  Friends said that they didn’t even seem like a family – no love in the house.  Jared said he loved his dog more than his parents.

5) Does Jared have an Obama connection?

Only remotely.  His high school is part of a special cabal of communist school operations based in Chicago and headed by Bill Ayers (head of the communist Weather Underground, and friend of Obama’s, launched his campaign, did much business with him).  Bill Ayers started a “small schools movement” organization which Obama sat as the “effective” President of.  This organization is actually the only thing Obama ever administrated prior to his Presidency.  The goal of the organization was the basic items in the small schools movement plus promoting veiled communist tenets. 

The idea behind the small schools movement was that if you had national standards, then teachers could not indoctrinate as they chose.  Further, if children had a diversity of teachers, then the inherent dissonance from opposing indoctrination styles would also inspire critical thinking and independence.  The goal was to get a network of teachers who adopted socialist ideologies to have the students for as many years as possible in the same hands. 

They would get national standards off their backs, so that they could determine their own curriculum as much as possible, and teach the children what they saw fit – inherently this would make them dependents, as the things being taught would be divorced from industrial needs, creating generations of dissidents and dependents on the state.

Other than Jared Loughner’s Bill Ayers subsidized high school having marginal success at producing left-leaning graduates, Obama is not connected.


More to come in the next few weeks.

Westboro Baptist Bigot Cult Gets a Helping of Divine Intervention

And by that, I mean vigilante justice.  It’s like a much lighter version of civil revolts against parading KKK and neo-nazis, particularly the straight-edge heavy metal gang that drove the neo-nazis out of Boston.  Too bad the FBI came down on one of the only good gangs America has ever seen, thus helping the neo-nazis (to no avail).

Welcome to America, where we keep each other and our institutions in check when they boil over.  Legislative analogy: the state revolt against federal immigration enforcement failure, as they watch the ascension of state bankruptcy and gang persistence.

Read the story

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Alcohol Worse than Hard Drugs? WHO Strikes Again, as the Amsterdam Experiment is Swept Under the Rug.

Oh, how many fraudulent studies do we have to expose in connection to the UN’s WHO? 

First, it was their propaganda for socialist medical systems, which, based on differences in collection of mortality data and a fundamental flaw in inferences drawn from mortality tables, incontrovertibly created widespread ignorance amongst the pseudo-intellectuals regarding “how good” European socialist healthcare is.

Now, in the progressive quest to create their army of easily manipulated, disengaged, distracted, drug-addicted drone-citizens – the same WHO players and front organizations produce a study to “prove” that alcohol and tobacco are worse than smoking pot and doing hard drugs.


To you, our WHO detractors, are you ready for a wallop?

Your study is flawed fundamentally and thusly:

Using your statistics for death by alcohol-related car accidents, heart, mental health, and cancer complications in contrast to that of hard drugs presumes that both alcohol and hard drugs enjoy the exact same persistence in society.  It also presumes that data collection for black market health impacts (drugs) is even nearly as accurate as data collection for legal instances of gluttonous impact (alcohol).

Statistically?  Your inputs are double-invalidated.

The success of the war on drugs has been exactly to create that disparity of prevalence, geniuses.  If heroin was as common as beer, you would see the statistics you used for alcohol-related health issues skyrocket.

What kind of a wishful-thinking drone would even get a notion that there is an ounce of merit in your claim?  You just have to walk into a rehab center to see the mental health impacts of hard drugs, and the other health impacts.  Here is what you need to do to correct your study and measurements:

Make your model assume that smoking crack and pot becomes as frequent and common as smoking a cigarette and drinking a beer.  Multiply the hard-drug related deaths, suicides, crime, health issues, heart issues, and the rest by the same factor.

Now your entire model implodes on itself.  But this much was already obvious amongst objective people with common sense. 

The hard drug substances themselves are much more potent, and the physiological response and health impact is much more acute for pot vs. tobacco, and crack vs. alcohol.  If we legalize, and normalize the consumption of hard drugs, and when it becomes as commonplace as cigarettes and beer, the social and economic impact will be one of the darkest chapters of human history.

When ideology trumps objectivity, ignorance covers common sense.  As the Mayor and police of Amsterdam claim “we are in the midst of modern slavery” in regards to unabated legalization of prostitution and drugs, progressives are desperately trying to get the poisonous legalization policies of Amsterdam spread, and populations hooked, before analysis of the failures of Amsterdam take root.

It baffles my mind how dedicated the progressive evolutionary socialists are to collapsing the systems and freedom in the West.  They would ruin millions of lives, and bankrupt our healthcare system with drug treatment and catastrophically expensive end-of-life care, and shortened productive lives, just to move the world towards their ideal vision.

Meanwhile, the progressives’ favored “State Capitalists” (communists) in China and Russia continue to grow their economic output to equalize the West, as they send their own drug users to slave prison camps for 7 years, and execute their drug dealers by firing squad.

The timing of George Soros’ scheme and California ballot measure?  Not a coincidence, as we posited in this article:

Most Conservatives Don’t Have a Clue about Fabian Socialism–Pot Legalization is a Dependent-Creation Scheme

As for the latest volley: Read the story

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Terror Plot–Not Big Enough–What is the Real Target?

This summer’s plot on UK, France, and Germany definitely was the big one that had senior Al Qaeda fingerprints all over.  We can thank Bush’s war apparatus for interdicting that one and saving thousands of lives.  And yes, we can also thank Obama for coming to his senses after his opposite campaigning positions on the war, and staying the course that Bush set in motion.

So what of this new bombing plot using parcel services?

Don’t get so excited.  A few packages isn’t anything.  The real danger would be dozens of them sent to strategic locations.  Operationally it would make sense as a proving ground for a larger plot in the coming years involving dirty bombs or tactical nukes (assuming that Obama continues to fail miserably with Iran and continue to undo the minor progress that Bolton had achieved).

Imagine a tactical nuke, fueled by Iranian nuclear warheads, the size of a small refrigerator, with a yield that is 10% – 30% that of Hiroshima.  Now imagine a dozen of them, exploding in airplanes at the optimal altitude.  In this way, Radical Islam can feasibly achieve the equivalent of almost 4 Hiroshima events over US soil in the coming years.  The economic damage is the goal, although they will celebrate the hell-on-earth human life toll as well.

All they need is for Iran to get that bomb and feed the materials through Hezbollah, Al Shabab, Hamas, the Taliban, or directly to the Mujahidin.  China has already been supplying Iran with our smart missile technology (thanks again Bill Clinton, 1996), so the tactical Nuke is not infeasible coming from them.

Although in the near term, my money is on more commando-styled and sniper attacks, and blowing up infrastructure.  Dirty and chemical bombs, secondarily.

Read the story

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Most Conservatives Don’t Have a Clue about Fabian Socialism–Pot Legalization is a Dependent-Creation Scheme

Read this well-intended, but incorrect article about ideas on why George Soros (one of the richest men in the world, Democrat funder, billionaire, socialist, New World Order supporter), is funding initiatives to legalize pot.

Read the story

None of these explanations have hit the heart of the reason.  They represent superficial thinking.

In order to gain understanding of this strategy – as just another tactic in the Fabian (evolutionary) socialist playbook – you must do a few things.

First, read “Rules for Radicals” by Saul Alinsky.  Then read “Mobilizing the Poor: How it Could be Done” and “The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to End Poverty” by Cloward and Piven.  Then read “The Coming Insurrection” by The Tarnac 9.

Essentially, the idea is to collapse the systems of governance, business, technology, finance, defense, and stability, so that socialist tyrants can come in with an authoritarian government and provide all of the Marxist, communist-inspired “solutions”.  It is not conspiracy theory.  It is out in the open in black and white text.  All you have to do is unplug the bananas from your ears, and take the leftists at their clear word. 

In collapsing the system, they redistribute power and wealth, and they remold society to their liking, with your complicity, so long as they bring order in a violent, chaotic, and unpredictable transitional period.

So where does drug legalization fit in this picture? 

Reflect upon the people in your life who are addicted to alcohol, sex, or gambling.

I’m not just talking about alcoholics or people under water from gambling debt.

I’m talking about people whose lives are consumed by hours-per-week on bars.  I’m talking about people whose lives are consumed by hours-per-week on pornography or casual dating.  I’m talking about people whose lives are consumed by hours-per-week on casinos and gaming.

If people are mostly preoccupied with such vices, this does numerous things to lead us into collapse and a socialist “New World Order” as George Soros, Media Matters, Huffington Post, and the rest speak of.

Keep this one concept in your mind throughout each point.  A philosophical, the strategy is always to reduce the potential and the power of the individual, while simultaneously increasing the power and potential of the collective.

1. Fundamental Unit of Society Destruction

Most importantly, drugs destroy families.  Human beings that are obsessed with their own entertainment and “tune-out” activities are of no service to others.  If parents have to work for a living, and spend an additional 20 hours per week on some vice like alcohol, sex, pot, or gambling, in addition to all the other entertainment activities – shopping, socializing, TV, games, movies, travel, etc., how exactly are they raising children at the same time? 

Ostensibly, you could include children on the other activities of self-servitude and entertainment, so at least you are together, but during the activities of vice – alcohol, gambling, sex, drugs – your family is left out cold.

Destroying the family reduces the power of individuals, because children are not raised by their own culture, and their own parents.  They are raised by media, television, state employees (teachers).  This increases the power of the collective.

Increased divorce and division increases the power of the collective because lawyers receive a huge redistribution of wealth, government services are engaged more often than with stable and independent families, and once again, the power of the individual is reduced.

2. Economic Bleeding

Aside from destroying families, it also removes human beings from productive efforts.  Clothing, energy, fine arts, sports, construction, engineering, all of these industries and products help human kind.  They give humans inspiration, they take care of their basic needs, they solve problems of nature, they elevate humans to higher states of existence. 

When billions of dollars per year are locked up in addictive pursuits, the gentler and sheltering industries suffer.  Simple economics.  The money and power is locked up in activities which debase our nature, remove our potential, distract us from progress, and make us dependent on the people who can give us access to the vice. 

The vice becomes a primary expense, that is no longer discretionary, and will cut into other spending on a widespread basis – college funds, healthcare, better homes, better communities, better family adventures. 

The vice removes addicted consumers from money pools that are used to elevate humans and progress our species.

This economic bleeding aids in societal collapse – because challenges of science and nature continue to arise, and significant money and power is locked up in labor and production that does nothing to cover our basic needs, nor elevate us, nor tackle the ongoing problems.

The power of the collective is increased by creating fewer small businesses and independent entrepreneurs who wield money and power.  Wealth is tied up in highly regulated, large vice industries which are largely unstable and un-survivable through generations. 

3. Creating Dependency

The ultimate desire of the socialist elites is to have an inept populace, incapable of great things, but only capable enough to be actors in the hierarchical oligarchy – to fulfill the minor roles of mediocrity that are provided in a mostly equal-outcome based socialist order.

Drugs, including pot, along with other vices of sex, alcohol, and gambling are the single best way to control people.  We have decades of experience in inner cities to prove this beyond any reasonable doubt.  If you’re really good, you can hook elites on this too, as in the inner city, even wealthy people get caught up in the dependency systems and live their lives to serve themselves, blowing all of their money on vice and self-servitude.

When human beings have no standing legacy, no standing wealth, and are living like sewer rats, just waiting moment-to-moment for their next vice-fix, then they are very easy to manipulate and control.  They are children.  They are dependents.  Once they are hooked, breaking out is difficult, and their psychologies are nearly irreparable.

Being that the government regulates sex, gambling, alcohol, and drugs (if Soros has his way with us), they then control the human beings.  They control how the business looks, what things cost, how it is taxed, where distribution can occur, how distribution occurs, who is subsidized, what big-government contingencies will be forced upon non-culpable taxpayer to deal with side-effects for citizens choosing the lifestyles (such as increasing police expenditures near casinos, healthcare facilities for substance abuse, etc.)

When human beings are less capable of standing on their own, and need access to exponentially higher security (police), and healthcare, they are dependents, whose wealth will be transferred to the lords of the vice manufacturing, in addition to secondary recipients like doctors, rehab teachers, and police officers, whose additional labor is required because of their activities.

In this way, creating dependent human beings, addicted to vice, the power of the individual is decreased and the power of the collective is increased.

4. Healthcare Burden

Basic fact – we are spending billions per year treating acute and long-term side effects of vice (for sexually transmitted diseases, psychological “issues” and “imbalances”, pharmaceuticals, doctors, cancers, security and police, rehab, lung disease, credit problems, bankruptcy, etc.)

If your insurance company pays for treating these side effects, then you are being forced to pay increased healthcare costs in everything you need for the vice-entertainment activities of your neighbors.  Your vice-addicted neighbors do not have natural problems created by nature, or genetic disease.  They have expensive health problems that they have brought upon themselves with their own gluttonous choices in using drugs, alcohol, gambling, and loose sex.

Because of this, legalizing yet another huge vice is a great way to even harm consumers who have nothing to do with the activities.  They will suck the money out of their taxes, their homeowners insurance pools, and out of their health insurance pools.

This huge transfer of wealth from meritorious citizens to blunt the consequence of their neighbors’ self-afflictions decreases the power of the individual and increases the power of the collective.


It is not news that socialists would like to help the West collapse with the drug industry.  Communist intelligence black ops have maintained relationships with drug cartels for decades.  At the same time, communists execute drug dealers, and imprison users for over 7 years.  Take China in recent years:

“The [Chinese] government’s official response to drug use is zero tolerance and in the year 2002 over 60 people were executed for drug crimes. Possession cases receive no less than 7 years imprisonment. As the seriousness of China’s drug problems continues to grow the government has come to accept certain harm reducing policies. Illicit drug users are now referred to as ‘illegal patients’ rather than ‘illegal persons’ and according to Chinese law drug users must be rehabilitated. Most recently, China has established a methadone program for heroin users in an attempt to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS and hepatitis through injection drug use.”

Why people can’t see the big picture is just a testament to how much information is required to understand it.  There is no conspiracy theory.  This information is all in black and white, quoted by Obama, quoted by the Clintons, quoted by George Soros, quoted by Maurice Strong.

If you look at every policy, you can see the redistributionist goals, which intend on crushing the potential and power of the individual, while elevating the power and control of the collective.  Cap-and-trade (country-to-country wealth redistributionist theft), socialized healthcare, government-financial market bailouts, and for you conservatives out there – even war. 

Tell me, what do you think the “New World Order” of Iraq and Afghanistan will look like after the USA rebuilds the new nations into their liking?  How much money do you think that will have cost US Citizens?

Progressive leftists yearn for legalization of drugs for all these reasons.  All of the surface-thinkers will make specious appeals to “harmless” activities, “freedoms”, “rights”, “prison impact”, and other propaganda.

We think differently, those who are engaged in the fight for true freedom; the freedom of the individual, the ideal of merit, and the right to not be forced to bear the consequences of the harmful choices of other citizens.

There is a reason why drugs belong in the shadows.  While progressives would like to pile-on the already rampant vices of sex, alcohol, and gambling to further their goals of collapse and reorder, intellectuals disagree.  Intellectuals would like for the worst of the vices, and the most addictive – drugs, including pot, to remain where it should remain – as a dirty word, in the shadows.

While communists continue to aid and abet drug cartels, some would say that we should just let them in our front door and try to co-opt them and regulate them.  This scheme does not work in warfare.  Look at what Mutually Assured Economic Destruction has done to our economy, in shipping all manufacturing overseas.  Letting them in the front door does not work. 

The unintended side effect is then allowing foreign interests yet another avenue to streamline their bankrupting of our country.  At least while drugs are illegal, the DEA can seize the money and suck it all back up into the American economy.  When drugs are legal, that will not happen.

In ideological legalization circles, there is so much talk about the cost of law enforcement, but little talk about the recapture of the money from interdiction efforts.

RAAI believes that drugs should remain illegal, and that possession of pot should not carry any jail time (which it already rarely does, contrary to fear-mongers on the left who lie about the prevalence of jail time for pot). 

RAAI further, unanimously agrees that the DEA and drug interdiction efforts should operate as a war machine, and that they should more actively expose the NGO and foreign government collusion with the drug cartels. 

Certainly, the drug cartels are operating as a war machine with tactics of terrorism that date back to Islamic incursions upon Eastern Europe in the 16th century and Romanian defensive tactics of brutality.

While leftists demand a pseudo-police operation to handle what is actually a warring enemy, on the basis of civility and low-profile defense, RAAI feels that this naivety is one of the greatest insults to anyone who has ever been negatively impacted by narcotics.

When the enemy creates war, you must war back in kind, to adequately defend.  Any weaker response not only fails to defend, but it also sends the enemy a message that you are not as serious about the game as they are.  This morale-booster inspires further hostilities and aggression from the enemy.

For the socialist, New World Order folks, it really is not such a mystery as to why their puppeteer, George Soros, wants to legalize drugs.  This ploy is just one of many tactics to stifle the power, prosperity, freedom, and independence of the individual, whilst increasing the power of the collective and the dependencies of the individual upon the collective.

Communist funding of “free” pornographic websites in the West since the mid 1990s is another tactics of the same color.  Just like China aids the drug cartels at the same time it executes drug dealers in its own Country, so too, do they promote these vices in the West to weaken us, at the same time that they ban pornography in their own countries.

Now the question remains – who is wise and dedicated enough to synthesize all of this information and proudly proclaim to their friends and family that they understand how large powers attempt to control and manipulate them?  Do you now feel empowered?  Do not despair.  Your ignorance and surface-thinking and disengagement and impatience is the only thing that can allow them to win.  Tell your neighbors today to engage.  Tune in to Glenn Beck and keep your eye on RAAI.

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Waterboarding? How About a Kangaroo Court Murdering Teenage Girls.

We got one for the leftists who exerted the full force of their (pseudo)intellect on the outrageous USA waterboarding of 3 mass-murdering masterminds to save millions of lives.

Warning, after reading this, you’ll want to make it national news, and dedicate your lives in the name of the murdered young girls, just like you did on behalf of the mass-murdering terrorists.

Read the story

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At Least 36 Terrorists Culpable for 72 Murdered Soccer Fans – Captured

The story is fairly straightforward.  What is the nuance that might miss the untrained eye?  The terror network, al-Shabab, claims that the massacre was in retaliation for Uganda’s participation in the UN peacekeeping forces in the 90s (Somalia).  This is not the first of such “retaliation” efforts for the same non-justification.

And that is the point.  The Democrats who still do not comprehend the Global War on Terror tend to make the argument that if we just crawl up, show no force, show no power, that the terror problem will just go away in time.

False.  Even moderates in the Islamic world are driven by respect and admiration of power.  The worst thing you can do is show inadequate retaliation.  It is even worse than showing an overzealous response.

There still exist, on the part of Democrats, a continual inability to understand the nature of the terror conflicts because of a simply weakness – they superimpose racial, multinational class (rich nation / poor nation), and underdog guilt complexes onto the issue.  This leads to sympathies for the terrorists and the foreign nations that borne them.

In reality, this also demonstrates a terrible ignorance of asymmetric warfare in presuming that because laser guided missiles are not a shared tool of the trade, that the force which only possesses civilian clothes disguises, RPGs, copper plates, IEDs, grenades, and automatic rifles is at a grave disadvantage. 

In reality, this also demonstrates a terrible ignorance of anti-West bigotry – in some ironic foolhardiness – where the Democrat actually believes that any significant proportion of the Islamic world would ever treat Westerners with equality, or even be partially open minded to integration and the sharing of culture.  They are some of the most ethnocentric people in the world.

They do not ask for your respect.  They demand it.  And when you refuse, they will impose it.  This is Radical Islam.  50% of the Muslim world at least supports it (Al Jazeera poll, do you support Usama Bin Laden?).  750 million Radical Islam sympathizers across the world is a significant problem.  Who could disagree?

Looking at reality through kind and fuzzy lenses does not make you more apt to make the best out of the issues at hand – it makes you delusional.

Read the story

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You Were Dead. The USA Saved Your Lives. The 9/11 You Were Recently Spared.

The new 9/11 that was prevented…for the time.  What public knowledge is accessible to you?  Should you choose to accept this mission, you will uncover a story of averted horror, but one where danger still lurks.  This is the story of the thousands of European walking dead – those whose lives were hanging in the balance, and those whose lives still may be hanging in the balance.  The heroes?  Soldiers.  The unsung, biggest heroes?  CIA.

Your first clue was on September 27th.  Did you hear it on Fox News Channel?  You were informed that the CIA has unleashed the most Drone Strikes in Pakistan this year – a monthly high of 20, up 66% from the previous high.

“The plot, which officials have been tracking for weeks, is believed to target multiple countries, including the U.K., France, and Germany, these officials said.” (Read more of this clue, source from Wall Street Journal)

9/27/2010.  The sense of criticality was immensely high.  NATO even sent choppers across the border of Pakistan to slay 50 terrorists.  This is a very aggressive and sensitive move, much more than the drones.  The cover story was that they attacked, so were followed across the border.  Is this true?  You will not know. (Read more of this clue)

9/27/2010.  Because the plot on the EU was in advanced stages, heading to imminent, we must shake up your Command and Control.  Simultaneous: a well timed offensive against Khandahar, CIA drone strikes, and NATO chopper raids.  Divide and Conquer.  (Read more of this clue)

9/28/2010. The very next day, an announcement of more details, claiming the “plot was thwarted”.  (Read more of this clue, sourced from the Wall Street Journal)

9/29/2010.  Not so fast.  With the head of the beast chopped off, the enemy C&C in disarray, the slimy hands and body still writhes and threatens to lash out.  America AND EU issue terror threat warnings. (Read more of this clue, sourced by ABC, etc.)

10/1/2010.  Mayhem in Pakistan.  The ruse?  Pakistan is “outraged” at the NATO chopper strikes on their border, some calling it an act of war.  Pakistan responds by closing off the main supply routes to Afghanistan.  This would please the West hating terrorists and their supporters.  It will also draw some blood and mayhem as tankers are sitting ducks.  But who would it also please?  This cover story is also required for the US objectives.  The tankers are sitting honey pots – they will draw the bees out in another attempt to gain critical intel regarding the looming EU 9/11-scale plot.  More divide and conquer.  (Read more of this clue)

10/1/2010.  Usama Bin Laden releases an audio recording.  Code for – strike now – based on previous experience.  Whether or not UBL headed the plot, or was just a player?  Time may tell.  (Read more of this clue)

10/2/2010.  US to EU big-government slugs: “get your asses in gear, deploy your security and intel operators.  We are about to issue a warning.” (Read more of this clue)

10/3/2010.  US issues the travel ALERT.  It is in effect through January 31, 2011. (Read more of this clue)

10/3/2010.  Sweden issues its highest terror alert EVER.  (Read more of this clue)

10/3/2010.  The plan runs deep.  There are dozens of (known) EU Muslim citizens preparing in Pakistan for the massive EU terror plot. (Read more of this clue)

10/3/2010.  We got one in Italy.  Bring him to my water board. (Read more of this clue)

10/4/2010.  Via Reuters.  We nailed 8 of the Germans.  That means 576 virgins are currently being sequestered in hell.  (Read more of this clue)  Via CNN – there was a Hamburg Cell connection – these demons were recruited at the same mosque (Read more of this clue)

10/5/2010.  12 terrorists rounded up in France. (Read more of this clue)

10/6/2010.  The “CIA” of the terrorists, the man behind the curtain, “The Muslim Brotherhood” issues a prophecy, a declaration of a new war, and a rousing of blood against the west.  (Read more of this clue)

10/6/2010.  France tells UK that a terror attack is “highly likely”.  With the Germans and the French cells partially disrupted, and the head of the operation blown to bits, nearly 100 terrorists nailed or captured in 2 weeks, still the UK cells elude us.  Unless our intel heroes pull off a miracle, many innocent people are likely to be mass murdered. (Read more of this clue)

10/7/2010.  The ISI is enraged.  They are mad that we have disrupted the plot.  Their normal mode is to do just enough to keep our financial aid flowing into their coffers, but secretly colluding with Al Qaeda.  Thus the closed off supply routes to NATO.  They are absolutely crying to Allah in rage.  (Read more of this clue)

10/7/2010.  US Apologizes to Pakistan for the NATO chopper strikes.  Pakistan still refuses to open up the supply routes.  Big surprise.  They are very angry that their little EU plot terrorist Command and Control was annihilated.  They’ll return the pain out by hurting our ability to fight and bleeding our money, even at great expense to themselves (the supply routes are a lucrative business to them).  Give a leg up to the Taliban and Al Qaeda.  In this case, it’s worth it to them, to send a message to NATO. (Read more of this clue)

What will happen next?  What will happen to the UK?  What about the travel warning through 1/31/2011?  RAAI will continue to follow the story.  It is full of intrigue and terror, defeated demons, and saved innocent lives.  It is currently full of another albatross – will the UK be attacked in the near future?

The question to the walking dead: did you even know that your life was seconds from ending?  Did you know that soldiers and intel operators are responsible for your breathing right now?

And so, while all this was going on for the past weeks – what have you been up to?

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Muslim Ire: “Occupation” or Culture? Depends on the Audience. Women stoned, women raped and murdered by police.

Being that in the US they say that 20% of people are cheaters, I guess it means if you apply Islamic justice to our country, then you’d have to execute 1 in 5 of us!  My that would require a ton of electric chairs.

Iran to execute woman for adultery

But I guess this is better than being raped and murdered by elite Iranian police for not covering yourself up as they would like (why don’t I hear the “world citizens” of the left talking about this as they instead choose to talk about fantasies of ‘racial profiling’ by the police in Arizona?):

Iranian woman raped and murdered by police in traffic stop

And yes, death penalties for sexual conduct is Islamic Jurisprudence (it IS Muslim policy):

CNN and the left cover up the truth on Islamic Jurisprudence

So we tie all of these stories together for what point?  A big one.  The trouble is that the ideology of the left is painstakingly simple minded.  They have a guilt complex and do not want to speak about “minorities” or “foreign peoples” in a bad light, no matter what.  They will even shield their eyes and blind themselves to great injustice, burying the truth, in order to service this anti-US and pro-World-Citizen ideology.

This is the heart of the cancer that precludes the left from understanding the GWOT conflict (oh wait, Obama said there’s no such thing) <- exactly.

Yes, if you listen to what the Islamic world says strategically in their propaganda efforts (that is, in English), they will talk about “Occupation” being the thing that brings out ire and ‘jihad’.  This is false.  If you watch Islamic broadcasts to Islamic audiences, and if you ever meet truly honest and friendly Muslims who are not lying to you, you will discover – the most ire is caused by a fear of liberal Westernization, cultural influence, and a changing influence on Islamic families, traditions, and ways of life.

If you study history, this is exactly what turned Osama Bin Laden against the west – experiencing for himself the “decadence” and hating the concept of it spreading to his people.  Wahhabism and Salafism is based on this.  It is common sense – a people driven by tradition, fear any kind of cultural change.  It is why they repress music.  Saudi rock bands have to play in the underground and go to jail for playing if they get caught.

“Occupation” is not the key.  Islamic nations respect power and war.  They wish to wage it if they had the power to do so.  Islam is not “the religion of peace” – that is a false translation.  The true translation is “religion of submission”.  Historically this is accurate – conquer by the sword.  When there is total submission, then there is peace.  This underlies all Islamic theologies.  Remember that Muhammad was a warlord, not a carpenter like Jesus.

Yes such “occupation” is an affront to many Muslims.  But this is not the heart.  A large minority of Muslims respected the Afghan retaliation for 911.  If the West has a grievance, executes a war, this activity is respected and understood in the Muslim world.  They expect you to fight, war, kill, defend, and exercise power.  It is foundational in their culture and religion to do so.

What is not understood?  What is the real fear for Muslims?  Arrogance.  A foreign power body telling them how to live their lives, inspiring them to change their culture, the breakdown of the family, the liberalization, the sexualization of women, the influence of Western jurisprudence.

Many on the left would have you believe that a US troop on Muslim lands creates terrorists.  No, it doesn’t.  It creates fighters who will try and kill the troop.  It will bring in fanatical, militarized Muslims hiding in nooks and crannies throughout the Islamic world, and bring them to their fate at the end of an M16.

What really creates terrorists is what you see in this adultery stoning story.  International pressure on Islamic society to try and force them to live like Westerners and adopt Western ideals of equality and freedom.  This is the most outrageous thing to the Islamic world.

This fear of “liberalization” is the anvil that The Muslim Brotherhood and Salafists have used to create the reactionary fundamentalist movement that brings violence and war to our world today.

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