The 21st Century Enslavement Index – Discover your TRUE Tax Rate (Part 1)

What I will share with you will boggle your mind.  I have added up all of the countable taxes that the government imposes on various people.  We essentially have 5 classes of people – based on how much money they earn every year.  You can find yourself in the chart.  What is your Tax Slave Freedom Day?  What is your Tax Slave Freedom Hour?

The 5th class (upper class) is broken down 4 ways since it is so complicated how the government has taken advantage of these people and isolated them into marginal groups for control.  I didn’t choose this socioeconomic breakdown, the CBO did.



Now for my analysis, let’s assume: 

  1. Each worker lives 15 miles from their job, and gets an average of 22 miles per gallon from their car
  2. 2001 dollars (this is when the Congressional Budget Office provided the data I used)
  3. $3 of tolls per day to get to your job
  4. You need a phone, car, and house to keep your job.  Your car and house get slightly better, in proportion to your annual earnings.
  5. Each worker has an 8 hour work day that starts at 8 AM, with a 1 hour break from 12 to 1 PM, ending at 5 PM
  6. Gas tax is calculated only on gas needed to get to the job

Do you even know all of the money that the government is seizing just to allow YOU the amazing privilege of working?  Here it is, broken down by tax, and for each socioeconomic class of people (if you can’t see the full chart, click on the title of the article to view in full screen mode):


As you can see, something quite counterintuitive happens to the bracket that politicians, university administrators, and lawyers sit their fat rear ends in (90 – 94th percentile).  They actually pay less tax than the two brackets below them (60th – 89th percentile, or 3 out of 10 Americans, hard working, rising in success).  Control and power.

Other explanations:

  1. Tax Slave Freedom Day – This is the day that you walk into work, and are actually working for yourself.  Every day from January 1st until Tax Slave Freedom Day, you are a slave to the government, as you are actually working for them without a choice – every penny you earn with your own two hands up until Tax Slave Freedom Day is seized by the government and spent without your consent.
  2. Tax Slave Freedom Hour – This is the time of day that you actually start working for yourself, as an alternative view of “Tax Slave Freedom Day”.  You can view every single day of work as partial enslavement to the government.  When you walk into your job at 8 AM, you are forced to work for the government until your Tax Slave Freedom Hour.  Not working for yourself, but working for your employer, and then having that compensation for all those hours directly (or indirectly) seized by the government in turn.  So truly, you are working for the government for all that time of your day, without a choice.
  3. Monthly Difference from the Bracket Below – This is essentially the TRUE amount of money per month the particular group makes from the bracket below them, to supposedly afford slightly better houses, cars, lifestyles, etc.
  4. Government Seizure of Employer Potential Pay to Employee – This is the money that the government forces employers to pay on behalf of employees (which they could instead force the employer to allow the employee to take control of).  This gets into another very interesting and hidden topic – self-savings and management of personal risk, a much-ignored freedom seized from most workers by the nanny-state government.
  5. Sales tax is taken from whatever money is leftover after the rest of the taxes – because mostly anything you choose to do with that money is going to cost you sales tax – you are not free to spend all that money, because an average of 5% of it is going right to the government when you buy something.  Even for the few things that don’t – you’re still getting charged taxes for tariffs and other taxes that we can’t easily demonstrate, so we’ll call it even with sales tax on your leftover money after government seizure.

This is just the beginning.  Part 2 will boggle your mind, as I have solved a riddle that MSNBC only scratched the surface of a few  years back with their “assault on the middle class” series.  Tell your friends to find their Tax Slave Freedom Day on the chart.

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Arizona Immigration Reform Update: Jan Brewer Updates the Law, Will Democrats Retract their Race Baiting and Physical Assault on the Police?

Originally, we posted an article about and containing the Arizona Immigration Bill hated by Obama, Democrats, and violent left-wing protestors like these (yes those are dozens of bottles of fluid being thrown at police and a right-wing counter-protestor).  Kind of feels like punches when it hits you.  Isn’t this what they falsely accuse the tea party of?  But Democrat protestors are excused from monkey-like behavior apparently.  Left-wing media strategy: whitewash –

A very good criticism was filtered up to me by one of the crew.  As you know, we turn off comments here at RAAI to avoid the stupidity on other blogs and YouTube.  Instead, we aggregate criticism from other sources and will feature the best of the best – sometimes just baking the concepts into our writings themselves.  Here, the name is redacted for privacy.  My source tells me that this critique comes from one of the smartest guys he knows:


The rebuttal was also transmitted to me (check your spelling next time A-boy):

I agree with Sowell on this. I didn’t get entirely the same thing as you from it. Let me know what you think about this interpretation. I think it is realism, which admits only a realistic understanding of the world we live in, rather than the world on paper or the world on TV, propaganda, and chit chat. You’re onto that too, which I agree with. I think the disconnect is the presumption of the scale of civil rights infringement.

Every single law is abused. From some of the worst leeches falsifying medicaid hospital reporting to local politbureaus and defrauding the taxpayer, to simple crooks getting housing subsidies from HUD as they hide under-the-table income. Does it mean that I think we should entirely kill medicaid or HUD?


As a black man who despises Democrat-backed Affirmative Action laws, I think Sowell simply acknowledges that there will be cases of discrimination no matter against what race, but that adjudication of the crime belongs in court – not in pre-emptive laws that presume society-wide guilt before proven innocent like Affirmative Action.

This case is the same abstract concept in fact. You identify that great injustice, bankruptcy, murder, defrauding, is occurring, but the Democrat position is to presume society-wide guilt until proven innocent – that the majority of enforcers, even at the threat of law suit, job loss, and social ostracism, will be guilty of racism before proven innocent, and so the Democrats with that ideological subjective faith-system will make the current victims of illegal immigration continue to be victims.

Ideally, Democrats would like to make the case that there is no recourse, as if we are not already hyper-sensitive in the courts to discrimination so much that companies across the USA blow millions in HR policy and severance pay to avoid law suits by minorities and women.

Sowell presents a sarcastic commentary on that misnomer. There is recourse in the rare event that it does occur, just like there has been recourse in other abuses of authority. Are you kidding me? When I finished the LSAT, there were 1M lawyers in America, many of which were chasing something or another to find work. 1 lawyer for every 300 people is way too much, and that’s why they drove wages down to a median of $70k entry level JD.

But the primary objective of Sowell’s piece was to undo the bit of deception going around in Democrat circles now regarding page 1 of the bill – to explain what "lawful contact" really means. What the Democrat commentators are doing now is either willing deception or misinformed deception in saying that it "opens up the ability to stop people for their race". They make this claim by reading an excerpt on page one, and misrepresenting "lawful contact".

I try to avoid this black-and-white line-in-the-sand thing. I think it is a gray and complex issue, and I do believe the scales have tipped towards enforcement because the amount of injustices in the current state of negligence outweigh the handful of true discrimination cases that will arise with more serious measures.

Of course I have personal stake too, being a victim of such negligent Democrat rule of law in a very blue County.  But no justice was done for me. Some people are dead. Some lost children. Every single taxpayer is footing the burden of $70B per year for a classification Sowell calls "parasites". The ruse that getting them on the tax-rolls will help is another Democrat misnomer. The average illegal is not making income that would result in any net income tax revenue for the government, state or local. Rather, it would bleed the taxpaying workers even harder as it opens them up to new entitlements, and ensures victories for the Democrat party for the next 60 years as 12 million new something-for-nothing, entitlement-seeking voters join the polls.

Whether or not new and transparent flat-tax on consumption and abolishment of income tax would ensue? How long would it take to correct the ensuing economic chaos? Not soon enough before we die and enter our old age with no money in medicare or social security.

I like enforcing on all fronts – penalties on employers, border security, deportation in some cases, working visas and a spot at the end of the line for citizenship (13+ years), and this measure to check citizenship with every encounter.

The more multicultural folks among us will note that racism is present in Hispanic populations.  Whites are “gringos” and “yankees”.  Who was it that started attacking cops and the counter protestor?  All the counter-protestor said was “I can go anywhere I want, this is my city too.  Get out of my way Mexicans!”  Confrontational, yes.  But not equivalent to them calling him yankee, and gringo and then violently attacking him and cops.  He didn’t call them beaners.  Looks like we know who the real racists are, yet again – left wingers.

But this bigotry against Americans and whites is rampant even in government.  Take the hypocrite president of Mexico for instance, decrying the Arizona immigration reform at the same time that his policies are draconian against immigrants in comparison: Mexican Hypocrisy Story

Top Democrats, Nancy Pelosi, Obama, Bill Clinton and many more are calling Glenn Beck a traitor and implying that he incites insurrection.  Using the same Obama-logic, we will now demand that Democrats blame Obama for the violence of the Hispanic protestors.  Days prior, Obama gave a speech insinuating that Arizona was “misguided” “abusing their authority” and “against Hispanics and civil rights”.  Of course, you have to translate his silver-tongued lawyer speech to get the real message.  But as we see, the message was heard loud and clear by the emotionally unstable Democrats.

And an update to the law itself, for which I congratulate Jan Brewer.  You heard it first on RAAI – the truth.  We debunked Democrat lies about legal interpretation of the phrase “lawful contact” by authorities.  As you can see, Jan Brewer didn’t waste any time in spending tax money “strengthening” the bill to doubly explain “lawful contact” and double-guard with a provision to link citizenship-check to secondary infractions explicitly:

Read the story

Nothing has changed except pandering to the fallout from deceptive Democrat propaganda.  Any honest lawyer will tell you the bill has the exact same effect with this revision.

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Arizona Immigration Reform Hysteria: How about the truth? RAW DATA: Download the bill

Here at RAAI we always recommend you consult the original reference, so we have provided the original bill.  Download it, read it.  But do so with correct context.  The language that Democrats have seized upon to perpetuate their race-baiting fear mongering is on the first page. 

There is a phrase on the first page, “lawful contact”.  Understand that in legal terms, “lawful contact” between any authority of the state (including police) and a citizen must respect privacy and search and seizure laws.  If an authority (including police) initiates contact that is unlawful (such as contact motivated by race, gender, or angry-butch-woman-police-officer-hates-young-buff-men-with-sports-cars <- this happened to me), then the suspect becomes a victim and can sue the crap out of the police.  This would be what Obama refers to as “civil rights” implications.  The actual infraction is invasion of privacy, and “unlawful contact” by an authority.  Based on the language of the bill, racial profiling is expressly prohibited, and lawful contact is mandated.

This is why Jan Brewer issued an executive order to train the police to avoid racial profiling while expertly enforcing the law. 

I don’t know what the big deal is to be honest.  Obama talks about fairness.  It’s not fair to be left with a hospital bill for thousands of dollars when the illegal alien parasite in the next room is sucking up the money and services without paying a dime, and forcing the hospital to charge you even more to cover the losses.  It’s not fair to be in accidents with illegal aliens that the cops let go because they don’t want to deal with them, and you foot the bill with your insurance company.  It’s not fair to have illegal aliens drive down wages while workers get screwed, owners get rich, and consumers get ripped off. 

I’ve got to say that if I were brown and in Arizona right now, I would be rubbing my hands together, just waiting for the first cop to make unlawful contact with me.  I’d even install a video monitor in my car.  First bigoted cop that does me wrong – I cash in. 

As for all the illegal alien parasites costing the country $70 billion net loss every year in services, this law is amazing because it finally will bring justice and give the cops the ability to enforce immigration laws.

Democrat race-baiting lies exposed once again.  The deception requires the general populace’s ignorance of basic legalese.  And also a short attention span that enjoys a 30 second joke from Jon Stewart more than the truth.  Here is the bill.  Go on Democrats, prove the truth wrong:

Arizona Immigration Reform Bill (sb1070s)

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Homeowners and Prospective Buyers Beware, Despite Left-Wing Deceptions of Grandeur, Obama has Made the Economy Worse

If you want to know a big reason why I am still above water when the entire world around me was saying “you should just buy a house, you’re an idiot to rent, you’re throwing your money out the window!”

And I replied “You are the idiots.  You will see in less than a few years.  Those of you who bought your home after 2004 will wish you never had.  You will be robbed blind in ways you can’t even imagine, and you will be a slave to that haste for the rest of your lives.”

As it turns out, I didn’t anticipate the Democrats would take over congress in 2007 and throw the economy into a tailspin of corporate welfare with Trillions of dollars of borrowed slave labor from their children in inflation and foreign debt.  I didn’t expect Bush to allow the Democrat congress to hold him hostage over the war to sign the bailouts into law.  I didn’t expect Obama would make things even worse.

While the Democrats have robbed me blind with these bailouts they made since 2007, to continue the artificial inflation of home values because their government property tax revenues depend on the fake values, the housing market is worse than it has ever been.  This is why:

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Obama Purports to be Responsible and Intelligent on Economics – Is He Right?

Check out these videos.  You answer the question.

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Printing Money 101 – Democrat Congress Makes a Liar out of Obama

For those non-economically astute out there – inflation is no different than a tax.  The government decides to flood the market with money and everything you own today becomes instantly less valuable, and everything you buy becomes instantly more expensive – EVERYTHING.

So much for not hiking taxes on the middle class.  At least Republicans tried to hold the lines.  And as for this whole sob story about “social security” and “medicare”.  It’s called: REDUCE THE DAMN BENEFITS YOU’RE PAYING OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Morons!  The elderly should not be taking out more than they put in!  How in the hell have the Democrat’s socialist health insurance (medicare) and socialist retirement plans (social security) failed so horribly?  The state cannot manage financing, that’s why.  You can’t give people more than they put in forever without making their children into the slave labor that works to pay for it.

Read the story

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