Obama Does not Want the Gulf Oil Spill Cleaned Up

As if Obama’s investments in Petrobras and NALCO aren’t enough…he says “we won’t use skimming ships because they might need them elsewhere in the country for other oil spills”

Response is “duh”…”that’s like saying we can’t send the fire trucks to your house because there might be other fires”

Obama has denied 21 offers of assistance from 17 foreign countries, including the proven clean up methods of super skimmers used in Saudi Arabia.  If you’ve followed RAAI, then you probably know why: Petrobras, NALCO, and Cap and Trade.  If super skimmers come in and mitigate the spill quickly – offshore drilling would be perceived as less dangerous.  On the other hand, if you exacerbate the disaster with non-response, rejection of aid, and non-solutions (from “green” companies that you have invested in), then you’ve got a bigger poster child for your panacea of progressive legislation – the government takeover of the entire energy industry.  A takeover by the way, which has left Spain with 20+% unemployment for years.

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The Plot Thickens: Obama & BP Knew About the Oil Rig Threat in February – Petrobras & NALCO Investments were in Place in November 2009

Bloomberg reports: In February “They damn near blew up the rig” (Robert Bea, engineering professor at UC Berkeley).

This incontrovertibly answers some of our critical questions from this weekend:

  1. Why did Obama’s financier Goldman Sachs dump 43% of their BP holdings right before the spill?
  2. Why did Tony Hayward, BP CEO, dump 33% of his BP holdings right before the spill?

Don’t tell me for a second that with this evidence, anyone thinks that they didn’t know it was going to explode.

With George Soros dumping $1 BILLION into Petrobras, and George Soros funding Obama’s entire operation via the “center for american progress” (John Podesta staffed Obama’s entire administration with this vehicle), one profound question remains:

Does Obama think that he can get away with the drilling moratorium?  This moratorium will lose $1 BILLION per month, for six months in just AMERICAN WAGES (even more in revenues).

Why, during a recession, does Obama want to kill $6B in American wages?  Obama lent Petrobras $2 BILLION taxpayer dollars (enough to fund 80 mid size startup companies that could employ about 64,000 American workers with good, high paying jobs).

When we say “does Obama think he can get away with it”, what we mean is this:

If even one of those 35 stagnant rigs (thanks to Obama’s moratorium) ends up in Brazil with Petrobras, then we have more than a conflict of interest.  We have the highest case of corruption since Richard Nixon.  It is also more than calling Obama out on his hypocrisy of being “against big oil” when he funded a $2B loan to big oil Petrobras (STATE CONTROLLED big oil company $15B in profit per year), and also, Obama will obviously not prevent those rigs from drilling over 300% deeper in Brazil.

How is this likely to play out?

That as early as February, Obama, BP, Goldman Sachs, Petrobras, NALCO, and George Soros knew that the rig was going to blow.  They made deals at that point to maximize their gains from the incident like this:

  1. Both BP and Obama respond slowly to the incident with methods they knew would never work
  2. They allow a researcher to try the non-solution, “dome method”, in order to carry out the “Microsecond Simulations of Spontaneous Methane Hydrate Nucleation and Growth” experiment, which cannot be achieved in a lab, because “how such complex structures form is notoriously difficult to study since the process of nucleation is a rare random event that happens in a few nanosconds and at a random location over a few nanometers”  “Methane hydrates form at high pressures and low temperature, and have an unusual crystalline structure in which water molecules form cages around individual methane molecules”.  In other words, using the dome, they have the perfect conditions for their experiment.  Who is behind the research?  USDE Mines Hydrate Consortium, sponsored by BP, NALCO, and Petrobras.  If they can figure it out, what do they get?  A new energy source to exploit: “Wu explains gas hydrates as vast untapped energy reserves found in the ocean and the permafrost that are also a potential storage medium for hydrogen fuel or sequestering carbon dioxide”.  As Obama’s CoS Rahm Emmanuel says, “never let a good crisis go to waste”.  If you were confused about the dome, there is your answer.  Hope that Obama’s progressive mad scientists got the data that they were looking for at the expense of the American citizens of the gulf region!
  3. Simultaneously, Obama rejects foreign assistance that could help clean up the oil before it reached shores
  4. Simultaneously, Obama rejects time-tested oil clean up methods that worked on bigger oil spills in Saudi Arabia (see Nick Pozzi)
  5. BP CEO and Goldman Sachs pull their money out of BP stock right before the explosion at the rig
  6. They cut a deal with “green” company NALCO (which Obama is vested in) to use their toxic dispersants in lieu of safer and more ecological solutions (supertanker vacuums that worked in Saudi Arabia)  NALCO gets $millions of BP’s money for the clean up.  Obama and his buddies get rich off of that.
  7. Even though BP & Obama are in on the whole thing together – they plan a tit-for-tat political theater so they can divide and conquer the hearts of the American people – create enemies, watch the mob of Rome (America) split into factions, choose sides, take their eye off the ball and the facts, and thus become more malleable to future hammering and manipulations.
  8. What is the final manipulation?  Cap and Trade energy policy.  BP helped to write Obama’s Cap and Trade bill.  Goldman Sachs is behind the Chicago Climate Exchange.  They will use the incident to get public support behind their scheme for a value-less, crime syndicate, where a bunch of bottom feeders and lawyers push paper around and get rich off of it – contributing nothing at all to society, just like the “affordable housing” bubble that created our current economic nightmare.  Thousands of greedy greenies who do nothing and contribute nothing, pushing around paper “licenses” and getting rich hand over fist for their little paper pushing scheme.  With cap and trade, first-world-country to second-world-country redistribution of wealth is achieved per the evolutionary socialist goal.
  9. Obama declares a drilling moratorium in the Gulf to force the oil rigs into the hands of Petrobras, making himself and his buddies, George Soros, richer than they already are.  At the same time, George Soros’ “New World Order” (his own words) that he wants gets a boost by Obama – because we permanently remove $1B/month ($12B per year) in American wages from the American economy and hand that productivity over to the Brazilians.  Together, they achieve First-World-to-Second-World Country redistribution of wealth, in the bid for one-world economy and one-world governance (New World Order – George Soros’ words, not mine).
  10. In the long run, BP wins out with Cap and Trade, along with Goldman Sachs and the rest of Obama’s buddies.
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BP Oil Chief Enjoys Yacht, USA Chief Enjoys Partying During Oil Crisis; Figured it out yet? BP & Obama are on the Same Team.

Machiavelli here.  Americans should be outraged.  Democrats should feel betrayed by Obama.  The latest volley from Obama, handed down through his CoS (Rahm Emmanuel), criticizes BP CEO Tony Hayward for going to a Yacht race to watch his Yacht compete.  When will the Democrat faithful wake up, and stop taking this political theater bait?  Obama and BP are simpatico.  They are totally in on this together – from NALCO, to Goldman Sachs, to the oil spill itself.  I am waiting for an explanation as to:

  1. Why the response was so slow
  2. Why Obama rejected tons of zealous aid from foreign countries
  3. Why Obama rejected the Saudi clean up method invented by Nick Pozzi which successfully solved bigger oil spills than this
  4. Why Goldman Sachs (one of Obama’s biggest financiers @ $1M) dumped 43% of the their BP holdings right before the spill
  5. Why Tony Hayward sold 33% of his BP holdings right before the spill
  6. Why BP wrote a major part of Obama’s Cap and Trade redistribution of wealth bill
  7. Why Obama mocked “drill baby drill” yet FUNDED A $2 BILLION investment in Petrobras (Brazilian offshore oil drilling)
  8. Why Obama made a moratorium on oil drilling in the gulf with thousands of operational rigs already working safely and effectively?  Could it be that he knows that those oil platforms will be forced into bankruptcy or else pick up and go to Brazil to make Obama and his buddies rich?

Of course, this is sick, and Tony Hayward is a criminal, and so is Obama.  How dare Obama scold BP’s CEO for tending to his Yacht on one day.  Wait until you see what Obama has done with himself during the Oil Spill Crisis.  This latest trickery is the height of arrogance and hypocrisy!

In summary?  Lots of golfing, lots of dancing, lots of partying with stars, trivial airplane flights across the country just to eat some special foods (Buffalo chicken wings from Buffalo NY for one), chit-chatting about sports, fundraising for Democrat congresspersons, etc:


As a side note – shouldn’t someone who actually believes in anthropogenic global warming avoid taking airplane flights all over the country for discretionary reasons like eating chicken wings and special foods and partying with entertainment personalities?  Just saying, Obama, if you really believe the lies that you sell, you are a very, very hypocritical and weak man.

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RAAI Supports TRUE Environmentalism and “Green” Ideology

When you confront what has matriculated as deeply held beliefs and religious thought in human beings, it can get ugly.  People of all dispositions can become emotional and reactionary.

On RAAI we follow a lot of stuff – from the theoretical, politics, economy, defense, environment, you name it.

Lately with the BP Oil Spill, Cap and Trade policy pushes, the Global Warming Climategate scandal, Maurice Strong’s new pushes, we have put out a lot of environment commentary.

We received a few dozen hate mails from very passionate environmentalists.  Let’s say up front that all RAAI authors, whether left or right leaning support TRUE environmentalism.  What we have tried to do is to prevent the environmental movement from being ENTIRELY hijacked by communist, one-world-governance supporters like Maurice Strong.  As you can imagine, this is tough, considering that Maurice Strong is the grandfather of what constitutes The Green Movement. 

We would also like to prevent evolutionary socialists like Obama, the Clintons, and Al Gore, and committed communists like Van Jones and Anita Dunn from hijacking the movement as well.

As you can imagine, this is problematic, being that all of these folks and many of their simpatico colleagues have controlled the movement for decades.

What does RAAI define as TRUE Environmentalism?  One that is based in the principles of love and ethics set forth in Aristotelian, Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist philosophies.  From a governance standpoint, that translates to free market capitalist solutions, non-authoritarian methods, pro-libertarian methods.

Basically (but not exclusively):

Anthrocentrism is king.  No human beings should be made to suffer in order to prefer any animal (including insects).  If there is a non-theoretical, provable, and certain derivative threat to human beings from damage done to ecosystems, behaviors of humans can be curtailed first by cultural action (awareness), next by technological solutions, and as a last resort the rule of law.

While we don’t all believe in “primordial ooze” or man-from-frog theories, we respect Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection for what is unambiguously observable.  That means mostly we oppose biodiversity impositions which insult Darwin.  If an insect or animal is becoming extinct because of the incidental activities of mankind (not deliberate), then people who care and would like to donate their labor and own resources towards protecting endangered insects or animals should feel free to contribute of their own volition. 

But no taxpayer money and no imposition on mankind should be prosecuted to prevent Darwin’s process of Natural Selection.  That means if an insect or small fish is becoming extinct, then clearly the dominant species are justified in aiding the process of evolution, and making way for the successful species.

We encourage conservatism and recycling as a primary method of implementing green solutions.  This means responsible, “live within your means” consumption.  This means holding people to account for their unmitigated high-burn choices – whether it’s vacationing around the world and taking airplane flights which constitute the equivalent of driving an SUV to work for 4 months in a single round-trip flight, whether it’s making the choice to purchase large gas-guzzling vehicles, whether it’s wearing pounds of expensive makeup per month, whether it’s binging on soda pop and alcohol, whether it’s binging on drugs, whether it’s keeping entertainment activities which require extensive land and expense, whether its making poor health choices which then require millions of dollars and burned resources per person to cure you, or whether it’s just buying a ton of crap and clothes you don’t really need – the people who claim to care about the environment the most seem to be some of the biggest hypocrites when it comes to actually LIVING a REAL green life

Simply walk into a shopping mall and count the number of stores that exist to satisfy women’s vanity in proportion to necessary items for living.  In the Washington DC area, our premiere shopping mall is 81% overflowing with such wasted resources and goods – manufactured, shipped across the world, sitting in warehouses, sitting in stores, wasting energy and resources all for the greedy and vane activities of women.  Moderation is certainly not the key for these hypocrites who place “green movement” bumper stickers on their huge minivans and SUVs.

The environmental movement should be a scientific, technological, and cultural movement – not a government, religious, worldview, or economic movement.

There is great danger in the modern environmental movement.  We have seen the absolute destruction and squalid living conditions for humanity under governments which have intertwined passionate ideological thought with governance – be it religious, atheist (Napoleon, Mao Zedong, Stalin, Castro), modern (Islamic caliphates), or ancient (Egyptian).

We simply cannot allow the environmental movement to make the same mistakes in the halls of governance with authoritarian energy policies.  This goes against everything that RAAI authors fight for – Aristotelian Model Republic – one that is based on rationality and humanity.

Those people like Obama, Maurice Strong, Hilary Clinton, Al Gore, and the rest are taking their environmental platform down the same road of authoritarian ideological failure as American protestants in Puritanism, the medieval Catholic Church, the Nazis and The Third Reich, Mao Zedong’s Great Leap Forward, Communist Russia, and Napoleon’s reign of terror.

Every environmental dealing in RAAI will seek to protect TRUE environmentalism and ward off these power mad ideologues who have hijacked the movement.

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Seriously? This Video of Greenpeace’s Leader is Disgusting – He Admits to Creating Environmental Religion

Not only does he admit to lying about the global warming ice depletion, he follows it up with this:

“We’ve been trying to get our modern green agenda done for 20 years, because it’s wise and good.  It sucks that we have to be confronted by a world of idiots who are just waking up to our ideology now.  But we are a ‘pressure group’ that must ‘emotionalize’ issues.  We HAVE TO do this, and we’re not ashamed of it.  It’s effective for us authoritarians who believe in the ends justifying the means.”

For you folks who have not read RAAI on a weekly basis, a little context for what the leader of Greenpeace refers to.  It is Agenda 21, Sustainable Development.

20 years ago was the conception of Maurice Strong’s plot towards one-world governance using “Agenda 21” “Sustainable Development”, a manifesto finally presented in Rio in 1992.  Of course, this plan has been in the making for decades.  The god of the entire environmental movement, Maurice Strong, has been at it since the 50s when he was in Communist China with his Aunt, advisor to murderous dictator Mao Zedong.

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Calling Fellow Democrats: Obama Must Pay for Petrobras Lies! We Must Reject Obama’s Energy Policies and Call for New Leadership!

JFK here.  If you are a fellow Democrat, you will be insanely and wickedly pissed off by this news.  Obama approved a $2 BILLION payment to Petrobras, for offshore oil drilling in Brazil that is EVEN DEEPER than the well of the BP oil spill.  You heard me correctly.  Obama, with all his “spill-baby-spill” rhetoric, and Hollywood mouth pieces, ACTUALLY FUNDED OFF SHORE DRILLING.

What’s worse?  Progressive, evolutionary socialist puppet master George Soros, who has WRECKED our party with socialist infiltration, is behind Petrobras profiteering. 

And now Obama declares a six month moratorium on oil drilling in the gulf, even though there are literally thousands of platforms there operating with no incident? 

Experts are speculating that this six month moratorium is exactly what will drive these stagnant oil rigs to pick up and move to Brazil – exactly where Obama put his friend’s and financiers’ money.  If ANY rigs end up in Petrobras hands as a result of Obama’s moratorium WE MUST DEMAND IMPEACHMENT OF OBAMA FOR CORRUPTION OF THE HIGHEST ORDER!

We have been relying on watchdogs to hold Obama accountable for his failures in the BP oil spill.  Now, we have a complete scandal of the highest order, from what began as very suspicious developments to the outrage of the Petrobras investment.

Esquire: The Secret 700-Million Gallon Oil Spill Cleanup Method that Worked and COULD HAVE Saved the Gulf

Gulf Oil Spill – Incredible Investigation is Underway, Massive Corruption

Gulf Oil Spill: Why did Obama not Demand the tried-and-true Saudi Cleanup Method?

If you took all that in and walked away very annoyed, but still faithful, let this new development completely destroy your faith in our fellow Democrats and make us demand their political blood in the streets come November:

Obama funds off-shore drilling in Brazil

Meanwhile our current Democrat leaders dragged BP executives to Washington for political theater this week, as if BP, Obama, George Soros, NALCO, and other “green” companies and cap and trade lobbyists are not all colluding together on this with their prolonged failures to mitigate the oil spill.  These people have now proven that they really do believe that “the ends justify the means”!  They have really succeeded in not “letting this crisis go to waste” as Obama Chief of Staff Rahm Emmanuel says.

The goal?  Worldwide redistribution of wealth through cap and trade systems and energy policies, a George Soros, socialist dream.  What else?  Power and money beyond imagination for Obama’s Joyce Foundation, Al Gore, and Goldman Sach’s “Chicago Climate Exchange”, a fake-money-value-paper-moving company.

Clearly with Obama putting $2 BILLION behind new off shore drilling initiatives, the Democrat/Obama/Soros agenda has nothing to do with reducing oil usage, protecting the environment, or mitigating greenhouse gasses.

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Greenpeace Leader Admits to Lying About Arctic Ice Melting on BBC

Allowing your religion to influence your application of politics in representative governance is never a good thing.  Many well-educated “greenies” have just as much trouble understanding their role as objective servants and representatives as fanatical Christians on the right:

Read the story

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Gulf Oil Spill: Why did Obama not Demand the tried-and-true Saudi Cleanup Method?

Holy crapsville, this story is hot.  We are getting tips from everywhere.  Even calls from some leftist environmentalists to “bring Obama to justice now”.

You must read the story about the Saudi cleanup methods, rebuked in favor of using the toxic NALCO dispersants:

Saudi Oil Spill Cleansing Methods – Rejected by Obama and BP

I wonder why they would reject such methods?  If you read our previous piece, the answers are there.

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Gulf Oil Spill – Incredible Investigation is Underway, Massive Corruption

This one is sure to make people who genuinely care about the environment go bonkers.  No sooner did we publish a piece on why we have remained silent on the Gulf Oil Spill, than a tipster alerted us to some incredible facts that everyone should know.  This woman has done amazing work, and you simply must read her piece.  Let’s start with the conclusion:

So there you have it folks.

The wellpipe rupture was a "Convenient" accident. The officials have no intention of stopping that oil spewing into the Gulf. They scammed us with the Dome experiment. They used the Top Kill method as a ruse to make us believe they were trying something. I’m sure they had many calls to use a method that has been around for decades and being used successfully many times.

It’s all about the profit.

This expose has shown Who, what, when, where and why, the dithering.

It’s about the dispersements, the stimulus, the billionaires who are vested in NALCO, the scientists who are all onboard with the green agenda, Chicago and blatant deception.

Always follow the money!

Why has RAAI turned on a dime and decided to publish this piece?  Because when we wrote our first Oil Spill piece, No RAAI Coverage of the Oil Spill? We have our reasons. Remember Hurricane Katrina?, we were unaware of this NALCO chemical and its connections to Obama, Maurice Strong, George Soros, Al Gore, Goldman Sachs, Warren Buffet, and The Apollo Alliance (the socialist organization that wrote Obama’s healthcare bill).

As it turns out, our statement about “focusing 100% on the engineering solution” is now null and void.  We are honest here.  We contend that such a noble and honest directive that we initially put forth must be now nullified, because the people who are behind the “solution” are actually profiteering frauds – a big part of the problem, if you will.

Read the piece: Bombshell expose’. The real reason the oil still flows into the Gulf of Mexico.

Now, we have a bigger job.  The solution, step 1, is no longer an engineering solution, it is uncovering and cleaning the corruption that created and exacerbates this monumental calamity.

In order to solve the problem, tell your friends to read these pieces, educate themselves, and then demand of Obama, Maurice Strong, The Apollo Alliance, and George Soros, the following:

  1. We demand that you pay for the clean up out of the selling of NALCO and all of its holdings, and all of the profit you have ever taken from it
  2. We demand an independent investigation made up of your enemies, paleoconservatives, which will also result in an explanation of the deaths of the 12 workers on the rig
  3. As a consequence of your authoritarian deceptions and corruption, we will not support any environmental legislation that you or anyone connected to this catastrophe put forth.  You will disappear in history, and anyone you try to prop up to take your place, we will reject.  We will offer you a single option: if there is to be any environmental expenditure for “green initiatives”, it will come straight out of the pockets of Maurice Strong, Obama, George Soros, and The Apollo Alliance. 

    They will put their actions where their lying mouths are.  They will live in a small home which costs no more than $0.80 per square foot, per person in their family.  They will live on a budget of a median-income American.  The rest of their money and possessions will be sold off to fund their “green initiatives” that they feel so strongly about. 

    The sacrifice will come from their hides, and their hides only.  Any other member of the “green faithful” are welcome to do the same, only by acts of their own volition.  EVERYONE MUST DEMAND THIS PLAN FROM AGENDA 21, SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT, ONE-WORLD GOVERNANCE, SOCIALIST ENVIRONMENTALISTS.  It is the only plan that is not fascist and hypocritical.  It will require them to live the words that they now preach in utter arrogance and hostility.

    As for traditional environmentalists, we will continue living within our means, conserving, and enjoying the natural rights and freedom bestowed to us by God.

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Cap and Trade versus Obama’s EPA Carbon-Pollutant Categorization – Slimy Trickery, Sleight of Hand – Neo-Marxism

The worldwide socialist thieves are looking for the next scam of historic proportions after their finance and real estate bubble went boom.  Actually, they have already begun what we call “The Energy Bubble” in the EU.  Public school teachers’ favorite socialist indoctrinator is at it again, but never fear, our hero has once again annihilated her lies and deceptions:

What’s important to note is that what our socialist ideologue in this video supports has already happened, thanks to Obama.  The result?  “serious economic consequences and a huge burden on the American worker”  At the time (May 2009) they trivialized Obama’s intent as “not actually resulting in regulation”.  Seven months later, Obama took the next step by having the EPA declare Carbon Dioxide a “public danger”, using US leverage at The Green Movement worldwide summit in Copenhagen as a pretext for this action.  During the interim, the Democrat-dominated House of Representatives passed HR2454, The Waxman-Markey Bill to establish Cap and Trade in the USA.  In May of 2010, the Senate took the next step in authoring the machinations that would implement the mandates of HR2454, calling it “The American Power Act” instead of Cap and Trade. 

They have waited almost half a year, and renamed the bill because the public has uncovered the lies and deceptions of Cap and Trade, thanks to Climategate and increased awareness, spread by sources such as the video above.

As progressives always do, when the public uncovers their schemes, they go back to the drawing board, find ways of covering things up, co-opting, and appeasing, and then repackage the same product with a different name.  This is why Gramsci, Alinsky, and the KGB Ideological Subversion programs bet the farm on seizing control of media, education, and religion over time.  They know that without bloody revolution, the only way to foist their will upon free people is by complete cultural takeover.  Without total control of information, sentiment, and modes of thinking, the people uncover the plots before they can take root.  This is why you see an increase in the vast complexity, obfuscation, and double-speak from the Obama Administration and Democrat congress (and the resulting 1,000 – 2,800 page bills that no one can even read before voting on).

As we have tried to educate our readers of Ascending Intellect, this is the basis of Antonio Gramsci’s strategy.  Even Glenn Beck, fearing that people would not comprehend and shut the ideas out, has avoided invoking the origin of these tactics (Gramsci). 

But it is a well known fact that Obama and his fellow Democrats are all following Saul Alinsky’s “Rules for Radicals”, a socialist doctrine that Obama has made recommended reading for federal interns. 

I cannot but deny the truth, so that you may know it, and do what you will.  Any Marxist scholar will tell you:

  1. Obama, Clinton, and their comrades follow Alinsky
  2. Alinsky followed Gramsci
  3. Gramsci followed the origin of Communism – Marx. 

But it is the Gramsci Neo-Marxist strategy that has been employed for the past 60 years in the west, and we need to understand this today as we see the dominoes falling:

“Alinsky’s tactics were based, not on Stalin’s revolutionary violence, but on the Neo-Marxist strategies of  Antonio Gramsci, an Italian Communist. Relying on gradualism, infiltration and the dialectic process rather than a bloody revolution, Gramsci’s transformational Marxism was so subtle that few even noticed the deliberate changes.

Like Alinsky, Mikhail Gorbachev followed Gramsci, not Lenin. In fact, Gramsci aroused Stalins’s wrath by suggesting that Lenin’s revolutionary plan wouldn’t work in the West. Instead the primary assault would be on Biblical absolutes and Christian values, which must be crushed as a social force before the new face of Communism could rise and flourish. Malachi Martin gave us a progress report:

"By 1985, the influence of traditional Christian philosophy in the West was weak and negligible…. Gramsci’s master strategy was now feasible. Humanly speaking, it was no longer too tall an order to strip large majorities of men and women in the West of those last vestiges that remained to them of Christianity’s transcendent God." ”

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