Environmentalists Lament Species Extinction and Crap on Darwin

The environmentalist religion is already in the throes of  hypocrisy.  They are forced to view the human being as just another “evolved creature” from frogs and primordial “soup”.  They are forced to worship Natural Selection and Darwin’s theory.  But then they try to play Gaia and protect “endangered species”.  This is a great hypocrisy.  If they believe the theory of Natural Selection, then they view the extinction of bugs and animals as just a natural progression of their theories.  Seems that humans are the fittest for survival.  Seems like the Environmentalists must leave it alone to not be hypocrites. 

Seems like they watched one too many Disney movies and have engrained personification of animals and insects and fish into their consciousness.  Worldview by cartoons.  I love it.  Hey, in a wiser day, we engrained our religions in the consciousness of children with similar methods through stories and dolls and toys.  Nothing much has changed. 

As for this, I challenge an acolyte of the environmentalist religion to simultaneously defend Natural Selection and human population control.  Presumably, if the human population reaches critical mass, then a disease or biological support critical mass will manifest, humans will be winnowed by Gaia, and new species that are fit for the current conditions will prevail.  To maintain intellectual integrity, you cannot use emotions mixed with your theories.

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Dumbass from the Center for Biological Diversity poses with fictitious bears.  His more committed members recommended that he pose with real polar bears so as to be more scientific and accurate.  He says “No, real polar bears would rip my throat open.  I just like using this cartoon-imagery to brainwash kids and my followers.  I like living so long as I can use my life to crap my beliefs all over my fellow humans and then try to control them through the force of government.  Separation of Church and State only applies to Christians.”  And environmentalists applauded and laughed loudly:

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UN’s IPCC Admits New Errors in 2007 Climate Report

Glaciers not melting as they claimed, technicalities about river flooding, hey, when the IPCC puts itself “on the same level as religion as the single common narrative of humankind”, what more would you expect?  Err on the side of “apocalypse is coming, tell your politicians to give those who feed at our trough more money”

We expect nothing less.  This is why they call these things “soft sciences”.  If only they would divert funds from preaching to energy transformation…oh wait…those aren’t their people.  Never mind.  No funds are good funds for these folks.

This is what I would like to see: IPCC is disbanded, Obama abandons his idea to recreate them in the US, and any monies previously funding those people go to new people, engineers and entrepreneurs who are willing to step up to the plate and compete with solid and workable solutions for renewable energy development.  We don’t need more preachers and pontificators and scientists that devote their entire lives to being the justification wing of the preachers.  We know what we need to do.  Let’s focus on getting renewable energy and US energy independence done by the businesses, brains, and workers that actually do it.

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Toyota Recalls Half-a-Million Prius “Green” Cars Globally

Could this be a punishing blow to grweenies worldwide?  I always found the issue of hybrid vehicles to be very amusing for a number of reasons:

  1. There is no proof that they are “green” cars, that is, better for the environment than normal cars
  2. To acquire such proof would require knowledge of Industrial Engineering
  3. There are almost no Left-wingers with that kind of knowledge since it is too challenging and hard to acquire, and requires “rigid” thinking
  4. The talented IO Engineers are part of the industry, they don’t really want the truth to come out because they’re trying to sell you something; therefore, by default, they will sell you whatever you want to believe that gets your money out of your hand.  Or better yet, make a factual statement and hide the lie in half-truths (such as the gas efficiency is the only environmental impact of manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of vehicles).

But let’s lay out the problem in case anyone out there wants to give it a stab.  Data you must collect, before you can even begin to make conjectures:

  1. A list of all the hard resources used in the manufacturing of normal cars versus fancy hybrid engines and components, and quantities for all
  2. A reputable reference that discloses where the resources from #1 come from, including how many ore deposits are left in the world for each one, and the grade of each ore deposit (lower grade ore requires significantly higher costs and energy to process and extract)
  3. Information about what kind of energy and labor it takes per unit of the hard resource to extract and refine it into its useable form in manufacturing
  4. A comparison of the maintenance throughout the lifetime of the vehicles, and resources consumed.  Take a differential.  Include aspects of #1, #2, #3 once the differential is complete.
  5. Propose a way to value in a unified measure – the environmental impact of hard resource depletion versus oil depletion and emissions.
  6. Using your unified measure, then, compare the differential of a normal vehicle’s total manufacturing, operation, and maintenance impact on the environment throughout the life of the vehicle to a hybrid one.

Well greenies, what are you waiting for?  I want the report on my desk by tomorrow morning.  I am giving you a chance to turn your faith into science, at least where hybrid vehicles are concerned.

Until you have the answer for me, I am sticking with basic physics.  Generally, if you want an environmentally friendly car, get one that is not an SUV, not a minivan, not a truck.  Get a car with: minimal power, very light weight, and good aerodynamics to reduce drag force that makes the power plant work harder to maintain the same speed.  Keep your tires inflated.  Don’t drive with junk in the car that you don’t need.  The weight adds up.  Don’t take separate cars than your friends and family if you don’t need to.

Don’t fly in airplanes and go on vacations.  A single trip in an airplane per year is worse than owning an SUV for your “carbon footprint”.

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Obama’s Cap n’ Tax Enviro-Energy Policy Debate

Here are a series of videos regarding the debate on the passed Democrat Cap and Trade bill (house, not senate).  You simply must follow through and see all of the heated exchange between Gingrich and Democrat Waxman.  You will see the Republican commanding truth and fact, while the Democrat speaks entirely in subjective, nonfactual, and propaganda terms.  Democrat Waxman even tries to use legalities to prevent Gingrich from responding to his emotional tirade.  Democrat strategy: “use law to shut them up after we’ve spread our lies”.

What’s harder for Al Gore? Keeping the phony look on his face, his facade of civility, or figuring out how to steer away from the facts that Congresswoman Blackburn is trying to focus on (loving the propaganda-speak ‘everyone here understands what you’re doing’):


Gore refuses to debate Global Warming.  In the real world, we call this “surrender” and understand that you are not confident enough in your beliefs to successfully defend them.  The founder of the weather channel cannot even sue Al Gore with 30,000 scientists who contest Global Warming because of Gore’s political and monetary superiority:


Environmental journalists ostracize, harass, and eat their own in religious fervor for defense of their high priest Gore:


A Conflict of Visions – Democrat Waxman defends Obama’s philosophy of punishing Americans for change, and Gingrich defends Republican Abraham Lincoln philosophies via entrepreneurial strategy.

First Gingrich annihilates Gore, Obama, and Waxman with the truth and raw facts:

Waxman is now on his heels, with the failed Obama/Gore philosophies, resorts to no facts, propaganda techniques, and emotions in his epically failed rebuttal.  Gingrich follows up by cutting to the heart of the conflict of vision and beats the Democrat platform in one fell swoop:

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Beetles Kill 12-year-old Girl; Environmentalists Favor the Beetles over Humans

This is the latest outrage of inhuman environmentalist aggression.  They spend their time, thoughts, and money blocking human self-defense through the government rather than doing their jobs to figure out how to save the humans AND their endangered species at the same time.  Their answer?  An insect is more important than dead little girls and millions of dollars of real estate.  So they say: "let the properties be destroyed, and let the humans die"

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In the eyes of the Maryland environmentalists, this Puritan Tiger Beetle is more important than your life, death, property, and community Applause:

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