Aurelius Gets the Profile Pic Prize :-)

Congratulations to Aurelius, for the most contributions to the brain trust for Spring 2009.  He is awarded with the profile picture for the entire summer, bragging rights, and a newfound sense of pride that could only be gained by knocking Machiavelli off the top!  (With sincere apologies to Machiavelli)

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More Cold-Hard References on the Way & New RAAI YouTube Channel

We’ve completed the task of aggregating volumes of digital references from all of our archives.  As promised before, we would find them and purge them of traceable information, then offer them to the public.  In addition, we have aggregated thousands of video clips from decades past.  Want to know what we know?  It all starts with hard references.

We set up a YouTube Channel: In the coming months we will be using more of these cold-hard references and uploading videos to this channel. 

Each one of us keeps digital reference libraries because the authorities like to bury these references when they no longer fit their narratives.  Democrats Bill & Hilary Clinton and the 90s Republican congress are case in point.  They laid the defense infrastructure that failed us on 911.  Then liberal news outlets buried the facts including a speech by George Tenet on the floor of the house, in which he warned that they were decimating the CIA and begged them to redirect infrastructure towards terrorism.  The Clinton machine also blocked publication of “The Path to 911” which was a fact-heavy docudrama about key Clinton-government decisions in the 90s that led to 911.

Hard references are important.  People with power try to control them.  Our duty at Ascending Intellect is to now provide a hub where they can be disseminated.  Steal them, copy them, spread them, make your own copies, do what you will.  The more hands that the truth finds its way into, the more secure our freedoms.

Sic semper tyrannis

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Special Happenings & Promises at Ascending Intellect

On some days, my employment parameters require me to get out of bed at 3:30 AM and start the day.  An update on 3 things:

  1. Most of the authors have disengaged from external opponents.  Enough information has been acquired to keep us busy for a long time.  This means, they are mostly silent on MySpace, Facebook, YouTube, and whatever other social networking and email chains they participate in
  2. We have raw data promised, and that raw data is being processed now – documents, references, 100% backed up and as true as the truth can get – THE ORIGINAL SOURCES!!!  This concept of truth and origin is not understood by the left.  Wag the hard references in their faces and watch their heads explode.
  3. We still owe you part 2 of The 21st Century Enslavement Index.  We haven’t forgotten about this critical piece, in which you discover with raw numbers – exactly how socialist we have already become due to government programming and tax laws.

Hang tight, and stay tuned to Glenn Beck and Bill O’Reilly.  Keep following the underground reporting.

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Gun-Cams And Integrity of Ascending Intellect

Two loosely related stories:

  1. Why do we do this blog?  A number of authors on Ascending Intellect have been active volunteers for decades.  While others are sitting on their butts and playing games, watching TV, enjoying their friends, families, churches, and communities, we are researching, analyzing, discussing, thinking, and authoring. 

    Why the personal sacrifice? 

    To make a difference.  Because we believe that the smartest journalists are the ones who don’t have journalism degrees.  We believe that the most honest journalists are the ones who do it for passion and not for paycheck.  Unfettered by corporate and political bondage, we operate in total freedom. 

    There is a price for honesty and truth though.  The truth can be uncomfortable.  When silly humans get shaken up intellectually, most respond with monkey-like aggression. 

    The more clever monkeys make up lies about thing that happened to them or use prevailing sentiments, fears, and taboos of the general public to shame or guilt the world into thinking like they do (recently, Democrat race-baiters claiming that everyone who disagrees with them are racists fit this bill).  The less clever monkeys use satire, half-truths, and propaganda to stifle debate (of course, Jon Stewart, Saturday Night Live, Steven Colbert, and Comedy Central in general fit this bill). 

    Verbal and psychological aggression is not good enough for the least clever monkeys.  They resort to violence.  A number of authors for Ascending Intellect have received death threats.  A handful have been physically assaulted for exercising their free speech.  This violence was executed by the hands of the supposedly “peaceful” Democrats.

    Anonymity keeps the unproductive hostilities at bay.  No one here uses this vehicle of speech and discovery to service their egos, wallets, enterprises, corporations, political parties, families, or religions.  Some may incorrectly associate anonymity with cowardice.  This is false.  Those authors who have been assaulted before are braver than the vast majority of hypocrite critics.  When your mission is to simply stimulate rewarding thought, knowledge, and awareness – anonymity maximizes mission effectiveness by reducing risk and wasted time.

    The point of Ascending Intellect is not like other blogs where they get paid for page views by advertisers.  So we turned off comments.  We would rather spend our charitable and volunteer free time discussing amongst ourselves, and putting out meaningful material than answering a number of thoughtless comments that are rampant on YouTube.  We seek debate and other ideas elsewhere from respectable opponents in other forums.  We use that to strengthen our understanding and bring it back here.

  2. Understanding our methodology, realize that we don’t have time to make citations for every little fact we present.  Our authors are polymaths.  They have tons of information tucked away in their brains.  So they speak it freely.  If you ever have a question about some point, just look it up.  Tonight I was questioned about a supporting fact in the article: “Woman Butcher “Doctors” Her Treatments for Patients – Patient’s Bill of Rights?”.  Actually there were two questions.  One was “there was no link, where is the story?”  Well, the author must have forgotten it.  But just use your browser to search.  The name of the woman was published.  Just search for her name and you’ll find the source.  The other one was regarding the gun-cams for cops.  If you search for “gun-cams cops” you’ll get thousands of articles about the supporting fact used, such as:

    ”A bill making its way through the Washington, DC city council would require police officers to have cameras mounted on their weapons, which would begin recording once the weapons were drawn.”

    Many times, the AP doesn’t source stories nearly as well.  The integrity of Ascending Intellect is superior because of the integrity of the brains behind it.  It is the people that make it virtuous.  But most of all, it is a springboard.  If you have doubt or questions, we’ve done our jobs. 

    Let your questions inspire you to move your fingers to research further.  We will grow out of this hole together with new zealous attitudes!

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A Great Woman can Evoke Inspirational Powers

I’ve searched the world for Aristotle’s “friendship of the good”.  Sometimes it’s disheartening.  There is comfort in knowing that not much has changed in human history.  Recall Shakespeare’s Hamlet, when Hamlet is speaking to Polonius about the proportion of honest people in the world.  “Were that you were a fishmonger, to be such an honest man” or something like that.  So funny, so true.

Fact is that only 1 out of 10 people are truly good (will invariably do the right thing even if they know they could get away with wrong).  8 out of 10 are unscrupulous to varying degrees (will weigh personal risk and reward and serve themselves always).  And 1 out of 10 are evil (will do bad for the fun of it even with a high chance of getting caught).  This is scientifically shown and used in some very sophisticated models.

So tell me, the chances that you are amongst the good?  Fools all, following false dreams, following false prophets, following hasty judgments, following bodies and flesh that will rot in only a few years’ time, following materials and money, following ego and social groups of phony belonging, following things they don’t understand, latching onto their peers’ minds of corruption.  Lemmings and incorrect pride, such foolhardiness abound with what they choose to pursue.  End game: emptiness, chaos, instability, shattered dreams, and disappointment.  Who needs an executioner?  The foolhardy will pay for their bad choices in time.

So says Guns N Roses: “It don’t really matter.  Gonna find out for yourself.”  An attitude despised by the left.

Or how about Mudvayne, “Scatter all the pieces, the puzzle will remain the same.”  Also conservative.  The idea is that the truth will always be there to discover, even if you corrupt it and bury it.

Some nights, overwhelmed with the ungodly responsibility they put on my shoulders, some nights, I just feel like driving – not knowing where I would end up, but never coming back.  Ever felt like that?  Driving alone at night?  Just keep on going with your tunes pumping hard, a taste of liberation on your tongue? 

How many times have I felt the tragedy and burdens of Cassandra?  It’s an ugly revelation.  What I’ve learned after so many prophecies is absolutely vulgar. 

It really doesn’t matter by the time your predictions are proven correct.  Who cares when you have wise foresight?

Most often, the damage has been done.  So what can you fix? 

Most often, the people who doubted you will convert your correctness into envy of you.  So now the rejecters have a more visceral reason to shun you, because you remind them of their own foolishness. 

Most often, the ones who can actually swallow their pride, and choose to seek reconciliation can no longer get what they want.  The opportunity to act has passed.  The course has already played out. 

Now the repentant are reticent because they can only move on, to a less happy path.  Turn the corner.  As Linkin Park says “Once the paper’s crumpled up it can’t be perfect again”.  As Julius Caesar said when he crossed the Rubicon: “The die is cast”.  Only this time – the fools have lost the empire, their armies are defeated.

Got a taste for the counterintuitive?  Here it is: I pity the envious, vain, and bold the most, over the the repentant.  The repentant will suffer and feel a great sadness to have messed up relationships or to have done wrong.  But they actually have a chance to learn from their mistakes and become better people; they have a chance to grow. 

The envious, prideful, and vain will not learn – and so their path of chaos can only build entropy in time.  A sad fate for them and those who are in their lives.  I’ve seen this too many times.  The saddest and most destructive of fates.  The end is the worst.  Their house of cards looks terrible Surprised

Ever feel like a stranger and alone in your own hometown?  Bizarre.  What made you feel that way?  Was it running into an old friend?  Seeing how people have changed and are living lives of silent desperation?  I can’t help but feel pity for my old friends.  Here I am with such a rewarding and active life, and there they are in a self-made prison.  Makes me wish I could do something more for them.

Regardless, I’m thankful.  Immensely overwhelmed by duty, and disappointed by too many people, but no desperation.  I never lose hope and faith in the continual growth of people for the better – I will do what I can to help them.

Even with these subpar feelings and experiences, there is always some kind of shining light. 

This woman is such a joy to hear about.  She has gorgeous kids that she does right by.  It makes me smile.  She’s got a vivid mind of conviction and righteousness.  She’s on top of the world around her – knows her stuff.  I’ve been conversing with her for a number of months from afar, of course in friendship (a married woman).  She admires me for certain things – thinks there are big plans for me.  Well, I admire her too.  No matter how many people throughout my life have thought there was some kind of divine plan for my life – my achievements to date are still anonymous.  Yes I’ve done things that have impacted millions of people.  But only a few know what those things are.  Does fame matter?  Not really.

A few things are certain to me – I thank God for the gift of my grandfather’s spirit, good and noble through and through, honest, magnanimous.  I will never give up on my missions.  I will exploit my gifts to their full potential.  I will always care about making a difference for the people around me.  I will always deliver my attention in a just way – where it is currently most deserved, and most critical.  I will always give people what they deserve – nothing more, nothing less.  To give more is to allow a corrupt parasite to nurture their abusive nature.  To give less is to deny just reward.

However big or small, I do believe that God has a plan for everyone.  Even a small ripple that is made by one life can have profound impacts on the world.

So says Mudvayne, “A butterfly’s wings can start tornados, don’t ya know?”

Will you be privy to the impact you’ve had?  Most likely not.  Does that make you sad?  If so, why?

For the moment, my thoughts of burden are lifted; I’m grateful to have met this woman.  Her spirit, children, faith, and actions make me smile.  I am one of the few without an ounce of envy in my bones, truly, void of envy.  I don’t envy this woman or her husband, but seeing the smiles and genuinely good spirits on her and her children’s faces and reading the sincerity of her words – all together – it gives me some kind of feeling of longing, for some kind of diligent, nurturing, and comforting simplicity in my own life – something to come home to, something that was observed in my own family if only for a short time.  Some of my best foundational memories.  Her and her progeny have evoked these pleasant thoughts, and I’m grateful for that!

If you read this, you know who you are.  Thank you.

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Come one and come all.  Do not be bashful.  There is much to gain from our thinking together.  From civil confrontation, we grow strong.

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