Why I Discourage “Rock the Vote” Initiatives–I prefer Abraham Lincoln to Attila the Hun

It’s election season!  And you can bet that everyone will be telling you things like “vote or die!”, or “Rock the vote” (because apparently it’s suddenly cool to vote, but not to read the Constitution), or “you’re not a good citizen if you don’t vote”, or “people died for your right to vote!” (okay, so shame me into taking action).

Did any of these people consider the grand fallacy of their thinking? 

Civic engagement isn’t about blindly casting a ballot for someone you barely know anything about, who stands for policies you don’t really comprehend.  If a citizen is casting a ballot because of identity politics, or some propaganda they heard, are they really doing justice to that “right”?  If they’re a potsmoker and heard that candidate Jesse Jones will make things easier for potsmokers, is Jesse Jones really the best candidate for the Nation?  Does the potsmoker even know that other policies will impact their lives much more significantly than that one ridiculous propaganda piece that they swallowed hook-line-and-sinker?

I don’t think that everyone needs a PhD in political science or history to project valid representative power through the ballots.  But if you know more about Jersey Shore, football, Comedy Central, video games, and socializing than you do about current affairs, and if you’ve taken more than you’ve ever given from society in terms of your own tax burdens, I really don’t think you should be voting.

If none of your blood sweat and tears run through the tax troughs of the government, then you probably don’t have a good reason to be telling everyone else who is the right candidate.  In that case, your blind vote will not benefit selection of the most meritorious candidates.  It becomes a tool for the manipulations of propaganda and the worst that politics has to offer.

In that case, it would be better for you to trust those who have skin in the game – intellectually and materially.  Coming around to vote every year doesn’t make you a good citizen.  Investing your time, money, and attention in civics, seeking truthful information, giving more than you take, paying taxes, and knowing more about your government and society than the latest entertainment fad makes you a good citizen. 

Voting of good citizens leads to good candidates.  Voting of bad citizens leads to Idiocracy.  I’d prefer for the idiots to stay home.

So I don’t participate in “get out the vote” initiatives.  I figure, the most basic litmus test is if you can actually remember the day you need to vote, by your own initiative.  If you can’t even do that, I’m pretty sure that you don’t belong at the polls. 

I make one exception.  I encourage everyone to remind their peers who are good citizens to vote, privately.  I encourage everyone to conveniently not remind those who they know to be bad citizens. 

I make this exception, because surely there are good citizens out there who are simply so busy, or emotionally distraught, or absent minded about scheduling. 

As for the bad citizens…well, when hordes of Barbarians are driven to the polls to blindly cast their votes based on deceptions and delusions of plunder, I’m sure that our public officials will be more like Attila the Hun than Abraham Lincoln.

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Press ‘2’ to Disconnect Until You Learn to Speak English

Now this is customer service!
GOOD MORNING, WELCOME TO THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, a Christian nation, land of the free and home of the brave.
How may I help you?
Press ‘1’ for English.
Press ‘2’ to disconnect until you learn to speak English
And remember only two defining forces have ever offered to die for you, Jesus Christ
And the American Soldier.
One died for your soul,
The other for your freedom.
If you agree. Keep it going


A Nation of Sheep Breeds a Government of Wolves!

I’M 100% for PASSING THIS ON!!!

Lets Take a stand!!!

Borders: Closed…

Language: English only...

Culture: Constitution and the Bill of Rights!!!

Drug Free: Make a drug screen mandatory for anyone on welfare and/or food stamps!

NO freebies to Non-Citizens!

We the People are coming

Only 86% will send this on.

Should be a 100%.    What will you do?

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A Bullet in the Head of Every Narcotics Worker

Today, yet another example of the reason why I support the war on drugs.  This is a truly evil black market business.  Not because of the consequences of legality, but because of the effect of the product itself.

He sat behind me, a social worker operating in a coffee shop, seeing various cases.  The last case, an entirely incoherent young man, turned to me in a drugged out state.  He was semi-cognizant, like a walking zombie.  He told me about how he watched his flesh melt off his face in the mirror, and how his skin was burning off on his arms.  “Yeah, look out for the psychotic one, why don’t you try and watch your skin melt.”

19 year old kid.  Brain, fried.  Government employed social worker, doesn’t care.  The govie told the kid that he had to get going, because the kid couldn’t “receive” counseling today.

How does this kid have no job, yet possess all these fancy gadgets and is smoking?  What is wrong with his parents?  Why do we justify perpetuation of mind-altering substances which turn potentially functional human beings into semi-coherent drones, ready to be controlled and manipulated by the next fascinating snake charmer?

When did we arrive in the Brave New World, complete with rampant Soma?

The war on drugs will never be won.  But it is a fight well worth supporting.  The filthy animals who work in the black market industry deserve nothing less than a life in the shadows, constant threats to their physical security, and perpetual suppression and imprisonment.

Yes, it is the individual’s choice to expose themselves to addiction, but unfortunately, children who are exposed to that choice infrequently possess the wisdom to fully comprehend the risks associated.

And so we have a legion of the walking dead, who may as well have thrown their lives away, as they have been relegated to the bowels of society because of a system perpetuated by unscrupulous human beings.

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Racial Crimes Against Minorities on Election Day

The sad thing is that I have experienced this tragedy firsthand on numerous occasions for the past 45 years:

Watch the video

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Speaking of Amsterdam–Here is the Future the USA Democrat Party Holds–Government Funded Dog Poop Removal

Seriously, if you can read through the surface of this socialist history in Amsterdam, your mind will be boggled.  It’s one of those stories that you’ll just be saying “is this for real?” every sentence.

I personally have millennia of history in my head; thus, many correlations pop out.

Mostly, this story is the end of the line for the ever-failed promises of socialism.  “The collective” will take care of it, fellow citizen.  Relinquish your taxes.  Relinquish your rights.  Relinquish your control.  Relinquish your freedoms.  Relinquish your individuality.  Relinquish your personal responsibility.

In this case?  Something like $200 – $250 (inflation) per dog per year to pay “the collective” to clean up irresponsible owners dog shit.  And as always, the disengaged, disinterested, apathetic government employees don’t even do the job anyway.  So the government takes money to do nothing.

Socialism.  This is it.  The story of dog shit is a great modern case study.

Me?  Well, as a free man and thusly the opposite of a socialist, I favor $1,000 fines for offenders who do not clean up. 

Punish the guilty, not the collective. 

Again, since I am not a socialist, I do not believe in collective punishment.  I understand that their systems of justice do.  Hell, our jurisprudence has already been infected with socialists who have enacted collective punishment in the realm of “hate crimes” and “war crimes”. 

People like us are busy fighting that cancer, amongst other socialist infections.  We’ve kind of got our hands full since the 2007 Nancy Pelosi Democrat congress, and Obama for the past 2 years.

Go on, read the story of European socialist dog shit.  You know you want to.  You just can’t. make. this. up.

Read the story

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Uncontrollable Swearing is now a Justified Reason to Murder Human Beings

Excellent!  And if a crazy person succeeds in assassinating Obama, so long as they scream “f$#@ing redistributionist, socialist, a$$#$#@, bastard, piece of sh#$, dog vomit, douchebag!”, then the idiotic liberals who come up with these hair-brained schemes of injustice will certainly use the same argument for Obama’s assassin, yes?

Good luck morons.  The good news is that law degrees are now available as prizes in cereal boxes!  This lawyer got theirs from Frosted Flakes.

Read the story

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Great News! Democrats allow Illegal Immigrants to Vote!

Way to go Democrat “civil rights” lobbyists!!!  It’s not Americans’ country anyway, is it?  We’re all just “world citizens” of “the collective”, correct?

Now Democrats welcome voter fraud openly.  This is a grave day in American history.  We identify rampant voter fraud problems, and Democrat special interest groups and figureheads in the courts prevent us from fixing it.

Tell me, what incentive does an illegal immigrant have to fear the law and consequence of perjury for voting registration, if they do not fear the law that can have them deported?

But these leftists would certainly say, “as our hero Saul Alinsky claimed, the ends justify the means”.  Enjoy your ill-gotten power while it lasts, you disgusting frauds.  A revolution is coming to your doorsteps my friends.  Your days of religious-like ideological zeal, theft, and deception are numbered.

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Shootings at Metro DC Military Targets from the Same Gun

As you know, RAAI has been following these shootings.  Some of us have a very personal and bulletproof-vested interest Surprised smile

It turns out that the shootings involved the same gun.  As the mystery deepens, the question – is it a lone wolf?  Are they tied to Islamic terrorism like Malvo?  Can we catch him and his potential organization before the blood spills?

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The Democrat “Affordable Housing” Recession Continues–Numbers in Line with Facts

After almost 3 decades of social engineering which nearly wrecked our economy, the “affordable housing” recession that we’re in now is still ramping up.

The latest data is exactly in line with the facts presented by Thomas Sowell in “The Housing Boom and Bust”.  If you really want to understand the economic outrage that we have been experiencing, you will read this book:

Warning though, after reading the facts, you will never take Obama seriously again.  Whenever you see a Democrat utter the words “the Republicans got us into this mess” or “the Republicans drove us into the ditch”, you’ll just look at them like they’re either immensely ignorant or liars, neither of which are good.

As it stands, the singular “economy knob” that Bush must have used to dial in economic destruction is still an inexplicable theory.

What makes more sense to honest economists?  Facts.  Nearly 30 years of progressively redistributionist policies which forced banks to make bad loans which could never be paid back and invent subprime markets to meet these imposed government quotas inspired by the myth of “redlining” and The Community Reinvestment Act, amongst a dozen other welfare-inspired policies.  Then, wall street, responding to the highway robbery and pseudo-legal government extortion, invents securities and derivatives to try and at least protect some of their investors’ cash (that’s you, with your 401k, savings, mutual funds, and investments).

Can we please reclaim the $1 Trillion extorted by ACORN and similar community organizers over the past 15 years?  Obama?  This was your game, was it not?  Can we please reclaim the fruits of your crimes?  No.  It’s all gone.  How are your communities doing with that $1 Trillion?  Are they the oasis of Jacuzzis and mansions that you had envisioned the recipients of the ill-gotten spoils would create?

So congratulations Democrats!  Housing is more affordable than ever isn’t it?  In addition, wealth has been redistributed – not into sustainable American productivity and businesses – but through minority hands, and through corrupt businesses and then landing overseas into the pockets of foreign governments. 

Cash-out refinancing for urban bungalows turned $11k properties into $500k properties, a wad of cash spent on products from overseas, and the same economically-ignorant families evicted from their homes, unable to afford the new mortgage.  Brilliant!  You must be very proud of your failed social engineering scheme.  And even better, you get to blame it all on Bush’s singular “economy” knob, hoping that the public is too stupid to question “well, what specifically did Bush do to single-handedly create this recession”?  In many cases, I think that propaganda gamble has paid off for you.  Kudos!

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Saudi Prince: Ground Zero Mosque Should Move

A man very familiar with Muslim Brotherhood strategy and conspiracy in the West, acknowledging defeat in the public opinion realm, has capitulated and agreed that the Ground Zero Terrorist Victory Monument Mosque should be moved away from Ground Zero.

The good news?  Because of all the media coverage, when and where it is built, it will be a hub for radicalization and a very excellent target for infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood.

I hope you’re licking your chops, CIA Cool

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