Obama Finally Figures Out – Bush was Right about Iran

Mark Obama’s stupidity in “talks” with Iran down as – didn’t get it, didn’t have the knowledge, didn’t have the wisdom, made false promises he couldn’t keep.  In this case, the grand fantasy of chit-chatting the Ayatollah away from Nuclear weapons.  Unfortunately, Obama, having never led troops, having never run a business, having never done any executive function before in his life, will find that he’s put the American people in a grossly precarious situation now.  National security is unlike the ivory tower classrooms and courtrooms that he’s used to, where time is not of the essence and where the worst thing that can happen is he loses a case or provides subpar training to rich kids.

In the case of Iran, now we have lost about 13 months of real progress towards protecting the security of the American people, our worldwide economy, Israel, and the stability of the Middle East, thanks to Obama’s lawyer-like filibustering, because he chose to follow ideology and faith, rather than knowledge and rationality.

Here’s to a Hopey/Changey result for the worse.  How bad will it get?  Only time will tell.

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