Insurrection Against Media-Politics Marriage – Last Bastion has been Infiltrated

Disappeared from the History Channel archives: documentaries on Stalin, Mao Zedong, Vietnam, Shootout, Beyond Top Secret, etc.  The documentaries that made The History Channel great, no longer broadcast, no longer in the long-term queue.  The last great show conceived and produced prior to the Obama takeover was “WW2 in HD”.

What has been showing up on The History Channel since summer of 2009?  Shows about environmental catastrophe, apocalyptic mayhem, infrastructure fear mongering, evolution documentaries, “life after humans”. 

Essentially all the topics that make up the heart of the Obama machine’s policies are now broadcast on a daily basis.  What happened to the wildly popular, The Universe?  Obama hates NASA engineers because they are hard working, genius conservatives, controlling a healthy share of power and money. 

Obama cancels the space program.  He’s worried about apocalypse via carbon dioxide, but not a meteor as has happened before.  The Earth has had periods when life thrived and what is now polar ice caps was humid jungle – but we’re not preparing for a response to NEO meteors, just cancel the space programs.  And magically, one of the most successful shows The History Channel has ever put out, The Universe, simply takes a hiatus?

Look at Obama’s latest documentary “Earth 2100” coupled with an Armageddon show about survival after a modern plague.  Earth 2100 featured speakers from every corner of the Obama administration.  And what was the narrative plot they wrote to wrap up the wildly idiotic false-prophecies?  The plot was taken straight from Agenda 21 – Sustainable Development, Maurice Strong and the Democrat’s game plan to lead us into one-world governance. 

Instead of moving jobs out to people, giving us more freedom, they shepherd us into congested urban centers along railways.  They glamorize NYC culture and secular-religiosity “all men packed into the city, you can see in their faces, purpose”.  Purpose for what?  To hustle around and serve the earth, and human stimulus-oriented activities?  To improve the ever-spreading secular gauge of progress which involves satisfying the most animalistic needs of the most people possible – a constant “happiness” or “entertainment” or “comfort” measurement on an half-hour basis? 

I tell you that a man who spent most of his life as a slave, Frederick Douglass, by virtue of his spirit and true religion, possessed more nobility and purpose than the majority of the hordes of “busy” and “purposeful” and “educated” urban rats of today or the future.

What could make “Earth 2100” even better?  The artists that they hired for the narrative even used communist propaganda drawing styles for their cartoon characters.  Clearly, this propaganda was also made to gratify the aesthetic preferences of the elites who commissioned it as well.

Obama actually had a cameo in this latest series, America the Story of Us.  In fact, he introduced the series.  Not only did they entirely butcher the causes and lead-up to the Great Depression, but they co-opted it and deceived the audience with false statements echoed by un-mathematical Democrat minds of today regarding the causes of our ongoing economic crisis.  The effect?  Democrat power hordes say: “You will believe our version of history, because it will make you think that the power impositions that we force upon you now are truly solutions.”

Shit on America, distort history to get people to deny American Exceptionalism, and be more comfortable with one-world governance is the strategy.  Case-in-point, this idiotic jab at the US forefathers, and mitigation of foreign inhumanity:

When America the Story of Us got to Pearl Harbor, the Obama Administration narrator says, “The surprise attack, once used by American riflemen in the US war for independence, the tactic that made the US free, was now being used against it.”  Yes, they compared the guerrilla tactics of our forefathers in a war-already-begun to the Japanese diplomatic treachery at Pearl Harbor.

I almost burst off my couch too. 

The Japanese had issued the USA a peace medal, and praised them constantly for staying OUT of the war.  Thanks to Japanese spies living amongst us, they knew that most of the US fleet was at Pearl Harbor.  Without notice, without build up, without any significant indication of a freeze in relations, the Japanese murdered thousands at Pearl Harbor and obliterated US Naval defense capability.

THIS WAS NOTHING LIKE THE TACTIC THAT MADE US FREE, USED BY OUR FOREFATHERS.  The analogue that the America-hating Democrats would need to not be liars in this situation, was if our forefathers had not written the Declaration of Independence, had not held the Boston Tea Party, and had not conducted many other acts of outright and honest civil disobedience.

Instead, our forefathers would have had to sail a bunch of spies into Great Britain, and then murder thousands of their people and obliterate their defense infrastructure, unannounced.  Worse, our forefathers would have had to all claimed loyalty and obedience to the crown prior to this act of diplomatic treachery.

As for the guerrilla warfare employed by the American revolutionaries – these are simply war operations.  Most of warfare in all of history, by all cultures, was fought with such subterfuge.  To compare the American revolutionary invocation of war against Great Britain to the Japanese treachery at Pearl Harbor is disgusting, insane, and ignorant.

And the subtle way that the Obama Administration producers of America the Story of Us sneak it in is just insulting.  But what is most disturbing about all of this revisionist history at the hands of the Democrats is what happens on the other end. 

Truly, not a single channel on the television is independently controlled anymore.  The documentary channels were the last bastions, but no longer are they free from the hand of propaganda.  Republican, Democrat, right, left, it doesn’t matter – we expect scholars to remain loyal to the truth.  Now they simply whore themselves out to Obama for some of the most insidious propaganda operations we’ve ever witnessed – subtle, sneaky, and omnipresent, through the ever-seeing eye of the family TV, on every single channel your family tunes into.

I want our politicians out of the media.  I don’t want cameos on TV shows.  I don’t want them in documentaries.  I want them to stay in politics, and do the job that I pay them for, and leave the media alone. 

I want a complete divorcement of the media and political funding, lobbying, and collaboration. 

I want a private cooperative to be in control of the National Endowment for the Arts.  I don’t want the NEA to have a White House Correspondent.  When they do, Obama commands them to make propaganda for his initiatives, using OUR tax dollars (thanks to Glenn Beck for catching them in the act, in cold hard audio).

I want PBS destroyed.  I want the government to be forced to use the internet, with their own logos, and their own brand to communicate information.  I want them to be interviewed by the media only, and to have no other means of influence. 

I want the government disallowed from spending tax dollars on advertising for any reason.  They can keep the Emergency Broadcast System, otherwise, I want 100% separation of the media and government.

When Republicans take over, the precedent that Obama has established could lead to the same tyrannical tactics.  We will always need watchdogs to keep power in check, no matter what party the politicians come from. 

Now the Obama Administration seeks control of the internet with his Net Neutrality power grab.  This is because he knows that it is the last bastion of freedom that can keep power in check – the last bastion of free information, freedom of the press, and freedom of speech.  We believe that Obama’s 50-year-old Supreme Court nominee, Elena Kagan, will help to accelerate the crushing of our freedom of speech and press sometime during her 30 year tenure (part 2 of that report is in the making).

I honestly don’t know how the Obama Administration looks themselves in the mirror with comfort.  I am also worried that the Democrat betrayal of the American people is happening too quickly for it to really root out the old-guard Republican tyrants.  When the Democrats get kicked out, we need the next leaders to be fresh, honest, more libertarian, and less authoritarian.

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